I'm Feeling Lucky with Gerard Kennedy

I've been pretty critical of Gerard Kennedy, but I feel he deserves it. Still, the following may be a tad unjust:

Go to Google.ca in English or Google.com, write "horrible French" with or without the quotations and click on "I'm Feeling Lucky".

Try it! It lands you on one of this blog's pages complaining about Gerard Kennedy's horrible French. To my surprise, there are only 9,120 "horrible French" on the Internet. Seems rather low.
Update (2006-11-24): No longer works as "horrible French" in Google now puts my site in 11th place.
To my surprise, the French version of Gerard Kennedy's web site has been updated. No, the "dans la médias" template error has not been corrected, but now there is more "content" on the "ressources" page. Now, under Matériel graphique pour blogueurs is "En construction"! That's better than the heading for "Trousse de communication": Share the message Kit (sic, in English!).

Some times, I think the Kennedy camp should have done like Martha Hall Finlay and pretended francophone Canadians don't exist (her website is in English only).

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