Down with the Queen

This subject isn't new. But since I chose "The Canadian Republic" as my title, I figure I should write something about it.

Get the Queen off my money
No constitutional amendment would be required to get the Queen off Canadian money. The Queen isn't on money in Scotland or Northern Ireland!


I pledge allegiance to Canadian Democracy
The pledge to be admitted to the House of Commons as well as the pledge that many other Canadians have to make, such as civil servants, should be amended to replace "Queen" with "Canadian Democracy". Once again, no constitutional amendment would be required.

It is insulting to many Canadians to have a foreigner, residing in a foreign country, to be the head of state of Canada. Many Acadians (20,000!) were deported because they didn't want to pledge allegiance to the King of England, head of the Church of England. Imagine if we asked Protestants to pledge allegiance to the Pope!

The Anglican Church of Canada isn't even the most popular Protestant church in Canada! (The United Church is the most popular Protestant church in Canada).

How can Aboriginals, French-Canadians and immigrants feel Canadian with a foreigner as Canada's head of state? Amending the constitution is too complicated. However, simple measures to hide this shame are easy.



Tiernan said...

How can Aboriginals, French-Canadians and immigrants feel Canadian with a foreigner as Canada's head of state?

They'll really "feel Canadian" with some Anglophone politician who doesn't give a sh** about them, as head of state! And I speak as an Aboriginal and Irishman raised Catholic in the Republic of USA, not to mention "Straight but not narrow."

God Save The Queen/Vive La Reine!

Altavistagoogle said...

Um, John F. Kennedy was Catholic of Irish origing. How many Catholic Kings/Queens have there been lately?

The current Governor General of Canada is black from Haiti (Catholic I think). The last two Prime Ministers were from Quebec, both were Catholic.

None of the above could be King/Queen of Canada. The King/Queen will always be white, head of the Anglican Church and an anglophone.


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