Suburban Sprawl Sends Paris Hilton to Jail

Paris Hilton* will be sent to jail for 45 days for driving with a suspended license. Her license was originally suspended for driving slightly drunk.

How many people get caught drunk driving in New York City, Paris Hilton's home town? Probably not that many. Had Hilton stayed in New York, she could have enjoyed her lifestyle without risking jail. Drunk driving is deadly and, frankly, going to jail is better then being seriously injured or dying.

But why do people drink and drive? It's not just selfish irresponsibility and alcohol impaired judgment. The logistics of clubbing 50 km away from home are surely a contributing factor. Whereas in urban areas you can stagger home, take a subway, bus or taxi, in sprawling suburban cities like LA, the options are limited. Even when you are rich, you don't want to spend a couple hundred dollars on cab fare (each way). Having a designated driver means you leave the club with the same person you arrived with (that's a downer).

Even in never ending suburbia like LA, you often can't leave your parked car for very long. So while you are nursing a hangover, having taken a cab home, your car maybe in the process of being towed, stolen or vandalised.

Drunk driving is one of the consequence of sprawl. Granted, it also happens allot in rural areas, but in suburban magacities like LA, you are more likely to involve Innocent drivers.

*Paris Hilton stars in the reality type series The Simple Life with Nicole Ritchie. She also has two home movies available on the Internet. The second video, of her taking a bath, was filmed by her boyfriend, the millionaire behind Girls Gone Wild. You could argue that Paris Hilton has done for High Speed Internet what Alyssa Milano did for the World Wide Web.

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