Will American Refugees move back to the USA?

You got to feel sorry for people like L-Girl over at We Moved to Canada who left New York City for Mississauga a year ago for "political reasons".

A year later, the Conservative Party is firmly in control of Canada and the leading Liberal leadership candidate, Michael Ignatieff, has opinions with regards to military intervention that are similar to those of President George Bush.

Back in the USA, the Democratic Party will probably take back both houses as well as many state assemblies and governorships. The anti-gay are coming out of the closet and the peace movement is becoming cool again.

Of course, the mayor of Mississauga is almost dead, Toronto's mayor is a socialist and the Liberals seem to be doing well provincially in Ontario. So all is not lost for left leaning refugees established in Canada's largest city; or, for that matter, in New Brunswick, where the liberals won the provincial elections this summer.

It took L-Girl about a year to get accepted into Canada. So maybe Canadians should start applying to the USA right away.The USA might be quite appealing in a year's time...

Update: Seems I struck a nerve (All in good fun). What I didn't realise, was that L-Girl dislikes Michael Ignatieff so much, she was writing about him in April of 2005, 6 months before she immigrated to Canada to escape Bush!

I found this on her blog while researching a post:

I didn't blog about Michael Ignatieff's recent speech,
because I seldom (never?) agree with anything he says, and I don't know
enough about the current Canadian political situation to put his remarks in

How about: next Canadian Prime Minister. Does that clear things up for you? LOL.


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