The Ipod itouch is amazing!

I suffered from buyer's remorce when I realized it didn't have a
camera. I was miffed that I could't use it downtown Moncton (the free
wifi was down).
Yes, the picture quality of the ipoded youtube puts the rest of the
Internet to shame.

I spend my entire day starring at a computer screen. Yet, when i get
home, i can surf on my itouch for hours!

If the itouch could play flash video, it would be perfect.

The itouch is so amazing can literally be a religious experience (i've
read parts of the bible on it).

The adapted Safari browser is without equal.

I feel I should have paid more for this device.


Anonymous said...

I wish you posted some pics of it :-)

But sounds cool. Thanks for reviewing it.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

My big worry is the tiny tiny harddrive.

8 or 16 G??? C'mon.

I've got about 22G of music, and about 3G of other stuff on my current iPod video.

I really wish there was a touch version that could handle that.

I'm sure there will be eventually, but what can I say? I'm impatient.

Altavistagoogle said...

I don't quite get the capacity obsession. Do you need to carry ALL your music on your person? Granted, my Digital Video Recorder gets full rather quickly (with TV programs I intend on watching, eventually), so I can understand the concept, I guess.

But you need a computer for the Ipod to be practicall, and if you return home everyday...

Anon, I hate to admit it, but I don't have a digital camera. So I'd have to take pictures, have them developped, then scan them.

Easier to have you go to youtube and search for itouch or use Google Images.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

It's true, I don't NEED to carry my whole music collection with me. Of course, I don't NEED chocolate either, but DAMN!

Anyway, I do find it convenient to take all my music with me everywhere I go, especially as I have a portable speaker system for my iPod, so it's great to take on vacation with portable speakers and know that I can listen to whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it, wherever I am (my speakers also have a built in charger). I also have a fair amount of pics on the iPod, and I'd love to carry around all my pictures, but it'd be too much (in addition to my music) even for my 30G. Also, I do like having a lot of videos podcasts on it (Who can live without "Mr. Deity"?) so I'd actually like MORE capacity so I could load the thing up with large numbers of videos too (and if we ever get T.V. shows through iTunes in Canada like the Americans get, I'd like to have that too!). I don't actually watch video much on the iPod directly (it's a great screen but it is small, and more importantly it really sucks up the battery power!!!) but I have an A/V connection for my iPod, so I can watch stuff on any T.V. from my iPod (and I also have a new DVD player at home with an iPod connection that lets me do everything I can do on my iPod right on my T.V./entertainment system, which is pretty cool!) You'd be amazed at how good a lot of quality podcasts (ABCNews, Mr. Deity, iTunes music videos) look when broadcast onto a widescreen T.V. from an iPod. You'd think you were watching regular T.V.

I also know a lot of people who also use their iPod as a storage device (like a very large capacity USB key) and so they like all the extra space for Word documents, Powerpoint Presentations etc... etc...

Anyway, I totally get your point about none of us NEEDING the extra capacity, but I have to say, if I had an iTouch, which has a better native screen and more capabilities (WiFi, Woohoo!) I just wouldn't be satisfied with less capacity. I'd want to put MORE on it than I have on my current iPod, not less. Sure, I'm spoiled, but I've learned to accept that!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't this thing have solid state storage (like flash memory) rather than a conventional hard drive? I thought it did; that's the biggest appeal of this and the ipod nano IMO. Hard drives with moving parts tend to break - I know three people (including myself) who had 5G Ipods, and they are ALL (after just over a year) broken now due to hard drive errors.

Altavistagoogle said...

Death to Spammers! Previous spam comment was removed. (it is no longer there, don't look for it).


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