New Brunswick Election

Reasons not to vote for the New Brunswick Conservatives on September 18th, 2006.

1-New-Brunswick has the lowest minimum wage in the country ($6.70 and hour).

2-No special over time pay unless you earn less than $10 an hour (minimum wage times 1.5). Most provinces require time and a half after 40 or 44 hours per week.

3-Conservatives introduced Remembrance day as a Statutory holiday. Do we need a day off in the middle of a work week in November?

4-Government brags about lax environmental regulations on it's web site in order to attract business!

5-Conservatives made severe cuts to the ministry of the Environment, to the planning commissions and to local governments.

6-No regional land-use planning even though it is a legislated power and responsibility.

7-Raised gas tax by 3.8 cents a liter in order not to introduce tolls on the Trans-Canada.

8-Did not address the route causes of high car insurance rates in NB: higher risks do to poor driving and poorly maintained roads. More money should have been spent on enforcement and road maintenance. Driving should be a subject in school or private courses should be mandatory. The 110 km/hr speed limit should be reduced!

9-Beer companies received subsidies.

10-The drinking container program is inefficient and car oriented.

11-Income taxes are often lower than in Ontario, which has Ontarians screaming bloody murder (since NB receives large Federal transfer payments).

12-Gave long term maintenance of the trans-Canada to private firm. Will be more expensive in the long run and contract will be expensive/difficult to enforce. Maintenance on the T-C in Edmundston this winter was abysmal (first winter of contract).

13-Government regulated fuel prices.

14-Tuition is over $5000 a year at college and university.

15-Government paid for Moosehead commercials featuring New-Brunswick attractions, but Mooshead only played them in NB!

16-Conservatives refuse to consider allowing beer and wine to be sold at convenience and grocery stores despite both Maine and Quebec allowing it.

17-Government program gives money to poor people so they can buy _new_ houses! _Family_ income must be under $30,000 to qualify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18-Provincial property tax reimbursed to resident home owners only. If you rent, you are out of luck. So at equal income, renters will pay more provincial tax than home owners!

19-Heating oil tax rebate (efficient furnaces and insulation fully taxed). Landlords/apartment dwellers don't get a cent!

20-Government paid abortions only available in Fredericton! Even people against abortions must realise this is inherently unfair.

Of course, ALL these issues would be fixed simply by moving to Quebec.

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