I'm Stuck in Blogging Tories and I Can't Get Out

How well are the blog rolls maintained? I requested "La république canadienne" (this blog) be removed from Blogging Tories a few days ago, but it is still there. Liblogs has quite a few " parasites" that don't link back to Liblogs. How hard is it for the administrator to delete them?

Going through the Liblogs the other day for my wall of shame was one of the more tedious things I've done in a long time. So I can understand that blog roll administrators would have better things to do. I was going to make a parasite list of Blogging Tories, but I gave up after a dozen visits.

Unlike Progressive Bloggers and Liblogs, having the Java script generated list is mandatory with Blogging Tories. Still, I found one obvious exception: Garth Turner. I figure about 10 to 20% of Blogging Tories are parasites that don't have the member list.

http://onplanetearth2.blogspot.com/ has a cool list of the Progressive Bloggers that were modified in the last 12 hours. Freshness is clearly one of the main marks of quality of a blog.

Nobody is forcing you to belong to an automatically generated blog roll. You had to have the list/link to join, keep it to stay a member. If you don't want to be a member, send the administrator an e-mail. Otherwise, you are a scum of the earth parasite just like those people who double park or who cheat on their taxes.

And blog roll administrators, keep up the (good?) work. We appreciate it.

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