Tallest Tower: Tell Me When

What would be the point of having a long male appendage and only use if for self satisfaction? That is basically what Dubai is doing with its tallest building ( Burj Dubai). The observation deck for us mere mortals will be 442 meters high on the 124th floor. Well, you can go higher in the CN tower at 447 meters!

From page 5 of the Burj Dubai newsletter: The Burj Dubai observatin deck located 442 meters above ground will be the highest publicly accessible observation deck in the world.

From the CN Tower web site: Think you're high enough now. Think again. Sky Pod, the World's Highest Public Observation Deck is located at a dizzying 447 m (1,465 ft.).

Would you travel to the other side of the world to go up five meters less than in Toronto?

Since 1976, there hasn't been a taller observation deck built, anywhere. That is nuts!

The World Trace Center had an obeservation deck on the roof of the building, where it should be, at 420 meters.

So please, if you build a tall building, yeah, it is great that we can look up and see how tall it is, but it is way better when we can get intimate with it and climb all the way up!

But it isn't too late. Burj Dubai, please move your observation deck up a couple of floors!

The world's tallest structure is the KVLY-TV mast in North Dakota which, as we all know thanks to Michael Moore's TV Nation (Episode 3, August 2, 1994), is the least visited State of the USA.

Think about it Dubai. Raise the observation deck or become as irelevent as North Dakota, the State who's former governor wanted to change its name to promote tourism!

Hat tip to wmtc.

Furthur reading:
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-Burj Dubai is Dubai Tower in Arabic
-Burj Dubai ((Arabic: برج دبي "Dubai Tower")

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