Abolish the Monarchy in Canada

The British monarchy is a sexist, racist, homophobic, religiously xenophobic, anti-democratic wealth concentrating institution.

If it is important enough to recognize Quebec as a nation in the Canadian constitution, than surely it is important enough to abolish to monarchy from Canada.

About 20,000 french speaking Catholic Acadians were deported because they refused to pledge allegiance to the King, head of the Church of England.

Out of respect for the surviving Acadians, for the millions of Canadian Catholics, for the members of the United Church of Canada (Canada's largest Protestant Church), for the Canadian Jews and Muslims and for Aboriginals; Out respect for our Irish, Scottish and Welsh ancestors; Out of respect for the millions of Canadians that believe one should work for one's wealth, not have it inherited; Out of respect for democracy and the equality of women; Out of respect for homosexuals, and, indeed, out of respect for the members of the Anglican Church of Canada; Let's get the British Monarch, head of the Church of England, out of the Canadian constitution.

And if we realise that modifying the constitution to recognize Quebec as a nation is to much trouble, then at least let's get rid of the monarchy where we can, without modifying the constitution.

Down with the Queen


Muad'Dib said...

I agree wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...

What do you think prevents us from becoming Americans? Trading some faces on currency and ritual decorum for a bit of security doesn't seem to bad. The monarchy will self-destruct on its own.

Anonymous said...

Reparations baby! Reparations!

My ancestors' homes in Ireland were expropriated by the British.
Its time to deal out the cash. With monetary interest I should be looking at my own castle in northern Scotland furnished with butlers and maids.

Lets get this movement started and lets talk cold hard cash! Its truly the only manner in which I can be compensated for the injustices perpetrated by those damn British.

Altavistagoogle said...

Anonymous, I don't quite follow your logic. Do you really think Canada would somehow merge with the USA because it no longer had the Queen on the Canadian dollar?

There isn't a king or queen in any country of South America, and yet the 16 Spanish speaking countries haven't merged into one big lump.

Jacques Beau Vert said...

I've loooong been vocal about getting rid of the Monarchy - in a nice, polite, "thanks for everything, you've been great, do stop by for tea sometime if you're ever around" way. I don't feel that the Monarchy is evil in the way you suggest - I've never felt they were anti-gay in any way. But it's high-time for a Canadian Head of State. I'm open to some sort of loose "special relationship", I suppose - the UK is a very important part of our history and the Queen/King is the head of it, after all, but we can have our own head of state.

Altavistagoogle said...

The Church of England is kicking out the Anglican Church of Canada because of it's position on ordaining gay priests.

The Queen is the head of the Church of England (I realise it is symbolic, but still).

The UK is a very important part of our history, but so are Ireland and France. If the Queen is on our money, than so should the Pope and the last King of France.

Dan McKenzie said...

Long live the Queen!

Unknown said...

British Monarchy= People are not equal=Canada is not yet an Independent country!

Anonymous said...

Where is the so called country Canada ? Shall we grovel before the Queen ? Isn't that shameful enough? If she is the head of Canada, can we enter UK like an English ?

Unknown said...

Why do we need a Queen to prevent us from becoming Americans ? Does Mexico need a queen to do that ?

Anonymous said...

| | /
\ //
this is a stupid argument
keep the queen.

Anonymous said...

dam, the picture messed, copy it, then click leave comment and paste it in the box to see whar i think.

Anonymous said...

There is no British monarchy in Canada.

Back in the 1950s, following Queen Elizabeth's coronation, an Act passed by the Canadian Parliament created a separate Canadian Monarchy with Canadian-designated rules of succession to the throne and Canadian determination of who constitutes the Canadian Royal Family.

All of which was reconfirmed & upheld when Trudeau repatriated the Constitution in 1980s, which severed our last formal links to Britain.

Like it or not, Canada's an independent sovereign kingdom with the Queen effectively holding dual-citizenship.

And it's going to stay that way because if anyone bothered to look it up, they'd find all proposed amendments to the Canadian Constitution - including abolishing the monarchy - requires the UNANIMOUS consent of ALL Canada's Provincial and Territorial governments to pass.

Those is favour of abolishing the monarchy may as well save their breath find something else to complain about.
Because without that impossible-to-get unanimous consent, the Canadian Monarchy's clearly not going anywhere, let alone going away.

tutimuki said...

We Canadian don't need English monarchy. Next week visit of Prince Charles to Canada is again footed by taxpayers. No cost disclosed yet. Can anyone tell how Canada is benefiting of his visit? Isn't time we become independent of British Monarchy? I could like this money to be spend on important matters like research on stem cells or anything else would be better than paying hotels and ceremonies that no body cares for. It's time British Monarchy stays home in Britain!!


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