Let's auction off the immigration slots

New Zealand and Australians can work in each other's country. European
citizens can live and work almost anywhere in Europe. Norwegians (not
part of the EU) can work in the EU (and vice-versa).

Young Canadians (under 30) can work temporarily in the UK, France,
Australia, Sweden and Japan among others. Do they become a menace to
society at 31?

Maine has a labour shortage every summer. Florida has a labour shortage
every winter. Canada has plenty of students and seasonal workers (who
are native English speakers) who could easily fill the available positions.

Quebec, New Brunswick and French speaking parts of Ontario are
struggling with a demographic crisis.

NAFTA does provide for some mobility for North Americans. But I say not

It's all about freedom. Let them in. And let Canadians in to.

The point system is stupid. For countries with which we don't negotiate
a mobility agreement, I think we should auction off the available

We want to let in 250,000 people from non agreement countries. Fine.
Highest bidders get in. It is the fairest way.

For the applicants it would probably be cheaper than the current system
and much faster with less hassle. The proceeds would go to buy land to
make Indian reservations bigger.

The only losers would be the civil servants and the immigration judges.
But frankly, I can't imagine they enjoy their jobs.

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