When Did Tax Evasion Become OK?

People are defending former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney! This is a guy who attempted to defraud the federal and provincial governments of income tax revenue, the same year he left the office of Prime Minister. Hello!
He rectified the situation many years latter but come on, he cheated on his taxes. The bill would have been about $160,000 ! He admitted he cheated on his taxes many years later. As the law is written, if you tell the tax man you goofed, and you are not already being investigated, you won't be accused of the serious crime that is tax evasion.
If Lying Brian got one of those payments in the USA (New York City) then he also violated the law when he failed to declare the cash at the Canadian border.
It is quite tempting to presume that Mulroney got more than 300,000 grand. It is possible, but his lifestyle, and those of his children, needs to be investigated further...

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