MySpace may be worth $15 billion

MySpace may be worth $15 billion in a few years... or not so much. It is easy to be impressed with MySpace. The growth rate, the usage, the demographics. The question is why? Why are hot Sweedish girls spending so much time in July on MySpace? Why is MySpace so popular among young attractive women? (ugly women to, but this is a serious business analysis, keep up)

I've spent hundreds of hours on MySpace. I've learned that people now say "gay" instead of "lame" (neither is PC when you think about it). I've learned that girls seem to like filling out questionnaires. I've learned that Alanis Morisette is still popular among 20 year olds (how is that possible?). But I'm still not sure why attractive girls spend so much of their free time in front of their computers on MySpace.

I'm still not sure what the business model is. As far as I can tell, none of my MySpace friends have any money. Although one is getting married, but not to me :-( .

But it works, and since nobody can figure out why, it is harder to imitate. So yeah, hold your nose and buy shares of News Corp despite Fox News.

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Saskboy said...

If MySpace is worth $15B, I wonder how much my page on it is worth...

Altavistagoogle said...

15000 million devided by 43million active users = $349.

This is Hotmail and Geocities all over again. If I had money, I'd pour it into News Corp.


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