France Will Get the iPhone Before Canada!

November 28, 18h30 local French time is when urban Frenchmen can buy the iPhone on the Orange Network for 400 Euros (including tax?) or network free for 900 Euros (including tax?).
That is also when I will start to regret not buying shares of Apple. Granted, trusting Steve Jobs and George Bush with my Canadian money gives me the willies, but I predict a love affair with the iphone in the romance country.
The iphone is essentially non-productive. It is purely a luxury item. However, it looks great, is super for buying and playing music, showing off pictures and videos and surfing the web.
So just like with the Mac, I predict a completely irrational love affair between the French and the iPhone.
Unlike the UKs and the Germans, and now the French, Canadians will be left out in the cold. We must be content with duck taping our cell phones and digital cameras to our iPod touchs. Not a problem when you think about it, as we Canucks aren't that obsessed with design. Surely by the time the iphone arrives in Canada there will be a better version, hopefully with GPS so we don't get loss when out lumberjacking...
As a side note, the Protestant Anglos seem to like the HTC phone (usually locally branded) wheres Catholic Latin types hate it. As the HTC is the only product that remotely comes close to the iphone, start counting those Euros Mr. Jobs.

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