Canada Needs More Jews and Muslims (My Al Goresque contribution to peace)

While I was wasting my life working in a call centre, Al Gore wins the Nobel peace prize for a slide show presentation. So here is my contribution to peace. Please forward a link to the Nobel committee.
The September issues of "This Magazine" and "Adbusters" both basically advocate an end of Israel.
The United Church et. al. advocate an embargo of Israel. I find that rather troubling, considering an effective embargo of Israel would lead to starving children.  But who am I to judge the wisdom to Canada's largest Church (in defence of the United Church of Canada, I believe it was only the Ontario branch that advocated the embargo)?
In the Canadian context, Israel makes no sense. In Canada, we are all, without exception, religious minorities. However, there are plenty of countries with "official" religions. Many are Muslim nations. One is Jewish. The United Church has none, so you could certainly forgive its members from being a tad jealous.
You could argue that Canada is a mostly Christian nation, and you would be right. But as any Canadian knows, and to paraphrase Bart Simpson, we tend to focus on the stupid differences rather than the stupid similarities.
In fact, you could argue that Aboriginal and immigrant religions have saved Canada from going Spanish Inquisition Northern Irish crazy and start murdering people on the wrong side of the Christian faith.
So I say Canada needs more non-Christians. More importantly, it would be a positive contribution to solving the middle east issues surrounding Jewish immigration to Palestine. Instead of advocating an end of Israel, or other religious nations, why not advocate Canada as an alternative. Full page ads in the Jerusalim Post saying "Be Jewish, be Canadian". Or, on AlJazera, "Closed captioning brought to you by Canada: Canada, be Muslim, be Canadian".
I would strongly recommend, however, making mastering English and/or French a prerequisite to admission to Canada before accepting thousands of Middle Easterners. Lets be practical, tolerance has its limits (I was asked today by a customer if anybody in my call centre spoke Russian, -Niet!).

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