• 07:50 @lgreenberg Where is your iPad now? #
  • 08:36 @bostonmerlin Where does FedEx say your iPad is? #
  • 10:31 CNN.com is airing the last British leaders debate today at 3:30 PM ET. I look forward to bigot references. #
  • 14:58 Very ironic that Kevin Rose looses his wifi on his iPad in this weeks Dignation: j.mp/Moncton #
  • 15:07 twitpic.com/1jfdx0 - iPad 3G shipping from MIDDLETOWN, PA #
  • 16:00 David Cameron (Conservative), Nick Clegg (Liberal), Gordon Brown (Labour) debate in 30 minutes. Live on cnn.com #
  • 16:32 If you don't like Cnn.com, you can also watch the UK PM debate on Aljazerra. #livestation twitpic.com/1jfy0k #
  • 16:37 Brown and Clegg promise tax increases. Interesting strategy. #
  • 16:40 Brown: we will cut everything but healthcare and education. #
  • 16:59 "We agree with President Obama" David Cameron (Conservative Party) about bank levy. #
  • 17 :03 Brown also a fan of Obama on bank levies. #
  • 17:06 Nick Clegg, screw Obama's international levy. 10% UK bank levy now. #
  • 17:16 Brown: 100% super-fast broadband across the UK. Me: because it has worked so well for South Korea (sarcasm). #
  • 17:20 UK leaders debate. Blame the bears. #
  • 17:20 Apparently, there are too many Canadians in the UK. #
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Newfie Makes iPhone App

Matt Smyth, 28, of St. John’s, N.L. can't understand what is wrong with this seal clubbing app. It was rejected by Apple. Hat tip to the Toronto Star

I guess seal hunting games are one more reason why Adobe Flash is better than Apple. You can go here to play Flash seal hunting games.


Dignation Proves iPad Wifi Sucks

Ironic that Kevin Rose looses his wifi connection on his iPad (Alex Albreit keeps his on his laptop). In defence of Apple, the ridiculous iPad case may have something to do with it.

  • 11:41 I wonder why Apple switched from UPS to FedEx for the iPad 3G shipments. Did UPS raise the shipping price or did FedEx lower it? #
  • 13:29 PlaySport from Kodak is now only US$114 with a coupon. Price only available in the USA. :( www.9to5mac.com/node/16341. I paid C$149! #
  • 14:24 Steve Jobs revenge photo contest (Gizmodo). Number 14 is the best imho. gizmodo.com/5525716/jobs-strikes-back-gallery/gallery/15 #
  • 14:42 "Forty per cent of the people in the U.S. read one book or less last year." www.newyorker.com/ #
  • 17:24 Dear Internet, if I buy online media from the USA (iTunes movies,Kindle ebooks,etc.), am I supposed to send a cheque to the Can and NB gvts? #
  • 17:27 ... Sarah Silverman's The Bedwetter is C$12.19 from Kobo and $11.99 from Amazon.com. But Amazon doesn't charge HST... #
  • 17:30 @techberry Are they promoting NS as a destination or the idea that Nova Scotians aren't a bunch of cross burning racist red necks? #
  • 17:34 @jenditchburn Registration requirement started July 2, 2008 (way aft er sponsorship scandal events). bit.ly/c1ggkI #
  • 17:35 @jenditchburn Ah, maybe you were asking a rhetorical question. Never mind then. #
  • 17:47 Google maps Toronto's underground PATH network! Sim City coming true. RT @larrylarry [...] is.gd/bM3um #
  • 17:50 How on earth is Palm worth 1.2 billion $ ? RT @gadgetlab Wow! HP buys Palm for $1.2 billion bit.ly/bg3GbL #
  • 17:57 @Cherniak PlayStation 3 is supposed to be 3D compatible with a simple firmware update. You will still need a $1200 3D TV. #
  • 22:03 @joshzel And that is at historicaly low interest rates! #
  • 00:25 Boy Genius Report, the National Equirer of tech blogs, recently sold for multiple millions. I'm going to cry myself to sleep now. Good night #
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  • 12:23 The black Kodak PlaySport is US$130 with Amazon.com (with a free US$20 8GB SDHC). Amazon.ca: C$160 (and no free SDHC). 45% Canadian premium! #
  • 14:03 @Mathieu_LF Yes and no. Mandatory public drug insurance for people who don't already have drug insurance. Public insurance has nasty copay. #
  • 15:20 Sweet. Belgium going to the polls. I was worried about post UK election withdrawl. (I speak French, but not Flemish). #
  • 15:47 @kodakCB Black Playsport cheaper with Amazon.com: $130 and free 8GB SDHC. #
  • 15:55 @KodakDeals US$130 for a Playsport is great. But US$130 for black with free 8GB SDHC is better! See Amazon.com #
  • 17:44 @himpster Mine is stuck at customs in Windsor. How about yours? #
  • 19:15 I no longer overpaid my PlaySport from Kodak. Dell.ca jacked up their price to $149 (still cheaper than the thieves at Amazon.ca ($160)). #
  • 23:44 @M_Ignatieff No. Eating local Moncton food = bark and maple syrup #
  • 06:19 Inspired by Arizona, I'm asking all of you to prove you are legal residents of werever you pretend t o be, #
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  • 10:04 Israel frees the iPad, now considered kosher. Gazans, not so much. #
  • 14:43 Crossing Over (2009) = Excellent movie about illigal immigration. #
  • 22:43 Auteurs francophones, je veux acheter vos livres électroniques (livrels, e-book)! Vous me forcer à lire en anglais! #
  • 22:55 @BigBaf Many US stores are consistently out of stock of iPad accessories. Your best bet is to wait untill available in Canada. #
  • 23:01 @BigBaf iPad glass will not scratch (see Youtube). For a case, just use a $1 envelope untill stores are s tocked at end of May. #
  • 23:10 @GuyBoulanger Généralement les Français n'ont pas le droit de travailler aux USA. Alors que rien de plus facile dans l'Union-Européenne. #
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A Tale of Two Cities p3

of the law fired blunderbusses in among them, loaded with rounds of shot and ball; thieves snipped off diamond crosses from the necks of noble lords at Court drawing-rooms; musketeers went into St. Giles's, to search for contraband goods, and the mob fired on the musketeers, and the musketeers fired on the mob, and nobody thought any of these occurrences much out of the common way. In the midst of them, the hangman, ever busy and ever worse than useless, was in constant requisition; now, stringing up long rows of miscellaneous criminals; now, hanging a housebreaker on Saturday who had been taken on Tuesday; now, burning people in the hand at Newgate by the dozen, and now burning pamphlets at the door of Westminster Hall; to-day, taking the life of an atrocious murderer, and to-morrow of a wretched pilferer who had robbed a farmer's boy of sixpence.

   All these things, and a thousand like them, came to pass in and close upon the dear old year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five. Environed by them, while the Woodman and the Farmer worked unheeded, those two of the large jaws, and those other two of the plain and the fair faces, trod with stir enough, and carried their divine rights with a high hand. Thus did the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five conduct their Greatnesses, and myriads of small creatures -- the creatures of this chronicle among the rest -- along the roads that lay before them.

A Tale of Two Cities p2

which, strange to relate, have proved more important to the human race than any communications yet received through any of the chickens of the Cock-lane brood.

   France, less favoured on the whole as to matters spiritual than her sister of the shield and trident, rolled with exceeding smoothness down hill, making paper money and spending it. Under the guidance of her Christian pastors, she entertained herself, besides, with such humane achievements as sentencing a youth to have his hands cut off, his tongue torn out with pincers, and his body burned alive, because he had not kneeled down in the rain to do honour to a dirty procession of monks which passed within his view, at a distance of some fifty or sixty yards. It is likely enough that, rooted in the woods of France and Norway, there were growing trees, when that sufferer was put to death, already marked by the Woodman, Fate, to come down and be sawn into boards, to make a certain movable framework with a sack and a knife in it, terrible in history. It is likely enough that in the rough outhouses of some tillers of the heavy lands adjacent to Paris, there were sheltered from the weather that very day, rude carts, bespattered with rustic mire, snuffed about by pigs, and roosted in by poultry, which the Farmer, Death, had already set apart to be his tumbrels of the Revolution. But that Woodman and that Farmer, though they work unceasingly, work silently, and no one heard them as they went about with muffled tread: the rather, forasmuch as to entertain any suspicion that they were awake, was to be atheistical and traitorous.
   In England, there was scarcely an amount of order and protection to justify much national boasting. Daring burglaries by armed men, and highway robberies, took place in the capital itself every night; families were publicly cautioned not to go out of town without removing their furniture to upholsterers' warehouses for security; the highwayman in the dark was a City tradesman in the light, and, being recognised and challenged by his fellow-tradesman whom he stopped in his character of "the Captain," gallantly shot him through the head and rode away; the mall was waylaid by seven robbers, and the guard shot three dead, and then got shot dead himself by the other four, "in consequence of the failure of his ammunition:" after which the mall was robbed in peace; that magnificent potentate, the Lord Mayor of London, was made to stand and deliver on Turnham Green, by one highwayman, who despoiled the illustrious creature in sight of all his retinue; prisoners in London gaols fought battles with their turnkeys, and the majesty

A Tale of Two Cities


   IT WAS the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way -- in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.
   There were a king with a large jaw and a queen with a plain face, on the throne of England; there were a king with a large jaw and a queen with a fair face, on the throne of France. In both countries it was clearer than crystal to the lords of the State preserves of loaves and fishes, that things in general were settled for ever.
   It was the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy- five. Spiritual revelations were conceded to England at that favoured period, as at this. Mrs. Southcott had recently attained her five-and- twentieth blessed birthday, of whom a prophetic private in the Life Guards had heralded the sublime appearance by announcing that arrangements were made for the swallowing up of London and Westminster. Even the Cock-lane ghost had been laid only a round dozen of years, after rapping out its messages, as the spirits of this very year last past (supernaturally deficient in originality) rapped out theirs. Mere messages in the earthly order of events had lately come to the English Crown and People, from a congress of British subjects in America:

Canadian History of the Mobile eBook

This guy is no Steve Jobs, but he does supply us with some of the background with regards to recent history of Chapters-Indigo's foray into ebooks.

The main thing I learned was that Kobo is an anagram for book. Hopefully, this will help me remember what the app is called on my iPhone.

I use the Stanza, Kindle and Kobo ebook iPhone readers. Stanza usually has the best section, as it is an app that allows access to many ebook stores. Kindle ebooks are usually cheaper, as they don't charge Canadian sales tax.

But when Kobo has the monopoly on the Canadian rights... 

  • 11:17 The C$149 + HST Kodak PlaySport waterproof pocket video camera that I ordered yesterday from Kodak Canada shipped from Memphis with UPS. #
  • 11:19 Rochester's Kodak manufactures in Memphis? #
  • 20:38 wtf? RT @nbcnightlynews Video: Air Force launches secret spacecraft bit.ly/8XVLCn #
  • 22:56 Man, the Kodak PlaySport I ordered direct from Kodak for C$149 is only $139 at Dell.ca (both include shipping). Amazon.ca wants $159 #
  • 23:06 twitpic.com/1hwnv0 - Dell has the PlaySport for 3 different prices depending on the colour! #
  • 23:11 The black Kodak Playsport for C$129, shipped, from Dell.ca, is a dam good deal (I paid $20 more yesterday). #
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  • 07:51 @KristiColleen I'm allergic to cats... #
  • 09:38 Picasas no longer works on my PS3 now that I have firmware 3.30. :( #
  • 10:13 @DenisCoderre 40%! Exemple? #
  • 16:08 Brown, pro Europe (British debate). #livestation twitpic.com/1hklhq #
  • 16:11 Wow, Brown, is really, really, pro-Europe. #
  • 16:14 OK, so all 3 are pro-Europe. Pick an other subject. #
  • 16:30 Clegg is winning. I wan't to move to England so I can vote Liberal Democrat. :-) #
  • 16:41 "I'm not Catholic but my wife is". Nick Cleggs covered his bases. #
  • 17:39 The leaders mentioned, Poland, France, Germany, the USA and even Australia. But not a word about Canada. #
  • 17:40 Also, the UK has half the number of immigrants per year as does Canada, and yet the Brits are freaking out. #
  • 17:43 @corcoran A lake that is frozen 6 months per year... :-) #
  • 17:46 Interesting that the Liberal Democrat mentioned Obama (as least twice), Labour's Brown Sarkozi, and the Conservative... Margaret Thatcher! #
  • 17:51 I really enjoyed the British debate. (Although from here they seemed to agree on almost everything. Like a real life "Yes Prime Minister". #
  • 17:53 What is shocking is how much more far right Canada's Conservatives are (except on nuclear bombs). #
  • 17:55 Also, all the UK parties seem to support the Afghan war. In Canada,all the parties are for withdraw of troops by next year (at the latest). #
  • 18:01 When Quebec separates, Canada should join the UK. They se em to know what they are doing. See debates online: www.cpac.ca/ #
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  • 16:12 @philiped Why do use the term "point" instead of $ in your CNN Money articles? For an index, fine. But for share price that's useless jargon #
  • 16:46 @Cherniak Maybe the cocaine was for his wife. Or his mistress. Or for THEIR mistress. :-) #
  • 16:51 I'm so happy local trends are back. Still wish for more locations, like France, Quebec and Canada sans-Toronto #
  • 17:08 The best part about NPR, now on Rogers Digital Cable 939, is that it's 100% #Guergis free. #
  • 19:31 Oprah, Obama, Bush and Jaffer have a ll used cocaine... #
  • 20:11 @RosieBarton By the way, your location in your Twitter profile is still listed as Quebec City. 46.81,-71.216252 #
  • 06:57 Just bought the Kodak PlaySport for C$149, shipped, at store.kodak.ca . C$10 cheaper than Amazon.ca #
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  • 07:36 The BBC screws up! Compare 18:00 and 00:00 news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8631238.stm Now look at source: bit.ly/dfSuc0 . #ashtag #
  • 07:40 ... So planes should start crashing over NB around 14:00 (NB time) and not 20:00 as the BBC draws. By 20:00, NB will be ash free. #ashtag #
  • 07:44 ... Or plus 1 hour as I'm still not sure if they are using GMT or BST. #
  • 07:46 ... These are based on mathematical models following wind directions, not actually evidence of ash in the air. Still... #
  • 07:48 ...I would not be flying a new jet over NB today (unless it was at high altitude).An old jet? Sure. Damage would be an excuse to buy a new 1 #
  • 07:51 @robynsnest79 A few planes are flying over the UK. (But at high altitude). #
  • 11:59 Dear Moncton. Remember, you only need to worry about the jets you can't hear today. (Potential volcanic dust over NB today). #ahstag #
  • 12:21 The paper edition of the NYT costs $65 a month. An iPad costs $500. I predict a very short life for the paper editions of newspapers. #
  • 13:50 Inspired by Rupert Murdock, I'm going to start charging for my tweets. You can read 5 o f my tweets per day for free. 6th tweet is $75. #
  • 15:11 "We are in Wisconsin at near the latitude of Scotland." Classic: bit.ly/b1J1fD (Wisconsin, as you know, is South of Paris.) #
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  • 08:16 The Iceland volcano ashes should be over Newfoundland by 1500 Moncton time. news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8629127.stm #
  • 08:32 @cr0vax Les avions sont là-haut: www.flightradar24.com/ #
  • 10:16 @Sharleen_tweet Go to eurostar.com . Tickets available today on the following trains: 15:02 16:55 17:30 17:55 19:02 #
  • 10:33 @Sharleen_tweet London-Paris Eurostar. Tuesday 20th April. Still available: 05:25 08:02 08:55 15:02 16:02 16:55 17:30 17:55 19:02 20:04 #
  • 11:35 www.ilmavoimat.fi/index.php?id=1149 You will need Google Translate unless you speak Finish. You do not want to fly in ash. #
  • 11:38 ... According to a The Guardian blog , some NATO planes may have also been damaged by volcano ash. (Finland is not part of NATO). #
  • 01:04 Romantically Challenged with @Alyssa_Milano = Friends meets Two and a Half Men. I LOLed a few times. #
  • 02:51 @Weebly_one Only a small percentage of tickets were cheap. Eurostar is imitating airlines w ith incremental pricing. #
  • 02:57 There are still evening Paris-London Eurostar tickets available for today at eurostar.com. All day available for London-Paris. #
  • 03:01 Still some Brussels to London and London to Brussels Eurostar tickets available for today Tuesday. But not cheap. #
  • 03:06 @every1nose Source? #
  • 03:16 @every1nose Well, your source was wrong. Many people are booking Eurostar online (and are tweeting about it). #
  • 03:20 @every1nose Right. Because a call centre worker in India or Morocco know how the Eurostar web site works. #
  • 03:26 @every1nose www.eurostar.com/UK/uk/leisure/customer_care/questions_answers.jsp #
  • 04:26 Province of New Brunswick might be under volcano ash around 15:00 today. www.metoffice.gov.uk/aviation/vaac/data/VAG_1271741319.png #
  • 04:29 ... Make that 14:00. Not sure if "Z" is BST or GMT. #
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  • 07:34 @Mariafh Going to snow tonigh here as well. twitpic.com/1gjdp3 #
  • 09:16 @Gustavius The Madrid-New York air route is still opperating. No need for boats yet. #
  • 10:23 If you like to gamble, you can get to Norway via Iceland Air from USA and Canada (via Iceland). #
  • 12:13 According to Google Maps, over roads, the Iran border is closer to London than Moncton is to Vancouver. #
  • 23:38 Plenty of Eurostar.com tickets available to London from both Paris and Brussels. Not sure why people say it is fully booked until Thursday #
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  • 07:33 @onditimoner Believe it or not, the best hamburger I've ever had was in Oz. Served by a Black guy. I couldn't find the place the next day. #
  • 07:37 @onditimoner In 1999 in Oz, you boarded at the back of the city bus and got off at the front. Blew my mind. #
  • 07:52 In OZ, aka Aarhus, Denmark, you get on the back of the bus, buy your ticket, then get off at the front: intodenmark.dk/?p=593 ... #
  • 07:56 ...I've taken the bus in 100s of cities on 5 continents. Aarhus (pronounced Oz), is the only place with that way of taking the bus. #
  • 11:11 @RosieBarton I'm worried you RT because you don't know how to reply. That post, for example, was not RT worthy. #
  • 17:03 @PatMahon Would'nt an aluminum case on an iPhone be lousy for 3G, WiFi and GPS? #
  • 18:44 I wonder how easy it is to add trans-Atlantic flights to Madrid? Is the Spanish bureaucracy flexible or are airlines SOL? #
  • 18:50 LOL. French women prefers flying back to Austin rather than spend the weekend in Detroit. lemonde.fr #
  • 18:52 RT @lemondefr : A Austin , Shangaï ou Cracovie, les moquettes... www.lemonde.fr/tiny/1335133/#xtor=AL-32280258 #
  • 20:41 Very quiet night over Europe: www.flightradar24.com/ #
  • 21:46 Plenty of tickets currently available for the Paris-London Eurostar trip Sunday. #
  • 21:50 Il y a encore des billets pour les trajets Londres-Paris sur l'Eurostar Dimanche. #
  • 21:57 @dustinanglin I just checked Eurostar.com , plenty of London-Paris trips now available for Sunday. 179 pounds. #
  • 22:28 If you can get to Madrid by 7PM Sunday, you can be in London 11:30AM Monday (C$454, Travelocity) #
  • 22:34 @HRS_Chirashi Eurostar added trains. Plenty of tickets available (until Europe wakes up). See eurostar.com #
  • 06:11 @matpreece That's the normal last minute price. The prices for last minute airline tickets are also usually quite high. #
  • 06:34 @tishtashtoys They are charging the normal last minute price. Last minute flights usually cost far,far more. #
  • 06:37 @Lakesadam £69 is the super deal bum in seat recession price. Eurostar is charging the normal price. #
  • 06:42 @oyeolivia Except that is the last minute train price. Last minute airfare would be 1000s of £s. #
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  • 21:46 There was an interesting debate on TMZ last night: Who has more impact?Oprah or Obama? #
  • 22:01 Thanks for telling us who Jerry Seinfeld is (I guess I'm getting old). twitpic.com/1g4jo9 #
  • 22:17 The Sens need to hurry. My cartoon starts in 13 minutes. #
  • 23:30 @mokatia The technical problem would be ashes on the flight path. Would need more fuel and stop to go via Spain. #
  • 00:00 F1 fans. Set your DVRs to 3AM NY time on Saturday night (Sunday morning). Race in Shanghai. #
  • 05:02 After over a year of using Twitter, I finally figured out the point of the Favorites feature (saves a tweet for later). #
  • 06:00 Based on uber-positive Twitter reviews and 3 week success in the UK. I declare Kick-Ass a cuntastic movie. #
  • 06:07 "There are no Lufthansa planes in the air anywhere in the world" (BBC) #
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  • 07:10 As far as I can tell, the iPhone 3GS and iPod touch have the Broadcom BCM4325 , not the Broadcom BCM4329 of the iPad. Hence WiFi "n"... #
  • 07:11 ... Israel impounding iPads and people complaining about Wifi not working properly. #
  • 07:51 When I searched: " neck pain OR sore near:Moncton within:50km " I only got two results. Does that mean I can rule out a cold? #
  • 08:00 ...Well, the Internet says I should take an Aspirin. Or I have meningitis, and then I could die. #
  • 08:04 "sore throat near:Moncton within:50km" Only result: @KristiColleen , 4 days ago. Moncton i s quite healthy! Why do I have this cold?! #
  • 08:07 Should be a quiet day over New Brunswick as European airplanes avoid northern routes because of Iceland's volcano eruption. #
  • 09:11 "public relations expert and dog photographer" LOL #
  • 09:16 So just to be clear, it's NOT OK to snort cocain provided by the Hell's Angels when a cabinet minister? #
  • 13:58 @larrylarry The city of Toronto has taxation powers. The city now even has the power to impose a DVP toll! #
  • 14:14 @larrylarry If the road network is financed locally, including the DVP, than so can transit. #
  • 14:42 Norway Prime Minister rules via iPad while in New York City. bit.ly/bN8QhN #
  • 14:54 @fraserspeirs But is the iPad map app usefull on the Wifi version, considering you can't print? #
  • 17:27 After the Yes Prime Minister series, I was looking forwards to the UK leaders debate. ITV seems to block foreign IPs. Audio anyone? #
  • 18:50 Man, you really need the mute button at the ready when watching HLN. Truly the white trash of the 24 hour ne ws networks. #
  • 19:07 I never realized there was so much American animosity towards Israel until I read the comments in the Israel bans iPad stories. #
  • 19:45 Any other "promoted" Twitter searches? All I could find was iPad. Not sure if it matters, but I'm located in Canada. #
  • 20:52 Obama's deny weekday TV privileges to their kids. That is ironic if you read Obama's first book. #
  • 20:54 ... In it he mentioned how his strict absentee father denied him cartoon privileges on one of his only visits. #
  • 03:13 @decryption New Hamshire has no iPad sales tax and is closer to Canada and Europe. #
  • 04:15 Monsieur @guyalepage n'a que 8200 suiveux sur Twitter. Ouch! #
  • 04:20 @tlcoats I'd wait it out in London. But if money and confort don't matter, take the bus and ferry to Dublin and fly out to the USA. #
  • 04:22 "Stuck in" is my favourite Twitter search of the moment #
  • 06:09 The English wanted Iceland cash, not ash! (I stole that) #ashtag #
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  • 10:30 @bethevans Domain names don't matter. People just Google it. #
  • 11:27 I'm tempted by the Kobo ereader at this point . (Apple delays iPad to June for non-Americans). #
  • 18:38 Is the international iPad delay a ploy to boost American tourism? I say yes. #
  • 19:26 @bxchen Microwaves cost $30! Life is too short to wait for ovens. + Everytime you use one, instead of an oven, you are saving the plannet. #
  • 19:34 Argh! Even American cats get an iPad before us! bit.ly/9lsFLY (Youtube) < a href="http://twitter.com/Altavistagoogle/statuses/12187883422">#
  • 21:31 @kevtibs Don't worry. Your NBC colleague Tom Costello reported that Montreal was "several hours" from the border. bit.ly/d8qSEo #
  • 22:39 Americans love Crystal and Charline of Windows 7 ads (my blog): bit.ly/bfgHBx #
  • 22:53 When Apple launched the iPhone, they used Google Adsense. For the iPad, not so much (see my 2008-07-14 post at j.mp/iPadCanada ) #
  • 23:05 Conservatives were subcontracting torture in Afghanistan. More Canadian jobs going to foreigners. #
  • 23:42 I have to remind myself that my current cold (neck and throat pain) can not be blamed on my Twitter "friends" I've never met in person. #
  • 00:48 "Your search term "ipad" has been corrected to "ipod"." (rogers.com) #
  • 05:07 twitpic.com/1fpx11 - First Twitter ad I've seen, and it's for the unavailable in Canada iPad! Argh! #
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Americans love Crystal and Charline of Windows 7 ads

Americans love Crystal and Charline of Windows 7 ads

I previously posted that someone in the US Senate was curious about "Charline", the charming young French women in the I'm a PC and Windows 7 was my idea ad set in front of a Paris café. However, Senate staff aren't the only ones. My post about Crystal and Charline is by far the most popular since my iPod touch tv out post in 2007. Traffic to my blog as at least tippled. Most of the Charline and Crystal traffic arrive via Google. Here are the Windows 7 Google searches landing on my blog in the last 23 hours: 

-charline windows 7 girl
-french windows 7 girl is hot
-charline windows 7 aired in us
-crystal hot girl windows commercial
-who is the french hottie charlene on the microsoft ccommercial
-windows 7 commercial my idea french
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-french girl windows 7 commercial
-crystal from windows 7 commercial
-windows 7 french actress
-windows 7 is my idea commercial in french (IP Address: The Economist)
-who plays crystal in the windows 7 advertisement
-charline actress windows commercial
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-who plays crystal in the windows 7 advertisement
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-who is the girl in microsoft taxi ad i'm a pc
-charline i'm a pc
-windows 7 commercial charlene (IP Address: University of Michigan Medical Center (MCIT))
-what is the name of the french woman in the windows 7 commercial? (IP Address: AAA of Michigan)
-altavistagoogle for french commercial for microsoft 7
-microsoft commercial french girl
-who is the french woman in the windows 7 commercial
-commercial for microsoft 7 french speaking
-charlene windows 7 commercial
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-windows 7 commercial actress british crystal
-french girl microsoft ad
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-french actress in microsoft commercial (IP Address: Army Information Systems Command)
-windows 7 commercial girl charline
-french girl in microsoft windows 7 commercial
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-windows 7 commercial, french girl
-crystal "windows 7" actress
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  • 12:39 @jeffjedras Just get the Kodak ZI8. #
  • 13:00 @jeffjedras I'm holding out for the Kodak Playsport. Cheaper than the ZI8 (but no mic in, as far as I can tell). #
  • 13:16 @jeffjedras Mic-in is the major plus of the ZI8 v FlipHD. However, native audio better on Flip HD. Source: online reviews, Youtube, Twitter. #
  • 13:24 @jeffjedras Kind of surprised that stat isn't higher. I wonder what it is for United Church Ministers #
  • 14:14< /em> There is no duty or HST/GST on American contact lenses. C$ parity win! #
  • 14:43 Google Insights graphic artists don't think the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is part of Canada #
  • 15:54 twitpic.com/1fd32i - Are Crystal and Charline, from Windows 7 was my idea, the same person? #
  • 16:04 Twitpic won't let me log in. Had to email picture. :-( #
  • 18:08 This video is LOL funny. Future M. Jackson: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdTsW2pTXug #
  • 18:36 iPad antidote. At 6:00, the girl says,"Can I have the iPhone, and you can have the iPad". www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFp6ezgn8hE #
  • 21:05 Not sure why the TV Gods collude to void laghter on Tuesdays. Thank goodness for TVA with Caméra Café. #
  • 01:50 If you backpacked in Europe after 1991, chances are you spent some quality time in Cesky Krumlov, now in Google Street View. #
  • 04:11 The new Diggnation is cool. Both Kevin Rose and Alex used iPads the entire show. They told us not to starve to buy an iPad. #
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  • 17:19 @shanebugbee Just buy the iPad from apple.com ! You'll get it in about a week (according to latest Twitter postings) #
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  • 13:55 @jes_mond Were you high when you wrote that? Ask any doctor about the effects of second hand pot smoke. THC reducing tumors? What study? #
  • 14:12 @jes_mond To mitigate the effects of kimotherapy! Not to reduce tumors! #
  • 14:14 @jes_mond Although not studied as much as cigarettes, the negative effects of marijuana smoke are documented. Google it (or ask your doctor #
  • 15:20 iBooks in OS4 will allow me to read same book on iPad and iPhone (and will synch spot your in book). Now I want an iPad desperately. #
  • 15:23 iAds will be huge for Apple (why are APPL share going down?) #
  • 15:26 @jes_mond Interesting article. Any studies confirming it? Study is 3 year old. By the way, veteran pot smokers use bongs to mitigate smoke. #
  • 15:29 @cr0vax Probably because of lack of CDMA aka Verizon phone. ATT still has the US monopoly for now. (That's good for Android). #
  • 15:48 Funny, Engadget quotes Jobs saying "terrific", Gizmodo, "fantastic". (Incentive to upgrade out of date 3G phones) #
  • 16:09 Bootyism! Where d o I sign up? :-) RT @charris0n Did Tiger mean Buddhism, or bootyism? is.gd/bkreU #
  • 16:16 @jes_mond Name one. #
  • 16:19 Steve Jobs to world: Android phones are for wankers. #
  • 16:24 I love when world Twitter trends are not local trends. iPhone OS 4 is current example. #
  • 16:27 Twitter really disproves cultural globalization. Local culture rules. #
  • 18:09 Is there a way to see more than the top ten search items in Google Trend? Because telling me Hotmail and Facebook are popul ar is useless. #
  • 18:16 I must admit, it never occurred to me to search "love" in Google Image search. (top 10 in USA-Canada-Australia-UK. #
  • 18:20 According to Google Insights, pizza is more popular in Canada than in any other country. #
  • 18:46 OK, so the regional iPad data at labs.chitika.com/ipad/ is useless. The more wifi hotspots you have, the higher you iPad ranking. #
  • 18:49 ... Data is based on 2.73 IPs per iPad.But if you use your iPad at home, work, Starbucks, library and work (ie, urban),you're over average. #
  • 18:53 Interest in Google News articles in the last 30 days about the iPad is spread out quite evenly across the USA. Source: Google Insights. #
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  • 17:20 "[KYRGYZSTAN is a] country of incredible natural beauty" (CIA World Factbook). Flickr: www.flickr.com/search/show/?q=Kyrgyzstan #
  • 17:57 $5,247,000 : Sales tax collected by the State of California, so far, on iPad sales. #
  • 18:20 I'm now obsessed with this site: labs.chitika.com/ipad/ . Minnesota is consistently reported as having the highest iPad penetration. #
  • 18:21 ..Why Minnesota ? I figure: Very white, non-hispanic and urban. Also, a few Manitobans probably crossed over. #
  • 18: 25 ... Never mind. Now California has the highest iPad penetration rate. 1 per 1,400 people. #
  • 20:21 Scary all the @HHShkMohd suckups on Twitter. Just kill the mofo. Democracy or die. #
  • 00:15 @davidrankin e-Books are now same price in both countries. Bookstores have to pay rent and employees in C$... #
  • 00:24 I wish Spirit flew to Moncton. I hate having to pay extra for all those people with heavy luggage. #
  • 00:51 @davidrankin $10 for a new book via Kindle, Kobo or Stanza. I hope you realy like the feal of paper! #
  • 02:15 I think the next Governor General of Canada should be an Inuit elder who doesn't speak English of French. #
  • 02:23 @AhmadNassri LOL #
  • 02:29 According the Angus Reid 61% of Albertans approve of Michael Jean. She is Black and from Quebec! Redneck fail. bit.ly/9HgRMH (.pdf) #
  • 05:10 @jes_mond Second hand pot smoke causes cancer. Plus, it stinks and is really annoying (yes, I live in an Apartment building). #
  • 05:14 I've seen two iPad commercials so far: 1 during Oscars, 1 last night during Letterman. Odd media buys if you ask me. #
  • 06:27 @raguilera Zino #
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  • 17:48 If you need to talk your girlfriend out of buying a house, this is a good article: patrick.net/housing/crash.html #
  • 18:25 FYI, its is sweet spot Tuesday (just after 5PM ET) when airlines drop their rates for select flights. Hat tip: www.redflagdeals.com #
  • 18:27 @cr0vax T'es drôle. L'aspect que j'aime le plus de Gmail c'est de ne pas avoir de besoin de suprimter ou classer mes couriels. #
  • 19:12 @scottradcliff Solution: copy tweet, hit reply, paste, add RT at the end of you comment. #
  • 23:59 @mimonette Leur blogue manque quelques détailles... #
  • 00:07 @PhilipSmithfoto Great pictures! Trampoline: limit to one person at a time. Otherwise, the risk of ankle injury is very high. #
  • 00:23 This site is incredible for those of us obsessed with iPad (lack of?) popularity: labs.chitika.com/ipad/ #
  • 01:50 @georrb When you travel where? Except for Alberta, all prov have 7.5 to 10% sales tax. It is 10% in PEI already and will be 10% in Qc soon. #
  • 01:59 @georrb The VAT is 17.5% in the UK. Averages 9% in the USA (State + County + City). And for short trips, you have to pay HST when you return #
  • 02:15 Let's compare the HST to Nova Scotia's neighbors: PEI:15%, NB:13%, NL:13% France: 19.6%, Iceland: 25.5%, UK: 17.5%, Spain: 18%, Maine: 5-10% #
  • 02:18 @georrb New Hampshire: tax on meals (9%), hotel (9%), phone services (7%). Highest property taxes in nation. Wealth tax... #
  • 02:22 @georrb Both. #
  • 02:39 @tsmarsh Apparently PC will charge if you aren't using the iPad. #
  • 02:43 @bruinsfan2010 Open it in Gmail. #
  • 03:28 Apple should sell the iPad in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan right now. Poor @RaviCNN has seen his iPad go from Shenzhen to USA to Hong Kong! #
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  • 13:03 @pbrosen Yes. Make a change in the contacts or calendar app on the iPhone, boom, instantly reflected on the web site (and vice versa). #
  • 13:27 At 300,000 iPads delivered, looks like production issue rumours were accurate. #
  • 13:39 Dear Moncton, please block @TSCMoncton . A midle aged women who picks Twitter fights with local 14 year old girls. Shameful. #
  • 15:13 @RosieBarton Now I'm curious, what would that make him cry question be? #
  • 15:28 Is it wishful thinking from me to hope that the iPad will be cheap er in Canada than in the USA? We are closer to China(CDN dollar at 0.997) #
  • 15:32 ... Canada is closer to China if you pretend Alaska, Hawaii and Guam don't exist. #
  • 15:38 What's wrong with Youtube? The iPad "will it blend" video has 305 views but has been rates 3438 times. #
  • 01:39 So Apple removed the hard April 12 iPad shipment date and replaced it with 5-7 business days.The Chinese don't work weekends? I don't get it #
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  • 14:02 @DaveTaylor Me. I love it. My favourite after The Simpsons and Parks and Recreation. #
  • 15:18 @decryption You can e-mail them using your secret Twitpic adress. #
  • 18:30 @DaveTaylor The "Viewers also bought" list associated with Lawrence of Arabia in iTunes is quite interesting. #
  • 18:47 Can people influence the price of something by complaining about it on Twitter? #
  • 19:17 @ejwc At least you didn't have to fork any money over to the BC government as you will post-HST. #
  • 19:20 @ejwc Unlike computers, most products have duty. So buying clothes, for example, you end up paying 15% duty on 20% duty. #
  • 19:26 @ejwc I used to live in a border town.Because of taxes,the only thing that made sense to bring back was turkey, milk and gas (in your car). #
  • 19:30 @corcoran What was the brand? Sounds like "New Coke" all over again. #
  • 19:32 @ejwc I wonder if folks in Washington State understand the negative impact the HST will have on cross-border business. #
  • 19:57 This is why Justin Bieber is my new hero: altavistagoogle.blogspot.com/2010/04/justin-bieber-is-my-hero.html #
  • 20:11 Anna Paquin says she is bisexual. I demand proof. :-) bit.ly/9jk9Ra #
  • 20:43 "Man, whats with all the sirens in Moncton today" (my brain). Oh, right, the window is open. Goodbye winter, see you in October. #
  • 21:03 This is a pretty cool video of the California earthquake. Nice cleavage to. www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVGAsnhMJuA #
  • 23:53 @jasonlomas Or you could use the Kindle, Stanza or Kobo apps on the iPad. #
  • 02:02 "One of my main reasons for buying an iPad is to be able to bring it to church" ( female iPad customer quoted by WSJ.com ). #
  • 02:06 Tim Hortons is trending in Canada thanks to one 16 year old teenager (initials JB). Incredible. #
  • 02:14 If you don't know how many iPads Apple produced, how can you know how many Apple sold? #
  • 02:38 According to Flickr, 14,000 people have seen this iPad cat stand picture. bit.ly/a3Svyl (11,000: bit.ly/info/a3Svyl ) #
  • 02:43 ... Never mind, poster of link, @Veronica ,has 1.6 million followers. #
  • 02:53 The Amazing Race + The Apprentice + The Pacific = insomnia. #
  • 02:56 I'm trying to figure out how many iPads Apple sold by counting Anchorage-Louisville flights. Margin of error: +/- 1 million iPads. #
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iPad Owners are More Likely to Vote for the NDP

Browsing the tweets on the lists of the 2500 or so iPad early adopters that I follow, I've struggled to find any trends that would justify the time I spent creating them.

You can browse these people's tweets yourselves, but to save you some time, here is my analysis: 

-95% male. You'd swear the USA was Saudi Arabia or that this was 1994 when only men used the Internet. iPad early adopters usually have their own penis
-Ages vary. The iPad craze clearly isn't generated by people in their teens. Nor is it by Baby Boomers. Although both groups are represented. Based on pictures, I'd say the average age is in early 30s. But 20 and 40 somethings are well represented.
-Urban. That's where the money is (and the people), so that's not surprising. But don't rule out small towns and far suburbs, they now have iPad owners too, just not as many.
-West coast. Probably perceptive selection on my part (and time of day/night I created my lists), but I detect that the iPad is more popular in places like San Fransisco and Seattle than say, Philadelphia and Baltimore.
-Needed for job. Many of the iPad early adopters earn their living, at least in part, thanks to computers and the Internet. In San Jose, you have the usual software suspects. In New York City, you have plenty of media workers.

That does it for the obvious/objective remarks. Take the following with a grain of salt:

-Apolitical. Without realizing, you may have pointcasted yourself into a very political corner of the Internet. The iPad owner isn't obsessed with politics. But based on the few "political" tweets, I'd say that generally, they lean to the left.
-White. There are Blacks that now have an iPad, but they are far fewer than the 250 it would have taken to reflect in my sampling their position in the USA. It would be interesting to see a racial breakdown of Twitter use. But based on the infamous hashtags that regularly trend, there are plenty of Blacks on Twitter. 
-There are 60 million people in the USA that have Spanish as a first language. I'd be willing the wager some serious cash that their demographic position isn't reflected among iPad owners.
-Educated. This observation is probably the most subjective of them all, but based on the quality and subjects of the tweets, I'd guess that most iPad owners also have a university degree. But at the other extreme, this isn't the PHD crowed. People got mighty excited at the prospect of watching ABC and Netflix movies on their new iPad. 

Man, that was the longest blog post I've made in a long time. To be honest, it was to justify the title. And the idea for the title came from http://twitter.com/Prog_Blog that conveniently lists the titles of recent blog posts on Progressive Bloggers. To my shock, only one member posted about the iPad all weekend.

If you believe in democracy and the importance of a well informed public, you believe in the Internet. The iPad is a tool that will bring the Internet to the couch. iPad owners won't all be reading the New York Times and the Huffington Post, but there is hope that there are enough well written Arabic Wikipedia articles to stop them from letting their government murder a suspected witch. Even in Saudi Arabia. 


Anna Paquin Says She Enjoys Ladies in a Sexual Way

Anna Paquin says she is bisexual. I say prove it. Preferably with Natalie Portman. :-)

Justin Bieber is My Hero :-)

This if from April first. So you know, don't get take it seriously. Just laugh.

  • 10:48 @kevinleb Ouch! I submit sanity is relative. I didn't drive to Maine and I'm not in line at a BestBuy. :-) #
  • 10:57 It is like a secular Christmas today in the USA. Read one of my Twitter lists to share in the iPad joy. #
  • 14:26 Dear US followers. If you want an iPad before Summer, I would suggest buying it online now. Everybody so far LOVES their iPad. #
  • 15:58 @TheCharlieDay I'm Canadian so I like both. #
  • 16:01 I walked all the way to the beer store and back. Thankfully, PumpHouse only sells 6 packs so I don't feel riptoff. #
  • 16:11 I don't get Maritimers who are againts democracy (aka seat distribuition per capita). DEMOCRACY! Look it up! #
  • 17:37 Surfing the Internet on my iPhone at the park, as God intended. Happy Easter ! twitpic.com/1cz1j7 #
  • 17:42 ... By the way, despite the snow, like most of Moncton, I'm wearing shorts as the cool Atlantic took the day off today. Smiles all around. #
  • 17:47 By the way, the "as God intended" was ment to tease iPad owners, not Jews. #
  • 17:49 Note to self, I nternet in your pocket is great, but water sometimes is better. They should put water fountains in these parks. I'm no camel. #
  • 17:55 @pbrosen Just use Gmail, Picasas, Calender etc. I just saved you a hundred bucks / year. #
  • 18:49 20% of the pedestrians I walked by today in Moncton asked me for directions. I guess this is a long weekend. #
  • 19:10 How can iPad be a World trending topic but not a US trending topic. I love that "patio" is trending topic in Canada. #
  • 19:13 OK market researchers/anthropologists, explain the logic behind iPad trending in some US cities, but not others. #
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  • 11:04 @R0gueWarri0r Fool proof? #
  • 11:43 Google Street View 3D option is still available. So I guess it wasn't an April Fool. I have glasses, and doesn't really work for me. #
  • 12:21 My hero Stephen Colbert has an iPad! Those of us in Canukistan can watch him with it here: watch.thecomedynetwork.ca/#clip284295 #
  • 12:26 Ding dong, the witch is dead. Or not. RT @amnesty UPDATE: Soothsayer granted stay of execution in Saudi Arabia ow.ly/1u3ea #
  • 14:01 I'm a bit perp lexed on how Americans can still get an iPad shipped by the 12th. I'd be a bit nervous if I was an aapl share holder. #
  • 14:20 Only 8C here in Atlantic Ocean influenced Moncton. Please use discretion when bragging about the weather in Central Canada. :-) #
  • 14:34 Reminder: If you are bored, you can read live vicariously as people start to receive their iPad . I have Twitter lists of about 2500 iPaders #
  • 14:50 @mikekasprzak Still too soon for "I told you so". For example, you can still order the iPad to be shipped by the 12th. #
  • 14:54 wtf? RT @riptidef OMG!! UPS just came back and told me I had to give the iPad back! Had to pack it back up and they took it away. #
  • 14:59 @Clarko There was an article acouple of weeks ago in the NY Times about all the fake KFCs in New York. #
  • 15:16 These photos are incredible RT @lifeofc Great collection of fun Google Earth photos, bit.ly/cpq69W #
  • 15:31 * "I gave Snooki 100" bit.ly/9zanHt #
  • 15:36 * "LMAO , Leno has an average rating of 5 out of 100 (On Times popularity poll)" bit.ly/9xri7o #
  • 15:49 * "I gave Amy Poehler 100. The role she convincingly&nbsp;portrays,&nbsp;inspires." bit.ly/bMEyTp #
  • 15:52 * "He is evil for delaying the iPad in Canada, but I still gave Steve Jobs 100." bit.ly/93iQx3 #
  • 15:56 * "I gave NASCAR's&nbsp;Danica Patrick a 98. She is the Pamela Anderson of our time." bit.ly/a9kZx8 #
  • 16:09 I think Gilles Duceppe should get the Nobel Prize this year: tirelessly promotes Quebec sovereignty using democracy. #
  • 16:17 @fuzzybill74 I agree, but since the Nobel committee can't give the prize to a country... #
  • 16:21 @radley Yup. Hundreds of dollars worth. twitter.com/Altavistagoogle/ipad-owners3 #
  • 16:25 @radley RT @honam Downloaded 43 iPad apps so far. All I have to do is sync tomorrow. Already spent more $ on iPad apps than on iPhone/Touch #
  • 16:57 One of the simple joys in life is remembering you have Hawaiian Pizza in the fridge. #
  • 17:28 At what time tomorrow will the iPad appear in the top 10 USA Twitter trending topics? Place bets now. #
  • 17:58 Nice view of the automated scanning RT @ThomasAtUPS: Why Louisville? That's UPS Worldport. is.gd/bbEqV #
  • 17:59 Is it too early for allergy season in Moncton? My nose has been itching all day. #
  • 18:18 Wait time for Newbrunswickers entering Maine: 0 minutes. BCers entering Washington: 2hrs+ apps.cbp.gov/bwt/index.asp #
  • 19:18 @stewf Actually, I was only partly right. Your iPad went via Hong Kong and not Guangzhou as I expected.I'd make a lousy truck high-jacker :) #
  • 19:34 @TSCMoncton hmm, what's the number for Crime Stoppers? :-P #
  • 19:46 If your iPad is still reported as departing Guangzhou or Anchorage, this may offer solace: flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS23 #
  • 20:24 RT @Rafe: Do not disturb iPad reviewer. tweetphoto.com/16866214 #
  • 20:40 LG screens in hotels are the best. (do not view in Alabama) twitpic.com/1cpaj7 #
  • 21:07 @litterthisheart Wow, you are stunningly beautiful (on all your pictures). No matter what he looks like, you are way out of his league. #
  • 23:21 @Hobbsy101 $600- $500 - $50 sales tax = $50. Pretty sure that wouldn't co ver shipping to Australia via Fed Ex. #
  • 23:52 3 UPS planes landed in Louisville KY within the last 15 minutes from Anchorage, Alaska. Presumably, with plenty of iPad s on board. #
  • 23:53 An other 75 UPS planes will land in Louisville tonight from all across the USA. Presumably, they will return with plenty of iPad s. #
  • 23:56 ... Source: flightaware.com/live/airport/KSDF #
  • 00:14 At 300,000 iPads, it will have taken UPS the equivalent of 21 Boeing 747-400 airplanes (at full weight capacity) to move Saturday's stock. #
  • 00:34 @TSCMoncton Was that comment really necessary? #
  • 00:39 @KristiColleen How were the girls? #
  • 00:42 @KristiColleen Imagine what they hear vibrating in your apartment. ;-) #
  • 00:44 @starringbecky That's why I have a western credit card bank: 4 time zones away. #
  • 00:46 @starringbecky ...Bank of Hawaii offers credit cards... #
  • 00:49 @TSCMoncton Why RT a tweet that annoys you? That makes no sense! Reply, fine. But RT? #
  • 01:17 @batgeek Modern Family is my favorite new show. I love it. I find it hilarious. But I understand. Not everybody has a sense of humour. :-p #
  • 01:48 @snackdog I figure your iPad will be on this flight. flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS1482 #
  • 01:50 @robotspacer Just post it on Twitter. :-) #
  • 01:54 @ki2594 As long as your iPad is in Louisville by 5:15 AM, you should be OK. flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS1482 #
  • 02:00 @rmondello Your iPad will most probably be on this flight to Boston later tonight: flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS1014 (Logan:6:08AM #
  • 02:04 @rjlynch21086 As long as it gets to Louisville by 4AM you will get your iPad tomorrow. flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS1014 #
  • 02:09 @USuMBS Your iPad should be in Louisville now. It will depart at 4:11AM for Newark: flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS3064 #
  • 02:12 @mattkdecide Your iPad should be in Louisville by now. I will depart for Newark at 4:11AM flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS3064 #
  • 02:21 @joubertnel At worst, the iPad will be on this flight to Newark: flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS3064 #
  • 02:33 @MyTwoCentsToo Check again. 3 UPS flights landed in Louisville from Anchorage earlier tonight. 75 going out in the early hours. #
  • 02:47 @eclipseempire I figure your California iPad will be on this 4:15AMET fligth from Louisville flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS908 #
  • 02:52 @chchien Yup. Your iPad will take this flight to Oakland: flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS3948 #
  • 02:59 @ImagedByTed The miracle of air travel. Plenty of time for iPad to Phoenix: flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS858 #
  • 03:01 @ki2594 Some time during the day. After 9AM I would guess. #
  • 03:05 @acidicchip Your iPad should be on this flight to Seatle: flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS982 #
  • 03:07 @NormGregory Yes. UPS will use this flight to deliver your iPad to Seattle: flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS982 #
  • 03:08 @nathanp No problem. iPad to Seattle on UPS via flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS982 #
  • 03:17 @NormGregory Yes, UPS delivers Saturdays to non-Hawaii urban areas. #
  • 03:18 @acidicchip Google. :-) #
  • 03:22 @ericelia Plenty of time for your iPad to hop on this UPS flight to Seattle: flightaware.com/live/flight/ #
  • 03:25 @ericelia Sorry, meant to say, iPad to Oakland: flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS3948 #
  • 03:29 @IWH01 I predict your iPad will board this flight to LA: flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS3908 #
  • 03:33 @swanksalot Your iPad will probably get to Chicago via this UPS flight: flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS606 #
  • 03:37 @timsmith23 And then iPad onwards to Oakland via UPS flight: flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS3948 #
  • 03:41 @steavenchan iPad from Louisville to California by tomorrow? Yup: flightaware.com/live/flight/UPS3908 #
  • 04:05 @TheMexicanNerd No problem. Time zones are on your side. If you browse my recent posts, you can figure out what flight it will be on. #
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