The no Fly list is the Answer to Global Warming

(warning, this post contains sarcasm).

Are you addicted to flying? I am. Lucky for me, poverty has nicked the habit in the short term. But what about when I get a better job. Will I be spending money that should go to retirement planning or furniture upgrades, on frivolous trips?

Just like compulsive gambler can put themselves on an exclusion list at casinos (must be a rather small list, as employee casino employees are supposed to remember your face), so to can compulsive flyers put themselves on the no-fly list.

This list is set up by CSIS and one can only assume is part of the federal government's global warming strategy (over the same distance, two people flying cause more carbon emissions than two people in an SUV).

So do the environment, and your budget, a favour. Put yourself on the no-fly list. To do so, write to CSIS or simply befriend one of the many Canadian terrorist organisations.

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