Rogers Raises Rates 10 per cent!

Rogers Raises Rates 10% !
Raise your hand if will be getting a 10% raise March 1st. Will Rogers' non-unionised workers and "private contractors" get a 10% raise? I don't think so. This is all going to Ted Rogers who I guess figures he can milk the plebs.
Basic cable is going up 3.6% (to $28.49) way more than inflation. And yet that is a deal compared to the other prices going up.
Internet Ultra-Lite, which is plenty fast unless you need videos in real time, is skyrocketing from $24.49 to $26.95 for existing customers and $27.95 for new customers. That is a 12% price jump!
Are the higher cable and Internet fees going to be uses to subsidised the phone offering? You would think so, but Rogers is actually going to charge $1.45 more in "system access" fee for Rogers Home Phone service. That is a 34% increase!
The Movie Network (TMN) is not going up (with all the American content, I would have expected a cost decrease as a reward for our higher dollar).
Theme packages are staying the same price, but the "Customer Choice Package (pick 5 Channels)" is going up 10% to $10.95. Gluttons are rewarded with no increase: Pick All Specialty Channels stays at $41.95.
These increases are inexplicable and completely unjustified. I think it is time for the CRTC to reinstate price controls.
In the mean time, I suggest Star Choice (Basic package is only $20!) or moving to Videotron territory (Quebec) .

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