If You Like Music or Nelson Mandela, Get an iPod touch

Listening to music on my iPod touch in my sensory deprivation chamber (the bathroom) is pure bliss. Shopping for music on Apple's ipoded itunes is a genuine pleasure. I wish I could somehow get all my shopping done this way (and for that matter buy stocks and do my taxes).
My iPod touch is so enjoyable in the bathroom that the room has been magazine and newspaper free for weeks. I can listen to music while surfing the web while taking a dump. Not to be crass, but that is the killer app. I suppose you could do this with a laptop, but, I'm not sure why, the mobile itunes is actually better than the original!
Still, be careful you don't electrocute yourself (or your spouse in the tub) and hand washing timing is more essential than ever...
I do apologies for becoming an iPod touch evangelist. But discovering the iPod touch does feel like a religious experience. I realise it is absurd, but I wish everybody could have an iPod touch.
One of my favorite audio clips that I downloaded onto my iPod touch (thanks to itunes' Podcasting) is Nelson Mendela's speech from when he was released from prison. After a day at work that feel's like prison, it is quite inspiring, especially when you consider that he later became President of South Africa (and then used by George Bush, President of the United States, as an adjective is his infamous " Mandela is dead" speech (NOT iPod touch worthy)).

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