Permanent Resident Admits on Blog to Voting Illegally in Ontario Election

Subtitle: is calling Canadians cheap in violation of Canada's hate law?

I had a good chuckle reading the comment section of one of L-girls' blog posts. She called Canadians cheap (I'm assuming she was referring to the English speaking variety) and, as predicted, there were a bunch of polite comments telling her she was nuts (she finally admits to having father issues).

But what is worth checking out, is the comments "removed by author". Based on the comment on the comment by L-Girl, we can guess that "Alex" admitted to voting in the provincial election, then realised he wasn't allowed to and retracted his comment.

If I didn't have to work tomorrow I'd use the wayback site to figure out who this Alex guy is... OK, turns out doing so only took me two minutes (but if I'm tired tomorrow it is all your fault). The mysterious Alex can sleep sound in knowing that the wayback machine has no records of the post.

However, speaking of immigrants committing illegal acts, I would submit that L-Girl violated Canada's Hate Law by stating that English (assumed) Canadians are cheap.

PS. L-Girls wouldn't know a Canadian if one smacked her across the face. You see, in the two years she has been blogging in Canada, the only part of Canada outside the GTA she has been to is the QEW to Buffalo. So really, she is calling Torontonians cheap. And with the rents those people are paying, I'd be cheap too.

Correction (2007-10-18): L-Girl has actually been East of Toronto. Extra points for doing so in the winter.


L-girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
L-girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Altavistagoogle said...

Not sure why L-Girl leaves comments and then deletes them...

From L-Girl:
"I guess you missed my trips to Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Windsor, and my upcoming trips to Halifax, Cape Breton, Vancouver and the Yukon. Oh well, I don't expect you to know what on earth you're talking about! But thanks for reading!"

"And PS people who live in Toronto are Canadian, too, you bigot."

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