Did Brian Mulroney Commit Murder?

It is now pretty obvious that Brian Mulroney accepted at least $300,000 in kick backs from the Air Bus Affair (I'd like to hear Mulroney prove the contrary in libel court). But did he murder anybody? Before you write me off as certifiable, Steevie Cameron alludes to it in her excellent book, ON THE TAKE: CRIME, CORRUPTION AND GREED IN THE MULRONEY YEARS (1994).
Even if you delude yourself into thinking that Mulroney accepted at least 300 grand out of friendship, it is now proven that Mulroney didn't declare the money to Revenue Canada for years until it became obvious he was going to get caught.
If you can so blatantly cheat on your taxes (and most probably accept a kick back) the same year you resign from your job as Prime Minister, then what else did you do? I read somewhere that Mulroney asked his friends if they thought Mila would make a good prime minister's wife way befor he entered politics OR proposed to Mila. If he got maried as part of a master plan to become Prime Minster, what else did he do to gain and/or stay in power?

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