Gerard Kennedy is Advertising on Blogs!

Gerard Kennedy's team is taking advantage of blogs to promote his Liberal leadership campaign. Formally, with cold hard cash (look at the automatically generated links around this posting (right and top).

I knew that informally there were plenty of Gerard Kennedy supporters jumping on anything criticising him: lack of French, lack of degree, national education standards. Any criticism at all will generate many comments from Gerard Kennedy supporters.

Some are coherent, others, not so much. The sheer quantity is impressive. I had to turn on comment moderation for the first time ever because some of the feedback was getting a little, shall we say, blue.

A good 50% of comments are direct attacks against me, Altavistagoogle. "You're not being fair", "You're clearly crazy", "You need medication", "You need to see a psychiatrist" and my favourite (comes up a lot), "You're playing into the hands of the Conservatives".

Some are a tad more creative: "You must of had a lonely childhood", "I will never support Iggy because of you", "You are ruining your reputation", "You are embarrassing yourself", "I'm in charge of 12 delegates and we have decided not to support Iggy because of you", "I'm telling Iggy", "You will never get help from Kennedy", "Canada is not a republic".

Many accuse me of lying or making stuff up. Especially after I wrote that Gerard Kennedy is a university dropout (which he is). If anything appears factually incorrect, I'll be happy to double check and post a correction. But accusing me of spreading lies isn't quite specific enough.

I can't imagine that this comment campaign is organised in any way. Most of the comments are way to juvenile (not that there is anything wrong with that). Clearly though, they are partly venting and partly trying to influence both me and the readers of this blog.

However, Gerard Kennedy Google advertisements on my own blog surprised me. I hope it is legit and not some enterprising supporter paying out of his pocket. There are so many good reasons not to vote for Gerard Kennedy, the last thing anybody needs is a mini-scandal.

Never occurred to me that criticising Gerard Kennedy could be lucrative (albeit just a couple of dollars per day) thanks to Gerard Kennedy supporters.

Maybe Gerard Kennedy really does care about the poor (in this case, Me)!

Just Say No to Gerard Kennedy


Anonymous said...

But why do 70% of Liberals not want Ignatieff to be their leader?

Is it his support for the war in Iraq? Or how about his refusal to ask for more debate on the Afghanistan mission- that one is coming back to haunt him now.

No wait, this is my favourite: Ignatieff stated that Kyoto targets cannot be met and yet, his Quebec campaign manager Pablo Rodriguez passed a private members bill making meeting the Kyoto targets mandatory.

Ah Yes, Ignatieff, rookie politician at its finest. No thanks.

Altavistagoogle said...

The above is a spam comment! Same one appears on an other post I made.

Anonymous said...

Surely, you are not bothered by some factual remarks on Mr. Ignatieff?

(Isn't your blog the definition of spam?? Ah yes, next you will post this as an example of how people are after you, the guy in the glass house that likes to throw stones.)

Anonymous said...

Kennedy has been internet advertising since the beginning of the campaign. It's really just another way he's used new and innovative methods to take the liberal party in a new and innovative direction.







Anonymous said...

how come all of the french videos on the liberal site are broken?

DivaRachel said...

When I am reading my email on gmail, I see google ads for GK.... and this has been going on for the past 4 mo.


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