My living Liberal vote is for sale

This sarcastic post was inspired by Dead Liberals .

Dear Liberal leadership candidates,

I'm unemployed and, frankly, quite lazy. My hopes for a plum job were dashed with the election of the local Conservative candidate in the latest New Brunswick elections. And this blog is far less lucrative then expected (thanks for nothing Liblogs)!

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I don't really care who wins the Liberal leadership. We don't need the Prime Minister to be bilingual as our Governor General and the Queen can translate. With Google, anybody can understand Iggy's speeches. I've also heard that the new and improved Rae Days will include free tickets to Ontario Place.

I'm grateful Dion brought in the Clarity Act and delayed any concrete measures to meet our Kyoto obligations. After all, our obligations will be much clearer once Quebec votes "Oui" to "On se sépare tabarnaque!".

Therefor, my vote is for sale. I've read the fine print in the Liberal Charter, and as far as I can tell, this is totally cool as long as it promotes Canadian unity.

Please post your bids in the comment area. Many thanks. And don't forget, with the purchase of my vote you will be helping Canadian unity.

More at A2zit.

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