AOL Moncton Yanks Yank Jobs

(2008-01-15 UPDATE: AOL Moncton appears to be closing completely)

I was offered a job with AOL in January, but thankfully turned it down. This is not going to have a positive impact on tech support salaries in Moncton. I'm thankful I speak French and Quebec still uses the Canadian dollar... My employer already pays unilingual French speaking employees 70 cents more per hour!

The following has not been confirmed by any other source, but obviously firing 2000 AOL employees will have an impact in high dollar Canada/Moncton.

And for the love a goodness, please stop arriving at my blog with the Google search ("name of my employer" Moncton closing). I just bough an Ipod, I can't afford unemployment! (granted, I seriously consider resigning daily)

From the Silicon Alley Insider:

Moncton Hit Hard

Showed up to work at AOL in Moncton this morning, to find 25 security guards. AOL has decided to axe all positions for their US Win Tech queue. (For those of you in the US, when you were speaking to a technician if you use AOL, and they were in Canada - you were likely talking to one of us.) Effective 30 Nov 07, the Moncton center will no longer be in operation for the "US Business". In total, about 140 technicians will be cut, as well as management and support staff. Overall count for Moncton is approx 175 people as of 30 Nov 07.

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