Test the Nation: worst show ever

I didn't like Test the Nation which aired Sunday on CBC. It was terrible. Give them credit for trying, I suppose. But man did that show ever suck.

I expected more from something associated with Wendy Mesly. Perhaps that was my mistake.

I think the show would have made great radio. But on TV it just didn't work.

The bloggers, especially, didn't add anything to the spectacle.

Couldn't find anybody who watched the show (834,000 did, at least for a few minutes, according to raitings), but I did find plenty of people who participated. Hat tip to unsweetened.ca for the links.

: The Sweet Smell of Blogger Victory
: Owning the Homely
: Don't Wanna Brag But...
‘I’ll take trivia for $200 please, Alex’
: Bloggers Take Home the Test the Nation Trophy
: Bee! Bee! Bee!
: Test the Nation Trip: Nerds on Top
: KA on CBC’s Test The Nation
: Bloggers’ brains on display on CBC Test the Nation
: The Answer is "Bee"
: The Story Of Trivia
: Test the Nation: the holding pen
: Test the Nation
: I’ve Vanished, Apparently
: Reminder - CBC - Test The Nation: Trivia
: Mr. Lacroix, I'm ready for my closeup ...

1 comment:

Saskboy said...

I knew people watching it because I was on the show. Thanks for the list of links.

Mesley was terribly sick that night.


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