Gerard Kennedy Avoiding Francophone Media

When is Gerard Flunky Kennedy going to seduce Quebeckers? And how, telepathy?

As far as I can tell, Gerard Kennedy has been avoiding the francophone press like the plague. Sunday on RDI's Coulisses du pouvoir was Gerard Kennedy's first and only interview in French. The interviewer introduced Kennedy by warning viewers " Gerard Kennedy expresses himself in French with difficulty". His French was so bad I couldn't listen to the whole thing. Granted, with the mute button on, he didn't look half bad.

Seems to me if Gerard Kennedy is serious about being PM, he should start talking to all Canadians, not just English speaking ones. Maybe he is planning a coalition government with the Bloc.

Or maybe he is just trying to fit in a few more French classes...

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Eric said...

Its not so much his french but also his policies. Harper won what he did because he appealed to Quebec 'provincialists' who agreed with him on respecting provincial jurisdiction.

Kennedy doesn't have either the french nor the policies to grow more there. But he can learn french given a couple years....

Anonymous said...

Kennedy has done other interviews in French. What a piece of crap your post is. His policies fit fine with Quebec unless of course you talk to Iggy suporters who run this blog and make themselves feel better by posting here.

Good Luck with your lame duck candidate, by the way.

Altavistagoogle said...

When and with who has Kennedy done other French interviews?

"His policies fit fine with Quebec".

What part of "National Standards" don't you understand?

CS, I bet you can't even read French.


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