Gerard Kennedy and "la grande seduction"

The Gerard Kennedy campaign has clearly given up on seducing francophones. The "dans la medias" template error that I reported back on October 6th is back. Now a bilingual web site is a pain, no doubt about it. My posts in French have gone down dramatically, and I can't think of a logical justification.

But Gerard sixth-place-in-Quebec Kennedy is trying to win the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. Get your wife to proof read the web site for goodness sakes!

I checked the Gerard Kennedy web site because I was hoping there would now be "resources" in the French version. But no, nothing.

I have to say that the "I am Kennedyan" logo that we see on many blogs is quite clever. But unfortunately, it is also quite ironic. You see, the I Am Canadian marketing campaign, and indeed the " Canadian" brand of beer, do not exist in Quebec, not even in English. I'm told the beer is available in some dépanneurs on the West Island of Montreal, but that may be an urban legend.

But that's fine, not everything needs to be an exact translation. But come up with something in French! Think of the Kennedy supporters at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi (UQAC) who elected 3 delegates (27% of the 11 Kennedy delegates in Quebec). Surely they use the Internet. If they are brave enough to be members of a Liberal club on that sovereignist campus, surely they would be willing to show their Kennedy colours.

My other beef with the Kennedy campaign in French is the total lack of advertising. The Gerard Kennedy campaign is a regular advertiser on this blog. However, only in English. As far as I can tell, the Kennedy campaign does not have an Adsence campaign in French. Once again, marketing doesn't have to be an exact translation, but what are they doing in French?

http://www.gerardkennedy.ca , http://stephanedion.ca/ , http://www.michaelignatieff.ca/ , http://www.bobrae.ca/


Anonymous said...

Molson Canadian is available in Quebec. I live on the south shore of Montreal and I can find Molson Canadian at the grocery store.

It's not as popular as Molson Ex but you can still find it.

Anonymous said...

Kennedy's website is smarter than you are!

The first time you log on to the site and choose your language preference, the site remembers with a cookie. Those who choose the French site get French every time they log on, just like you get the English.

You're just grasping in desperation. At this point you have done more to turn people off Iggnatieff than off Kennedy.

Altavistagoogle said...

Thanks for that. Confirmed with FireFox. Post amended accordingly.

But how is criticising Gerard Kennedy putting people off Michael Ignatieff? That is a leap in logic I fail to grasp. That is like saying my criticism of Gerard Kennedy is putting people off Acadians or white people.


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