Acadians do not Want Gerard Kennedy

The riding liberal leadership results are out. And it is clear that the more francophone the riding, the least likely there are to be any Gerard Kennedy delegates. I'd venture that not a single Acadian Gerard Kennedy delegate was chosen. However, I could be wrong as Moncton-Dieppe-Riverview is sending 5 delegates, and it is possible one of them might be an Acadian. And before you get all excited about the 7 Kennedy delegates chosen in the Egmont riding, PEI, please note that, according to Statistics Canada, the total Acadian population of PEI is about 6,000.

Curious about who are the 11 Gerard Kennedy delegates in Quebec? I was. As expected, the majority of delegates are in English speaking ridings:

Westmount: 1
Pierrefonds-Dollar (Montreal West Island): 4.

However, something happened in the Chicoutimi-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Gerard Kennedy picked up a delegate in each of Chicoutimi-Le-Fjord, Roberval-Lac-Saint-Jean and Saint-Jean. Most surprising, Gerard Kennedy picked up 3 out of 3 delegates at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi! UQAC has a Liberal club!? (For you detectives out there, part of the answer can be found in the comment section of an august Michel Auger column; the comments, oddly, start from the bottom.) UQAC isn't even on the list!

Anyway, you all know about the dismal performance of Gerard Kennedy in Quebec. I just wanted to point out he did terribly in all of French speaking Canada, including Northern and Eastern Ontario and Northern and Eastern New Brunswick.

The only French speaking Liberals I know who are supporting Gerard Kennedy are his former Ontario colleagues Madelaine Meilleure and Jean-Marc Lalonde. So how did Gerard Kennedy do in Ottawa-Vanier and Glengarry-Prescott-Russell ? Four in total (out of 27)!

Update: 2006-11-08 22:30
The Saint-Jean riding is in Montérie area, East of Montreal, not in the Lac-Saint-Jean area.


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    Anonymous said...

    Haha. Yep, you sure did your homework on this one.

    ... perhaps you should be looking "a little closer to home" for some very obvious Acadian supporters of Gerard Kennedy.

    I go back to what Cerberus said, with the Quebec DEM results not showing the state of GK's campaign in Quebec, but the state of LPC(Q).

    Altavistagoogle said...

    What's your excuse in the French parts of Ontario and New Brunswick?

    Was Gerard Kennedy's wife elected as a delegate? Nope.

    Liberal Pebbles said...

    As for Université de Quebec à Chicoutimi not being on the list, it is more a problem of a non updated YLCQ than a paper club as your aspersions cast. The club were certified on March 21, 2006. You can find the list here: http://www.ylc-jlc.ca/news_e.aspx?news=11512

    How do you know Gerard Kennedy's wife wasn't elected? There is no list of names of delegates being distributed (yet) A more interesting question would be did Gerard himself get a delegate spot?

    As for your french blogs comment, how many french blogs are there on liblogs? 4 maybe 5?

    nbpolitico said...

    You are forgetting other prominent Francophones such as former NB Premier Ray Frenette, Pierrefonds-Dollard MP Bernard Patry and Young Liberal of Canada VP Marianne Tremblay.

    Lannio said...

    Hey, we're a hockey nation so how about Ken Dryden!

    ... only kidding of course.

    Canada is a great country - except for its politics!

    Altavistagoogle said...

    Blogger.com was down for the last 5 hours! So sorry for the delay in approving the comments.

    Libberal Pebbles, there are millions of French language blogs on the Internet, none are in favour of Gerard Kennedy.

    Nbpolitico, thanks, I did'nt know about Ray Frenette and Marianne Tremblay. And when I say didn't know, I mean I had to Google them because I'd never heard of them! ;-)

    nbpolitico said...

    You've never heard of Ray Frenette - MLA from 1974-1998 and former Premier of New Brunswick?

    petroom said...

    Imagine Ignatieff was out of the country and you couldn't vote for him:

    Anyone-But-Iggy Web Poll

    What would you do?

    Altavistagoogle said...

    Nope. During Frenette's couple of months as Premier in 1998, I was in Ontario paying off my student loan. But thanks for the NB political history lesson.

    Given Frenette's position as Kennedy's campaign chair and former Premier, don't you think it is odd he wasn't able to rally more (any?) Acadian support for Kennedy?

    More to the point, why hasn't Kennedy spoken to any of the Acadian media? Not a single interview, nada, nothing.

    Altavistagoogle said...

    I edited the following anonymous comment to remove e-mail adresses of the people listed.

    Anonymous said...
    Here is a list of Acadians supporting Ignatieff:

    1. N.B. MLA Donald Arsenault

    2. N.B. MLA Roy Boudreau

    3. NB MLA Victor Boudreau

    4. Lib MP Jean-Claude D'Amours

    5. Former N.B. MLA Paul Duffie

    6. Lib Sen. Rose-Marie Losier-Cool

    7. N.B. MLA Denis Landry

    8. N.B. MLA Abel Leblanc

    9. Former N.B. MLA Marcelle Mersereau

    10. N.B. MLA Carmel Robichaud

    11. Lib MP Robert Thibault


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