Four Lanes from Halifax to San Diego

As of last week, you can drive from Halifax to San Diego without ever crossing an intersection. Four plus lanes of controlled access the whole way. You will have to stop at the border and at a couple of tolls, and at immigration and fruit control points in California, but otherwise you can speed 110km/h ish the whole way.
Put it an other way, you can now drive from Halifax to Vancouver (via the USA) and not have to worry about oncoming traffic. Ditto for Halifax to Miami, Halifax to Mexico, Halifax to Toronto (via the USA).
Never has the human being able to travel between two points as far away without crossing an intersection (or worrying about oncoming traffic). This isn't exactly man on the moon, but still.
Don't you find in odd that you can drive from Halifax to Mexico on four lanes (two in each direction), but, in the Summer, you can't drive AT ALL to Canada's Arctic ocean! Worse, you can't drive AT ALL from Labrador's Atlantic coast to Ontario without taking long ferry trips (to be remedied when the now rich Province of Newfoudland and, ahem, Labrador gets its act together and completes the Trans Labrador Highway (supposedly some time in 2009)).
Also odd, you can't drive to South America. We can land on the freaking moon, but, thanks to the Darien Gap, we can't take a drive to see Hugo in Venezuela.

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