Two Tuner PVR finally coming to New Brunswick

When I moved to New Brunswick a couple of years ago, I was shocked to find out that Rogers in New Brunswick was still using the single tuner Personal Video Recorder (aka Tivo like Digital Video Recorder). So you can't watch one program while recording an other (like you would with a VCR).

Since moving to New Brunswick, have a uni-tuner PVR. Contrary to a VCR, you can watch a recorded program while recording an other. You can also pause live TV. But I was used to Ontario where Rogers uses Scientific Atlanta's two tuner model PVR. Two tuners is way better because, like a VCR, you can watch a live program while recording an other. You can also record two programs while watching a pre-recorded program. You can also watch one live station and have an other in picture-in-picture.

Anyway, I felt like crying when I found out the bad news about New Brunswick. If I wasn't living in an apartment, I would have opted for Express Vu who offer said two tuner digital video recorder.

Rogers is using the single tuner model because of legacy Shaw equipment at the head end (Shaw and Rogers swapped some territories a few years ago). The Shaw equipment was Motorola. Motorola does have a two tuner model, but Rogers has been dragging it's feet.

According to my source, the two tuner model is being tested in New Brunswick as of today. I don't know any other details.

Perhaps more soon at the excellent digitalhome.ca

Pay All Your Taxes, or Else!

If you cheat on your taxes this year, don't tell me. I'm telling the Canadian Revenu Agency. Why? Because not paying your taxes is like stealing, stealing from ME!!!!!

So if you cheat on your taxes this year, don't tell me. Let the guilt grind your sole.

By the way, in my experience as a civil servant enforcing rules, people who get cought tell on everybody else. The best way not to get cought is not to tell anybody.

Everybody Touch the iPod touch

I've been afflicted with a bad case of Apple evangelism. I want everybody to get an Apple iPod touch. It is completely irrational. If there was a charity dropping theme from planes over Africa, I'd be contributing to it.

I'm still not sure most people want (or need) the World Wide Web away from their home and work computers, however. And indeed, the mobile World Wide Web is the main reason to get an iPod touch. An even then, it will only be as mobile as your local Wifi networks. And no Flash player capability.

Still, the ability to purchase music from the throne (mobile itunes store) is the killer application that people should try (granted, you could do that with a laptop as well).

Any way, the following commercial doesn't feature a toilet...

Note the possible confusion: you only need one iPod touch to do ALL those things.

Finalement, un clavier Canadien-francais sur l'iPod touch grace a la mis a jour 1.1.4

(Click here for English)

160 méga octets plus tard, je peux maintenant utiliser un clavier Canadien-français sur mon iPod touch (merci à Circa CFD). Donc plus de "space" ou de "return" offensant (les accents, comme avant, ce font en pesant pour une seconde une lettre et en glissant sur l'accent approprié).

Avis à ceux qui croient que cette correction indique que le iPhone s'en vient au Canada très bientôt. Une source sûre ma indiqué que ce n'est pas le cas.

Il y a certainement quelque chose de plus que les mots "espace" et "entrée" dans cette mis-à-jour de 160Mo. Mais quoi? Sûrement une annonce à ce sujet bientôt. Attendez-vous à sortir votre carte de crédit (comme ce fut le cas pour la mise-à-niveau 1.1.3).

Thanks to Firmware update 1.1.4, iPod touch and Iphone now have French Canadian Keybords

A 160 MB later, I now have a French Canadian keyboard. This means I have a North American Qwerty keyboard (the French use the Azerty key format) with "entré" instead of "return". (Hat tip to De l'update 1.1.4… (in French)). I also have "espace" instead of "space".

The French Canadian keyboard is otherwise identical to the American and British Qwerty keyboards. With all three keyboards on the iPhone or iPod touch, to make an accent, you hold the key down and then scroll over. With a computer keyboard, the French-Canadian version (which you can add in Windows) is vitall as otherwise making an accent requires pressing a series of keys (such as alt130 for the accent aigu "é").

So the "space" and "return" on the keyboards used by French-Canadians was a bug. Pat on the back for Apple for fixing this bug less than 5 months after the release of the iPod touch in Canada (how many years did it take to resolve on the Apple II?).

Was it a 160 MB bug? No. What else was included with the update? Nobody knows. No other "features" as far as I can tell. My last 160MB update (1.1.3) was a letdown as well. Almost nothing changed with that one untill I unlocked the features with the $20 upgrade fee. I suspect iPod touch users will be expected to fork over more money this week when Apple announces the new "exciting business applications" next week.


You Can Not Use Light Rail in Self Defence

Natalie Pasqua was sentenced to life in prison for pushing a teenager in front of a light rail train in Calgary. 'What a horrible women, she got what she deserved' was my first impression.
But wait, the "victim" had first pushed Pasqua on to the tracks. She managed to climb on to the platform and return the favor. The 17 year old man, who was drunk and high on cocaine, didn't manage to get back onto the platform and was run over by the not so light train.
If someone pushes me onto the busy train tracks of a major city's public transportation system, I'm not going to climb back up and calmly walk to the nearest phone to call police. I'm killing the guy. In self defence I would have assumed. But I guess not.
Basically, this sentence is crazy.
In other news, you can hear an audio version (and/or podcast) of this blog at


Google Maps Street View is Amazing

View Larger Map

Street View is the coolest thing since the iPhone. Just when you thought the idea of virtual reality was a fad that would never materialize, Google presents one of coolest features on the Internet: the ability to view streets from a vehicle's perspective.

You can't travel through Europe just yet. But if you were afraid of venturing into the ghettos of New York City, now is your chance.


Youtube loves the Ipod touch and iphone (so does RIM Blackberry)

iPhone, but no Flash.

iPhone, that's what she said.

Steve Ballmer would prefer you get a Zune

Time for a political iBreak

I've had mine for 5 months, not a scratch

Oprah for VP. Eight Vice Presidents Have Succeeded Presidents Who Died in Office

According to the New York Times, eight vice presidents have succeeded presidents who died in office . As I mused previously, Obama should chose a female black running mate in case all those years of smoking, or a bullet, catch up to him.
But who should it be? The Kansas City Star thinks that Oprah as VP would be a joke. Oprah would be change. A white Senator, not so much. Oprah, Oprah, Oprah!
Alternatively, a Native-American would be a good choice (but wouldn't be the first, Chales Curtis got there first). Alternatively, Jimmy Smits would be a good choice (Yes, I realise that the West Wing is a work of fiction, but tell me the 2004-2005 season of the West Wing didn't have anything to do with Obama's current success...).
Others on the subject of Vice-President Oprah (aka Opra):
Vice-Presidents who attained the presidency by death of the President:
-John Tyler (1841)

Senator John McCain Cheated on his Wife, Divorced her and Still Got her Support !

Yet although Mr. McCain's children and some friends were angry and disappointed with him at the time, they rally around him today. No candidate could be luckier in his choice of an ex-wife than Senator McCain, and he must be the only politician around who could cheat on his wife and divorce her and still get her support and her campaign contributions today. Even her friends rave about him. (P.O.W. to power broker, a Chapter Most Telling)
When John Mccain was 42 he cheated on his wife, mother of his three children, with a 25 year old rich girl. He later married the 25 year old rich girl (still his wife today).
So here is a recap: John McCain is an adulterer (although adultery is (was?) legal in Hawaii, where he met is mistress (now his wife);
Mr. 10 commandments Mike Huckabee received thousands of dollars of gifts from constituents; Barak Obama bought a house in Chicaco in a dubious land deal and the father of two was, until recently, a smoker .
Hilary Clinton was the victim of adultery, but as far as I know, on the moral compass, she is pretty clean (Peter Paul and Whitewater notwithstanding).


A guy I know downloads illegal movies, will Crime Stoppers give me a reward?

I know 3 or 4 people who I don't particularly like who admit to downloading unpurchased movies on to their computers. Will Crime Stoppers give me money if I tell on them? Probably not, but if the movie studios were smart they would set up a hotline.
I don't quite get the moral logic behind people who download software, movies and music without paying for it. Stealing is stealing and it is wrong. If artists want to let you download their stuff free of charge, that is their prerogative. Otherwise, take out that credit card or do without.

I like Haper and Chavez. Obama Will be the next President of the United States

Ever overhear your colleagues talk about something they are clueless about, say politics?

Anyway, I have, and this is an actual quote from someone who is quite smart when he knows what he is talking about:

"I like Harper and Hugo Chavez."

So at the risk of sounding equally clueless, here is my bold perdiction: Non-smoker Christian Barak Obama will be elected as the next president of the United States. It won't even be close. The man will win in a landslide.

7PM Atlantic Time, February 22nd, 2008, Altavistagoogle is predicting Barak Obama will be elected the next president of the United States. Feel free to quote me.

If the firmness of the bold perdiction isn't enough to convince you, here are the justifications.

1.Youtube: Obama has way more convincing clips on Youtube. Watch "Yes we can" and try not to vote for him. I dare you.
2. Obama is from Hawaii. Nobody remembers where McCain is from because he is too old.
3. The chances of Bill Clinton getting an other you know what in the Oval Office are nil if Obama wins. People like that.
4. As a black man raised by whites, Barak Obama appeals to xenophobes as well as to the tolerant.
5. Please, no more Vietnam stories.

iPhone not coming to Canada any time soon :-(

iPhone not coming to Canada any time soon (wasn't sure about how to spell "coming", so I Googled the term and clicked on "images", an Iphone was the 7th picture! However, no iphone with the alternate spelling...).

According to my source who should know, the Iphone is not coming to Canada any time soon. Granted, he could be lying, but I doubt it.

In the interim, here is the solution: take iPod touch, duck tape a small phone to it, add a camera (use Velcro) and voila! You have a perfectly usable iPhone (assuming you live and work dowtown Moncton or Fredericton (for the free Wifi), or never leave your home (for your wireless home network)).

Here is an amusing visitor statistic:

Domain Nameblackberry.net ? (Network)
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The guy in this Newsworld clip (November 2007) is not my source.

The yellow kermit is not my source either.


Serbia now has same population as Quebec. New and improved Kosovo now 142nd most populous country in the World.

If you can't place Kosovo on the map, don't worry, there are 141 or so more populous countries to place on it. The 2 to 2.99 million club that Kosovo now belongs to is composed of unimportant countries that never affect us in any way. They include: Macedonia, Lesoto, Slovenia, Nambia, Latvia, Oman, Montgolia, Jamaica and Kuwait. How embarrassing for Serbia, without Kosovo, their country now has a similar ranking (94th) to Switzerland or, gasp, an independent Quebec.
Canada is number 36 on the list. You might want to check your globe for Tanzania (31) and Kenya (34). Did you know that there are 44 million people in Colombia (number 29)?
Canada should definitely fight to keep Quebec (unlike those Serbian quitters), without the province, Canada's ranking would fall to 45th most populous, right after... Afghanistan!
Interestingly, the new leaner Serbia (now with 95% fewer Albanians) is not even half way on the population ranking. There are about 100 completely independent countries that have fewer people than Serbia.
So it is hard not to laugh at people who think an independent Quebec would be unsustainable and way to small to be a country. Switzerland, Israel, Denmark (they own Greenland), Finland, Norway, Croatia, United Arab Emirates (where Dubai is), Ireland, New Zealand, Slovenia and Iceland all have fewer people.
And how many minutes will it take before Canada recognises Kosovo and by default a Serbia of 7.5 million people (same population as Quebec)?

Brand New cars for 10 Grand!

Check your calender. Yes, it is 2008. And yet you can get a brand new car for 10 grand! Hat tip to Redflagdeals. Unfortunatly, some dealers are charging $1100 extra for delivery. Still, as the Hyundai website says the normal starting price is $13,600...
Hyundai Canada introduces Quebec-only Accent
    MARKHAM, ON, Feb. 11 /CNW/ - In celebration of its 25th anniversary,
Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. is offering savings of $3,600 to Quebecers on all
models of its highly popular small car, the Hyundai Accent. For a limited
time, both hatchback and sedan models will start at $9,995 beginning Monday,
February 11, 2008.
    "It is our Silver Anniversary and we wanted to give something back to our
customers," said John Vernile, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Hyundai
Auto Canada Corp. "We recognize that Quebec is one of our most-important
markets, and it is a small-car market. What better way to celebrate than to
offer a special discount for Quebec?"
    The special edition Accent will have unique badging commemorating the
company's 25th anniversary.
    Hyundai Auto Canada, established in 1983 and headquartered in Markham
Ontario, is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea. Hyundai vehicles
are distributed throughout Canada by Hyundai Auto Canada and are sold and
serviced through more than 165 dealerships nationwide.

iAno: Play the Piano on your iPhone or iPod touch

If you have an iPod touch, you will hear the music via your earphones only. That might be a good thing


Liberal MP defecting to Bloc Québécois

Firefox Using Liberal MP defecting to Bloc Québécois.
Well, the fact that this visitor is Liberal and an MP (could be the janitor) is pure speculation on my part.
Domain Name   gc.ca ? (Canada)
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ISP   Canadian House of Commons
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The NDP Should Win the Next Federal Elections

Maybe you are an NDPer and didn't know it?
Here is a questionnaire to help you out:
War costs money. Lots and lots of money.
-If you are in favour of higher taxes to pay for foreign wars: vote Conservative.
-If you are in favour of slightly higher taxes to pay for foreign wars: vote Liberal
-If you want to save tax money by not paying for pointless foreign wars: vote NDP.
-If you are in favourof of fuel efficient tanks for the war in Afghanistan: vote Green Party.
The Military
-The military should be well equipped but we should send soldiers over-sees so they don't get bored and ask for more money: Vote Conservative.
-Our brave soldiers are willing to get into whatever equipment we give them, with or without bullets, to keep the peace on the four corners of the world, but mostly in Afghanistan: Vote Liberal.
-Canada should have a well equipped, well paid military here in Canada, defending Canada: Vote NDP.
-We should encourage our military in Afghanistan to vacation in nearby Pakistan or Iran: Vote Green Party.
-Rich people should be financially encouraged to buy big houses as it gives jobs to construction workers: Vote Conservative.
-Every Canadian should aspire to live in a house and the federal government should financially encourage people who can already afford them. Higher housing prices are good for elderly home owners: Vote Liberal.
-The federal government should not financially encourage single detached dwellings, buy one if you want one and can afford it : Vote NDP.
-The federal government should subsidise alternative energy so commuters can put solar panels and wind mills on their country homes: Vote Green Party.
Free trade
-There are winners and losers when it comes to free trade. Try to be a winner. Good luck and vote Conservative.
-Everybody wins with free trade. That is why corporate wellfare and trade agreements with rich nations are important. Vote Liberal.
-Free trade should be world wide, without regional distortions. Workers who are affected by free trade should be compensated. Vote NDP.
-Everybody shoud grow their own food, except in winter. If Pol Pot wasn't a psycho his plan would have worked. Vote Green Party.
The Environment
-The environment is important. The poor will soon be using florescent light bulbs. The rest of us can drive our SUVs guilt free. Vote Conservative.
-Put carbon filters on smoke stacks. Vote Liberal.
-We need a holistic approach to the environment. No point in encouraging wood stoves if asthma goes up. Stop financially encouraging single detached dwellings (urban sprawl). End corporate welfare. Support Via Rail. Vote NDP.
-We need to impose a carbon tax to lower the income taxes of the rich who create jobs for the rest of us.Vote Green Party.
-They love Tim Hortens over there. Soon we will open a Harveys and the pacifying will be complete. Vote Conservative.
-We aren't exactly sure why we are there, but we should fight, peacefully, until we figure it out. Vote Liberal.
-Ossama Bin Laden and Al Queda. They attacked the United States. As NATO members, we should defend our partners against both. The war in Afghanistan is no longer doing that. Vote NDP.
-The transport planes we are buying to transport our tanks to the other side of the world should be fuel efficient. We should also plant a bunch of poppy seeds to compensate for the release of carbon. Vote Green Party.


Donair pizza with a side order of poutine

The poutine you find in Moncton is the Quebec version: French fries
and cheese kurds. Donair is an adapted
Turkish/Greek/Lebanese/Turkish-German dish kind of like a gyros or
kebab. Really, it is a gloriefied meet loaf. And you can forget the
lamb or mutton you find in other regions, here in Moncton, we prefer
beef and/or pork. Donair is nowhere near as popular in Moncton as in
Halifax, so in these parts, you will find the "meet" on pizza. With a
side order of poutine please.

When you add to the mix the fish and chip joints, you have and
incredibly unique mix of fast food places in Moncton: Donair, taco,
sub, burger, fish stcks, poutine, fried chicken, wraps. All this with
an ethnic population of about zero. Go figure.


Conservatives to Senate: 118 year old law has to chage right now, or else

The age of consent has been 14 for 118 years. Think about that: 118 years. Before that is was 12. As far as I know, not a single study has been produced, by anybody, anywhere, showing that raising the age of consent had any impact whatsoever. Obviously going back to the 1890s to study the two year raising might be difficult. However, there are plenty of countries that have changed their laws more recently....
When you ban making love, you better be sure of what you are doing. Because even anecdotadly, I haven't heard anybody complain about their consensual relations at such a young age (although Meg Ryan has gone on record saying she wouldn't want her daughter to be active as young as she was).
The police want the age of consent, in the Criminal code,  raised to 16.
WHEREAS raising the age of consent from 14 years could assist in the prosecution of
adults who buy sex from young people because it would permit a prosecution for sexual
assault without the necessity of proof that there was payment of money or other
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Canadian Association of Police Boards
urge the Federal Government to amend the Criminal Code of Canada to raise the age
of consent to sexual activity from 14 years to 16 years for those offences enumerated in
s. 150.1.
WHEREAS raising the age of consent from 14 years could assist in the prosecution of adults who buy se* from young people because it would permit a prosecution for se*ual assault without the necessity of proof that there was payment of money or other consideration;THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Canadian Association of Police Boards urge the Federal Government to amend the Criminal Code of Canada to raise the ageof consent to se*ual activity from 14 years to 16 years for those offences enumerated ins. 150.1.
How on earth are the police going to prove that there was se*ual activity if they can't prove there was exchange of money. I mean think about it. Are they going to take DNA samples from the sheets of motel rooms? Changing the law wouldn't make it easier, at all, for police to arrest johns.

Keep Your Daugthers Lockep Up, Canadian Age of Consent Still 14 thanks to Senate

The Senate hasn't passed the crime bill yet and that bugs the Conservatives. One of the items in the crime bill is raising the age of consent from 14 to 16 with a five year provision* allowing 14 year olds to give consent to 19 year olds. If you are 20, you will have to be content with 15 and up. 21, you can only go as young as 16, same as the rest of us.
*(I think, after reading the bill, I'm no longer sure of the part in italic)
So how many people over 20 are having consensual relations with 14 year olds? Can't be that many. Consensual being the key word. You can't even use alcohol or money or be in any position of authority.
Raising the age of consent may feel good, but what will it accomplish? It will make having relations with a 14 year old the same crime as having relations with a 11 year old. Shouldn't there be a legal difference, with significantly different punishments?
On the world stage, 14 is definitely on the young side. In many Spanish speaking countries, however, it is 12 (as it used to be in Canada until 1890) and it is 13 in neighboring Japan and Spain, 14 in Iceland, 15 in canoe reachable France (Miquelon) and Denmark (Greenland). In the USA, it is often higher: In some US states, the age of consent is 18, with no provisions for 18 and 17 year old couples!
I say, if it ain't broke, why fix it. Clearly, a few teenagers are having, and will continue to have, consensual relations with adults. Are there studies out there showing these teens have been traumatised or negatively affected in any way? I remember being 14, there arn't to many 20 year old women I would have said no to... And I hate to shock people, but if I met a girl in a bar, reasonably thought she was in her late teens or early 20s, brought her home and she says yes, I'm half drunk and she is half undressed,  a "by the way I'm turning 16 next tuesday" isn't going to stop us.
I don't know about you, but I'm fundamentally againts laws I could easely be seduced into breaking... So were others.
And logically, if a 15-20 couple is OK, why would a 15-21 couple be a seriour crime?  
By the way, I can usually tell a 13 year old from a 18 year old. But, let's face it, at least 50% of 15.5 year olds could pass for much older. I'm not really worried about about accedently being seduced by someone underage, but I am woried about locking up Romeos.
More to the point, what has changed? Why do we feel the need to raise the age of consent every 100 years or so? Is puberty happening later? Have May-December romances become so sociably acceptable, that we need a law to stop them?
  A. In Support of the Status Quo

Perhaps the strongest policy argument against raising the age of consent from 14 to 16 is that it would place unprecedented limits on the sexual freedom of young persons. Hence, proponents of such a change may be challenged to provide empirical evidence demonstrating that adolescents under 16 are being sexually exploited or, alternatively, that the incidence of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases among that age group calls for an expansion of the existing prohibitions. It must be noted that simply raising the age of consent to 16 would criminalize sexual activity between adolescents that is now legal. Because the modern sexual assault provisions of the Criminal Code no longer depend upon proof of intercourse, such an amendment could allow a 16-year-old to be prosecuted for virtually any sexual contact with a 15-year-old boyfriend or girlfriend.

Canadian Youth, Sexual Health and AIDS Study (says average age for first intercourse is 14.1)

Google age of consent for more information on the subject.


If the iPod touch can be a tool, so can you: 20 Dollar iPod touch Upgrade is Totally Worth it

Alternative title: Ipod touch with Mail. Best Product Ever, Now More So.
Mail software in iPod touch upgrade is a winner.
As regular readers know, I'm a huge fan of the Ipod touch (aka, itouch and phoneless iPhone). The $20 software upgrade, to my surprise, is totally worth it.
Here is why: you can now store and view files offline (.doc Word, .xls Excel and .pdf Acrobat). Offline is the key word here as Gmail would let you do it while connected. But Wi-Fi is hardly ubiquitous. So before the upgrade, it was impossible to view files while offline with the iPod touch. Now you can e-mail them to yourself, download your e-mail while connected, walk out of range and open and read files offline later. As many email providers such as Gmail allow emails of 20MB, this allows sufficient flexibility.
The e-mail program also surprises by making swapping from one account (online, POP or Exchange) to an other incredibly easy.
Be warned
Now you can't edit these documents. And forget about Power Point and even .rtf Rich Text Format. Only .doc, .xls and .pdf will work. Emails in HTML work as well. So you can read all that picture rich spam when you are on the elevator (I doubt anybody else sends their email in html, but I could be wrong). Also, setting up a Hotmail account is nowhere as easy as Gmail, Yahoo or AOL.
Flash, not that quick
Interestingly, accessing the saved files on the flash memory of the iPod touch is slower than Gmail via Wi-Fi.
The other features of the upgrade include a weather widget and a stock market widget. Both are cool, but the whole point of the touch is to access the World Wide Web in html, as God intended. So those widgets are almost sacrilegious. But they do work quite well and heretics will like them.
You can also add web page shortcuts to your front page and have more than one front page. Some people may like this feature.
Google Maps
Map pages, such as Yahoo, worked quite well with the Wi-Fi iPod touch. Now Google Maps does as well and you can zoom by pinching. Of dubious value if you ask me as you are unlikely to get lost in a neighborhood with free Wi-Fi. But if you are downtown Fredericton...
I've yet to experiment the viewing of song lyrics, but apparently that is a feature that already existed on other iPods.
Best multitasking tool/entertainment device
No product out there is as portable (easily fits in a tight jeens pocket), complete (full html World Wide Web (but no Shockwave or Adobe Flash) , email, video, pictures, mp3, Youtube, mobile iTunes, easy podcast updates and iTunes synching) on as large a screen (3.5 inches), as the $300 iPod touch.  
If the iPod touch can be a tool, so can you
Macworld blames strict accounting rules for Apple charging $20 for the software upgrade (as if), but early adopters like myself (the upgrade is included on iPod touchs sold in 2008) will definitely want to fork over a $20 bill for the ability to view files ofline. The iPod touch definitely becomes more of a business tool with offline email reading and writing capacity. Reading off a 3.5 inch screen isn't ideal (although you can turn it to view in landscape, pinch to zoom), but the incredible portability of the tool (yes, I said tool) compensates greatly.
The Archos 605 Wifi (4.3 inch screen) is an alternative product (parts are sold separately!) but with the Archos, you can not read email, Word or Excel files offline (but you can read .pdf). An other alternative, The HTC Touch is smaller at 2.5 inches (and more expensive, but it is a phone).
Needless to add, but the iPhone is also an alternative to the iPod touch if you live in one of the few countries where it is available. However, when you factor in the required cell (aka wireless or mobile) service contrat, the iPhone is about twice as expensive as the iPod touch.


White People Like Obama

White People Like Obama.
Maine has a population of around 1.2 million. 9500 or so are black. That is 0.7% of the population. Maine, like other states, has two senators. Both are Republican. Maine has two congressman, both are Democrat.
Maine Democrats have chosen Barack Obama. 57% of the votes in the Maine caucuses (meetings) went to Obama. Republicans held theirs last week and chose Mit Romney.
In the Democratic party, the delegates, whether chosen in caucus (meetings) or primary (voting booth) are divided proportionally and not winner take all like in the general election. In the Republican party, most states, but not all, have a winner take all delegate count.
There are 50 states and 50 different ways of choosing delegates. Florida and Michigan wont get to chose any delegates because held there elections in January and the Democratic party had warned them not to.

Condoleezza Rice for Vice-President of the United-States

Turning a page
These are historic times. The Democratic candidate for President of the United States will be black or a women. But what if the Republican candidate, John McCain, wins? What a missed opportunity.
So I say McCain should chose Condoleezza Rice as a vice-presidential running mate.
There are many reasons other than sex or colour why Obama should be president. Ditto for Clinton. That said...
First Black President of the United-States of America.
Barack Obama is only black in colour. He was raised by his white mother and his Indonesian step father. After the age of two, he only met his late Kenyan father once. Before moving to Indonesia, he lived in Hawaii. After living in Indonesia until the age of ten, he returned to live with his maternal grand-parents in Hawaii. There are plenty of non-whites in Hawaii and Indonesia, but nobody would argue they are many blacks.
As an adult, he certainly was exposed to African-American culture in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago (home to 1.1 million blacks).
So Barack Obama is black in colour only. Although you coud argue he has had enought exposure, as an adult, for that culture to rub off. By the way, Obama is the only black Senator (there are two per state: 100). That said, racial discrimination againts blacks in the United-States wasn't because of their music or their ability to dance, the discrimination was race, colour of skin. And this discrimination included slavery, voting rights, sitting on the bus, using the bathroom... A black man couldn't use a white only bathroom in some parts of the USA in 1968. 40 years later a black man has a good chance of becoming president.
First women president of the United-States of America
Hillary Clinton is obviously a women and it would be hard to argue otherwise. You could consider her a modern feminist. She hasn't had to violently fight in the streets for women rights, but she has used those rights to become a lawyer, a senator and now trying to be the first female president of the United-States of America. 19th Amendment (1920): no law may restrict any sex from voting. Less than 90 years later, a women might finally become President of the United-States.
The first in the World: not so much.
Now there are plenty of racial minorities who have become leaders around the world. Ditto for women. But the United-States is a gigantic country. A world on to itself. And in that world, having a black president of female president is a big thing.
John McCain
John McCain is immensely popular. He is a centre-right candidate who would probably shut down the Guantanamo prison camp in a heartbeat. He isn't a fan of torture either. In a sense, the major errors of the Bush administration never would have happened under John McCain's leadership. I say it would be a good strategy to ask Condoleeza Rice to be his running mate. Could condoleeza Rice be President of the United-States if McCain kicked the bucket: yes. Rice is black, was raised by blacks in a black community. She is also a women. Her assention to power symbolises that the United-States is turning the page on its racist and sexist past. She would be a competend vice-president. Perhaps even more so as president (John McCain is 71).
A black vice-president
If Hillary Clinton is chosen a the Democratic nominee, she obviously will chose Barack Obama as her running mate. If Obama is chosen as the Democratic nominee, for security reasons, he should chose a black running mate. And why not, one that is female. If Obama choses a white anglo-saxon as running mate, even if he wins, Obama would be a stroke (or bullet) away from the USA returning to the status quo (Brack Obama, 47, was a smoker untill a few months ago...).
John McCain smoked untill he was 43... Half of smokers will enventually die because of smoking.


Ban Dogs From Canada

I'm not suggesting it, but what would happen if there was a scenario where, as a democratic society, we had to ban dogs?
Here are some outrageous scenarios:
-Dogs cause disease in humans (a bird flue for dogs)
-We become radical environmentalists
-There is some sort of food shortage and people get a tad jealous
Perhaps less outrageous, but just as traumatic, what if we told people on welfare they can't collect if they have pets. In New Brunswick, it is impossible to survive on the $270 a month benefit, with or without a pet. But say there is a province in Canada that does give enough to eat and pay the rent, and we decide to give them less, because a pet is a luxury society is unwilling to pay for.
What would happen? I think it would make for an interesting story/movie of the week. Fahrenheit 451, the pet version.
Here are some dog/pet blogs: Pet Blogs // BlogCatalog
Dog bans, real and imagined:

Clever Domain Names are now Worthless

Clever universal resource locators (URL) are now worthless. Brought to you by Internet Explorer 7.
Alternative titles: Microsoft's gift to Google. Or Tim Berners-Lee's mistake finally corrected.
You'd think Internet users would know how to type an address to pull up a web page. But you would be wrong. After helping thousands of customers, as far as I can tell, the vast majority of Internet users NEVER type a web site address. Never! They Google it, Yahoo it, American Online it or Microsoft Network it but they don't URL it.
Remember the days when you actually had to type http:// , and the joy when you discovered you didn't have to anymore? Then you realised that most sites (but not all) will work without the www.
Well, join the masses, forget the address bar! Want to go to your online banking site, just type the acronym in your search engine . Go ahead, try it: td, cibc, bnc, caisse, bmo, scotia...  They all work (the full names also work). In fact, because some malicious programs can change your favorites (bookmarks), security experts at those banks recommend you access the banks via a search engine. Typing addresses will lead to typos and ending up at the wrong place. But search engines rarely bring up malicious sites among the first suggestions.
Now I'm not saying you shouldn't put the name of your organisation in your domain name. I'm just saying you don't need to worry about it. For example, there would be zero point for me to register altavistagoogle.ca, altavistagoogle.com, altavistagoogle.tv or altavistagoogle.org because people who want to read my blog simply search for altavistagoogle. If fact, that is the way I get to my own blog!  Having the search word in the domain name does help with the ranking, but you clearly no longer need to worry about the suffix .com anymore.
I enjoy reading We moved to Canada, a blog about an American from rural New England who ends up in Mississauga via New York. Getting to her blog is a bit of a hassle as I can never remember the address. So I usually get to it by clicking on the link on my links page. But I just discovered I could get there even faster by typing "we moved to canada". Quotes unnecessary. And that even isn't quite the name of her blog. Close enough, Google knows what I want (for you Microsoft shareholders out there, don't worry, Yahoo works to).
Tim Berners-Lee (if the Internet was God, Berners-Lee would be Jesus) once said that his only regret about inventing the World Wide Web (not the Internet, that was Al Gore*) was http:// Problem solved. Granted it took 19 years and a couple of 200 billion dollar companies, but a solution is a solution.
*Al Gore created the Internet:
During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country's economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system.
Gore was responding to the question: What do you have to bring to this that he (Bill Bradley) doesn't necessarily bring to this process?
Incidentally, Bill Bradley took the initiative in creating basketball. Thankfully, he never bragged about it during a CNN interview. I helped create blogging. I also created Geocities as I was one of the first members, I was also an early adopter of hotmail and typed akebono, many times, as part of Yahoo!'s url. So I feel a tad responsible for the new multi billion dollar conglomerate about to be created. Unfortunately, just like the Governor of California and the Governor of Michigan, I'm constitutionally barred from running for President of the United Stated as I was born in Canada (I'm also to young and don't meet the citizenship or residency requirements).


People in Moncton do not know what the GTA is.

Acronyms. They make typing easier. And if people recognise the acronym, you could argue that acronyms make reading slightly quicker as well. They also help cut down on typos and spelling mistakes.
Now for the downside. You would be amazed at the level of ignorance people have on different subjects. Put it an other way, people's knowledge sets are quite varied. Worse, if they are tired, in a hurry, stressed, under the influence or sick, that knowledge, and the ability to retrieve it, will also vary.
So here is what I'm getting at: use acronyms and lose your audience. Even popular ones like NAFTA and GTA can draw a blank. Given the poor English skills of many Canadians (for example,  French-Canadians, Aboriginals and the 50% of Torontonians who were born in an other country (not exaggerating)), you really do risk losing your audience. And heaven forbid someone is trying to read your blog via Google translate...
So dumb it down at tad. Avoid acronyms, and keep your audience in the loop. With the "find and replace" function, there is no justification for acronyms.
At the very least, use the proper usage (PU) of putting the acronym in parenthesis after you have defined it once. By using the PU readers will have an easier time. But unless extra words mean extra cost, I don't see the point. Just write dam thing, long form (JWDTLF).
By JWDTLFing you will help your readers understand what you are writing, which, for most bloggers, is the whole point.
NAFTA: North American Free Trade Agreement
GTA: Greater Toronto Area

Sitel Moving jobs from Moncton to Philippines.

Sitel is moving 60 to 100 jobs at the end of February from Sitel Moncton to Sitel Philippines. XM Satellite radio retention agents received notice in early January that their XM Satellite Radio retention jobs would be no more. The Moncton employees will be internally transfered to lower paid jobs at the end of February.
Advertised: 25-1-08 | Closing Date: 7-2-08

The new Sitel is a global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) leader. Formed by the merger of ClientLogic and SITEL in January 2007, Sitel meets clients' customer care and transaction processing needs through 65,000 associates in 28 countries. Sitel provides world-class solutions from on-shore, nearshore and offshore locations across 145+ facilities throughout North America, South America, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Sitel's award-winning services provide clients with the strategic insight, scale and diversity of offerings to ensure the best return on their customer investment. Sitel is privately held and majority owned by Canadian diversified company, Onex Corporation. For more information, please visit www.sitel.com

CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE (Inbound Sales for Satellite Radio)
(National Capital Reg - Ortigas Center, Pasig City)


  • In this position, you must provide quality voice support and respond to clients' issues and concerns in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, must be a team player, must exercise good communications and professional customer service skills.


  • Above average English communication skills
  • Willing to work in shifting schedules
  • At least 2nd year college
  • 18 years old and above
  • Confident and conversant
  • Upselling and sales skills preferred
  • Good computer skills, knows how to use the internet and familiar with MSOffice programs
  • Required language(s): English.

Walk-ins are welcome Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm
2nd Floor The Centerpoint Building
Julia Vargas Avenue cor. Garnet Road,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600
Tel.: 860-1111
Fax: 634-5414

Bring 2 copies of your updated resume and a valid ID. Look for Karen Pua/Rex Roque at the Office.

Satellite High-Speed Internet

Satellite High Speed Internet is available across Canada. In Atlantic Canada, the provider/reseller is Aliant (the Satellite belongs to Telesat).

The good news for those of you outside Atlantic Canada is that you don't have to deal with the phone or cable companies to get your hi-speed Internet (you don't even need a phone line). The bad news is that the prices for satellite high speed Internet, below, are similar regardless of the reseller:

High-Speed LiteHigh-SpeedHigh-Speed Ultra
Download Speed (up to)512 Kbps1.0 Mbps2.0 Mbps
Upload Speed (up to)128 Kbps256 Kbps500 Kbps
Monthly Service Fee$59.95

Equipment & Installation Fees
Includes a satellite dish, modem and professional installation.

- With a monthly contract: 999.00 (one-time)
- With a 3 year contract: $599 (one-time) OR $23.00/mo. for 36 mths.

Needless to say, satellite Internet is NOT a reasonable option for people with an alternatve. However, for people who can only get dial-up in their neck of the woods, satellite Internet becomes a reasonable alternative to dial-up or moving into town.

Click here for a list of satellite Internet resellers in other parts of Canada.

Satellite Internet is not appropriate for voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services such as Skype. Online gaming would not be ideel either. But it is more than fine for web surfing, streaming videos (such as Youtube) and e-mail.

OK, now for the rant. I live in town, why is MY MONEY (via tax dollars and CRTC imposed fees), going to pay for subsidising Internet service in rural areas? New Brunswick did it, so has the city of Ottawa and many others. Rural residents already cost the rest of us a fortune thanks to road maintenance. Now we are paying to extend high speed Internet to their rural homes, despite the fact, than ALL rural Canadians have relatively affordable satellite Internet access available to them. Worse, those Canadians in the southern parts of Canada (95% of the population) have the choice of two different satellites (Hughs, formerly Directway, and Telesat)!

Update: 2008-02-08. Thanks to commenter Bruce for pointing out that Directway is now called Hughs. Post amended accordingly.


In Moncton, Tim Hortens now closes at 6pm!

Alternative title: Monctonians are drinking less coffee.
One thing that struck me when I first moved to Moncton last year: the abundance of coffee shops downtown. No Starbucks, Second Cup or Van Houtte, mind you. But a Timothies, a pastry shop, three independents and of course, two Tim Hortens.
As of February 4th, the sole Tim Hortens downtown that stayed open in the evening will close, get this, at 6PM! 6 PM!? Moncton isn't a civil service or banking town (granted, insurance is big), it is a call centre town. 5000 people work in call centres in Moncton, at all hours of the day. Add to them all the other 24 hour industries, and you have to wonder, why are people drinking less coffee downtown?
Because in addition to Tim Horstens shorter hours, the espresso place at Hilcrest mall recently closed and so has Joe Moka, a freaking institution if you ask me. What's next, bar closures? What should we make of this recent major cut in coffee distribution downtown? Has your community seen recent coffee shop closures?


I you liked Flight of the Concords, you will Love Greg and Gentillon

Flight of the Concords, which played this summer on HBO and The Movie Network, is a blatant copy of Greg and Gentillon. Greg and Gentillon are from my home town of Aylmer, Quebec, and they are super good, man. Well actually, they are terrible. But the documentary about them is great.
I just saw the documentary on The Movie Network on demand. Alternatively, you can buy the DVD.
"Toronto is it, man, if you make it there, you can... go to Vegas and LA".
This is a documentary that features Gatineau (which Aylmer is part of), Edmundston, Halifax and Toronto. All in one movie. Tabarnak, it is amazing, stea.
I especially love the way the guys pronounce Toronto. They pronounce it the way God intended: The French way.
This is the best documentary I've seen since Bowling for Colombine. And way fewer people die in this one.
A must see.
What others have said:
"If This Is Spinal Tap is port-infused cheddar, Greg & Gentillon is Cheez Whiz. This piece of  fromage follows comedy team Greg & Gentillon..." (Now Toronto).

Black Afrocentric Schools

First, is it 40% of Toronto Blacks who don't graduate, or 40% of Caribbean born students? And is 40% really a high number? Torontonians are among the most educated in the country. What is the dropout rate in places like Newfoundland or Manitoba? I remember the official dropout rate being 50% when I was in highschool in Gatineau, Quebec. That number was disputed, however, as many students returned to get their diploma via "adult" education.
You kind of expect the sons and daughters of poorly educated parents to do poorly in school. Even more so if the students themselves started their schooling in the third world (according to the United Nations, "30 per cent of (Jamaican) students are functionally illiterate at the end of the primary cycle".)
A black school will do absolutely nothing to improve the grades of the 39,000 "black" students at the Toronto school board. Case in point, an aboriginal school in Toronto that opened 30 years ago: "Not one Grade 3 student at the school met the province's standards for reading, writing or math in 2007"(insidetoronto.com).
African culture has little do to with the lives of Caribbean residents. Even less so when it comes to Canadians. Slavery robbed the Africans of their languages and culture, both of which have now little to nothing in common with anything in Africa (and African culture isn't exactly homogeneous either). Ontario's curiculum isn't really Eurocentric, I'd call it Englandcentric. If you are Portugese, are you really going to learn anything about Portugal, appart from perhaps the Brazil thing and that guy Magellan. In fact, I was well into my twenties, and travelling in Europe, before I realised that people spoke Irish in Ireland (41%) and Welsh in Wales (22%) (both of which, untill relatively recently, were parts of our country!). Or did you know that slight majority of people who came to Quebec from France didn't speak anything resembling French (such as Basque, Breton, Provencal, etc...)?
Do blacks in Toronto really have anything in common with other blacks, apart from their skin colour not being white? You could almost argue in favour of a Jamaican school, teaching Jamaican culture and maintaining the Jamaican Patois language. But a black school? Excuse me, "Afrocentric". I'm not sure if that is silly or just plain stupid. Do Jamaica and Liberia have schools for whites? I mean, "Eurocentric".


Two Million People Read This Blog

When calculating magazine readership, you have to factor in that more than one person will reade each magazine. Most people don't live alone, some magazines will make their way to the doctor's office, you get the idea.

So is it the same for the Internet? Do couples read my blog in tandem. Do they email my "articles" to all their friends? I know that some people arrive at Atlavistagoogle from their email. How many more don't bother showing up, as the text is all in the email?

Anyway, as my counter approaches 20,000, I've decided that the multiplier is 100.

Which brings me to my favorite Google search result: two million people. Of all the searches for "two million people", my humble blog is currently number two! Wow. Why on earth would someone make a search for "two million people"?

Domain Name

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Anyway, for the curious, hear are the eclectic results for Two Million People :
-Expensive loans forcing two million people into debt-
-ALTAVISTAGOOGLE: Two Million People- [ Traduire cette page ]
Two Million People. Two Million People. That is, very roughly, the number of people that would have been born in Canada had the Supreme court of Canada not ...
-P. Sainath: Two Million in "Maximum Distress"- [ Traduire cette page ]
A Letter to the Israeli People: We are All Led by Mad Men. Illinois Students Against the War ..... And that nearly two million are in "maximum distress. ...
-The Prevalence and Costs of Diabetes- [ Traduire cette page ]
MORE THAN TWO MILLION CANADIANS HAVE DIABETES. By the end of the decade, ... People with diabetes incur medical costs that are two to three times higher ...
-Are there really two million people using Second Life ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
21 déc 2006 ... Virtual world Second Life broke through the 2m sign-ups barrier last week - but how many of those users ever go back? By Bobbie Johnson.
-BBC NEWS UK 'Million' march against Iraq war- [ Traduire cette page ]
Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of London to voice their opposition ... although organisers put the figure closer to two million. ...
-Two million people 'not entitled to sickness benefit', says top ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
Almost two million incapacity benefit claimants should not be getting the money, the Government’s welfare adviser warns today.
-La Gran Marcha: The Sleeping Giant Awakes : LA IMC- [ Traduire cette page ]
The Los Angeles Times estimates 500000 people turned out; .... and that the Spanish media reported one and a half to two million participants. ...
-Learn More Be A Witness- [ Traduire cette page ]
Since 2003, almost two million people have been displaced by a campaign of genocide undertaken by the Sudanese government against the people of Darfur. ...
-Survey: 2 million bank accounts robbed - Online Banking- msnbc.com- [ Traduire cette page ]
Nearly 2 million Americans have had their checking accounts raided by criminals in the past 12 ... People who do their online banking at public computers, ...
-February 15, 2003 anti-war protest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia- [ Traduire cette page ]
The StWC claims that this translates into 1.25 million households and thus supports the estimate of two million people, assuming that more than one person ...
-Migration Information Source - The Central American Foreign Born ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
There are over two million Central American foreign born in the United States. .... Of the two million foreign born from Central America, 817336 were from ...
-Medical Bills Leading Cause of Bankruptcy, Harvard Study Finds- [ Traduire cette page ]
3 fév 2005 ... We waste one-third of every health care dollar on insurance bureaucracy and profits while two million people go bankrupt annually and we ...
-Laos: 'Secret War' Still Killing Thousands - Worldpress.org- [ Traduire cette page ]
14 nov 2006 ... Laos had only two million people then. And we were later told that the U.S. and its allies dropped three million tons of bombs on us." ...
-Aid boom brings olive oil and cornflakes to Darfur - Times Online- [ Traduire cette page ]
8 oct 2007 ... While two million people languish in Darfur’s humanitarian camps, canny Sudanese businessmen are making a killing from the foreign aid ...
-Worldwide AIDS & HIV Statistics Including Deaths- [ Traduire cette page ]
By the end of the year, an estimated 33.2 million people worldwide were living with HIV/AIDS. The year also saw more than two million deaths from AIDS, ...
-Two million people, many of them managers, bullied at work- [ Traduire cette page ]
7 nov 2005 ... Two million people, many of them managers, bullied at work: Management and Business News.
-Saddam Hussein killer file- [ Traduire cette page ]
Kill tally: Approaching two million, including between 150000 and 340000 ...... The prosecution alleges that about 182000 people were killed during the ...
-BrewTube - New York Times- [ Traduire cette page ]
4 fév 2007 ... If after a year, between two million and three million people between the ages of 21 and 34 are visiting each month, “It would put us in ...
-Nearly two million people in Northern Ireland pay £231 millon in ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
Nine out of ten taxpayers in Northern Ireland – nearly 2 million people - will pay £231 million in unnecessary tax this year, according to research from IFA ...
-Touching People’s Lives: Two Million and Counting: Microsoft ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
19 avr 2007 ... Microsoft passes the 2 million mark with Windows Starter, using technology innovation to bring digital literacy to beginner PC users in all ...
-About sight loss - changing the way we think about blindness- [ Traduire cette page ]
There are around two million people in the UK with a sight problem. This means that while wearing glasses they are still unable to recognise someone across ...
-Almost two million drought-affected people will need relief food ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
Johannesburg WFP launches an appeal for US$78 million to provide emergency aid to 1.85 million people in the first half of 2005 in three drought-affected ...
-Nearly two million 'wrongly' get benefit - Times Online- [ Traduire cette page ]
A few private-sector "consultants" will make fortunes, while nearly two million people on under £80 a week will be made destitute. ...
-UK National News - Two million people 'risking their sight'- [ Traduire cette page ]
More than two million people in the UK are at risk of needlessly losing their sight through treatable eye conditions, according to a new report.
-Apple: 2 million copies of Leopard sold - Engadget- [ Traduire cette page ]
According to Apple, Leopard sold two million copies in its first weekend, .... So all those people acting like these 2 million sold units came all came from ...
-You are now one of about TWO MILLION peopLe who have a cardiac ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
You are now one of about TWO MILLION people who have a cardiac pacemaker implanted. Thanks to this tiny device, people with heart rhythm problems can enjoy ...
-Two million people a year killed by air pollution, says WHO- [ Traduire cette page ]
6 oct 2006 ... Two million people a year killed by air pollution, says WHO
-Online Radio Networks Reached More Than Two Million People In ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
The latest ratings for Internet Radio streams have been released from Arbitron, the survey company that keeps tabs on who is listening to what.
-More than two million people now own a second home in Britain ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
More than two million people now own a second home in Britain - and up to a quarter of them could be in the Westcountry. Figures from the Office for...
-Green Technology News- [ Traduire cette page ]
Worldwide it is estimated that two million people − more than half of them in developing countries − die every year from air pollution. ...
-CNN - Famine may have killed 2 million in North Korea - August 19 ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
"Two million would be the highest possible estimate," Kirk said. ... The famine has left North Korea's 23 million people largely dependent on international ...
-Pol Pot, Pol Pot Massacre, Pol Pot Genocide, Cambodia Genocide- [ Traduire cette page ]
At Phnom Penh, two million inhabitants were evacuated on foot into the ... Starving people were forbidden to eat the fruits and rice they were harvesting.
-One in four Britons is out of work- [ Traduire cette page ]
The latter group includes more than two million people who are on long-term sickness benefits as well as students, people who have taken time off work to ...
-ReviewJournal.com - News - CLARK COUNTY POPULATION: 2 MILLION- [ Traduire cette page ]
And as the people keep coming, the improvements required to accommodate them grow ever more ... "Two million is a huge number, and it's a major milestone. ...
-Planners wonder: What if two million people moved in? Light ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
More than 200 architects, planners and landscape architects had six hours Saturday to figure out how to squeeze another two million people into Greater ...www.sustainablebuildingcentre.com/forum-topic/


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