Gerard Kennedy Finished in Sixth Place in Quebec

I just checked the final official results of the super weekend Liberal leadership results.

In Quebec, Gerard Kennedy didn't get fifth place with 1.7%, he got sixth place with 1.1%. That's all 11 delegates will get you. By comparison, Dion got 151 delegates in Ontario (10.1%, 4th place).

Worse, on a riding basis, Gerard Kennedy got 8 delegates in Quebec, that is still good enough for sixth place but is only 0.9% of the elected delegates on a riding basis. Less than one percent!

Gerard Kennedy managed to get three delegates at the Université du Quebec à Chicoutimi. I'm shocked there are three Liberals at the UQAC. So good for Gerard for getting all three delegates.

The candidates who did worse in Quebec were Dryden with 0.4% and Hall Findlay who got zero (ouch).

On a riding basis, Brison has 63% more Quebec delegates than Kennedy!

Of the top four nationally (Ignatieff, Rae, Kennedy and Dion), the only other candidates to finish in sixth place in a province were Rae in Nova Scotia with 3 delegates (1.8%) and Dion in Manitoba with 10 (4.2%). From memory, I don't think Ignatieff did to good in BC, but the results have been removed while the Rae delegate appeal is settled.

By the way, how did Kennedy manage to finish in third place in his home province of Manitoba with only 33 delegates (13.9%)? Although in his defence, he did manage to get 50% of University of Alberta's 4 delegates. So I guess even though he flunked out, he left a positive impression (yes, I realise the students vote, not the faculty, but I assume they were influenced by Kennedy's reputation). Alberta is also the only province Kennedy won at the riding level, with 97 delegates ( 28.7%).

The Volpe campaign was clearly concerned with money. In addition to getting children and dead people to contribute, they managed to get 82% of the delegates in Fort McMurray-Athabasca, probably the richest riding (in average income) in the country. 82% is by far the best result of any candidate in that province. It is also on of the best in the country. Critisise the Volpe campagn's financing shenanigans all you want, but since he didn't borrow a penny, he will probably be the only leadership candidate who doesn't have to fund raise well into the new year. Volpe got three times more delegates in Quebec than Kennedy did.

Acadians do not Want Gerard Kennedy


Anonymous said...

Reason 4,821 why Kennedy will NEVER be leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Steve V said...

Yes, the eleven people that turned out in Quebec is a representative sample of how Kennedy would fare in the province. You make a powerful point. Ignatieff has the support of hundred of old tired Liberal loyalists, clearly a good gauge for a general. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Some people will stand on their heads to turn statistics around.

Here's a convincing argument in the other direction:


Altavistagoogle said...

Steve, do you know how many people turned out to vote in Quebec? No, neither do I as the voting numbers are being kept top secret.

I can't imagine that many people turned up in Alberta, the only province Kennedy didn't loose (first place with Iggy).

Thanks for the link RMS. Good to point out that Kennedy did not de well in any of the "winnable ridings" in Quebec.

Anonymous said...

More I read this blog, the more I realize that Quebec just doesn't matter as much any more. It has come time for the LPC to move beyond Quebec.

Altavistagoogle said...

You might want to wait for Quebec to leave the country befor ignoring Quebec. In a democracy, it is never a good idea to write off 25% of the population.

Liberal Pebbles said...

Around 3300 people voted in Alberta, with around 3700 voting in Quebec. Alberta had close to a 33% turnout where Quebec was closer to just shy of ten percent.

Steve V said...


I know that more people voted in PEI than Quebec, draw your own conclusions dimwit.

Anonymous said...

The LPC can't win most of Quebec. In some places they are the default choice. What is left is not worth fighting over, and frankly isn't that important.

I know that is difficult to hear.

Liberals should concentrate on Ontario, the Atlantic provinces and Urban centers it will be enough to defeat the CPC.

This obsession with Quebec will end.


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