Boy Bites Dog

Boy, 11, bites pit bull to fend off attack


This is the first story I read using the AP app with my iPod touch.

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.


Free iPod Touch with New York Times

Or, to be more accurate, get an iPod touch and read the New York times, anywhere, for free.

Remember Pointcast? It started all the rage in push. Push was, in theory, a better use of limited bandwidth. You set Poincast for overnight, and your dial-up connection downloaded all the information even the biggest news junkie could use.

The New York Times iPod Touch/iPhone app works the same way. Download the online newspaper when you have Internet access, then read it when you don't. Cool. Obviously, you won't read the entire paper, so in theory you are downloading stuff you don't need. But you do that when you buy the Sunday paper as well...

I can't afford Rogers' iPhone prices at the moment. So having the New York Times in my pocket, on my iPod touch, is a good compromise. Getting (ie updating) the virtual newspaper in the morning is a easy as opening the door to pick up the real thing. With my high speed connection at home, the entire paper is downloaded within seconds. I'm not sure how the revenue model is doing, but I do know I have and incredible urge to stay at Westin Hotels (the only advertising you see when you are in Canada).

So Where is the Firewall Mr Harper

Why is the Federal government in the urban transit business? What part of the constitution says the federal government is supposed to help you on your daily commute.

I'm sick and tired of partnership politics where all three levels of government contribute to a project. Or to be more accurate, promise to contribute to a project. What is the logic with having three levels of government pay for something?

Why not just get rid of provinces? If the city of Toronto wants to put a bus lane, or fix a pothole, the federal government should have no say.

Mr Harper, stick to federal jurisdictions: navigable waterways, national defense, banking and telecommunications. I'll tolerate federal spending on the transcananda highway if you also spend on Via Rail. But urban bus lines? No.

Torontonians Get Gigantic Tax Break

My taxes are higher because Torontonians get a gigantic tax break. A Torontonian who make a million dollars in capital gains on his home will pay absolutely nothing in capital gains tax. Even Americans pay capital gains tax on their homes.

Worse, Toronto's house prices are going up because the rest of Canada is moving to large cities. So not only are rural Canadians paying higher income tax than they should, they are paying higher housing prices when they move to cities in the Toronto area.

It is completely unfair and needs to stop NOW.

Mulruney put a capital gains tax on apartment building owners, Harper should put one on home owners. To make the new tax more palatable, there could be a large exemption, like in the USA.


Product (RED) Kills Africans

The colour of the Product (RED) charity is appropriate. Buying an
affiliated product, such as a RED iPhone, contributes to the death of

Product (RED) fights Aids, not HIV. Prolonging the life of an HIV
infected person who does not practice safe sex is immoral. Period.

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.

Rogers iPhone: Bait and Switch

If Ted Rogers was honest he wouldn't be so rich. I've come to the conclusion that I'll never be as rich as Ted Rogers because I'm too honest.
For example, if I was advertising a product for $299, I wouldn't charge $350.
But that is what greedy Ted is doing. The company he controls advertises on rogers.com that the iPhone 16GB can be had for $299 and that various price plans are available. In fact, the site even says that the phone is available with any in market price plan. Sounds good.
Show up at the store, opt for a $20 price plan (with or without the $30 extra for data), and they will let you have the iPhone for $249 for the 8GB or $349 for the 16GB. That is $50 more than advertised! I was showed an official looking internal interpretive memo as "proof" that the vendor was being honest. Obviously, nothing on the web site even eludes to the $50 surcharge. Although the web site does have the bizarre warning that you will be penalised $50 if you lower your plan below $30 during the 3 year contract. That warning makes more sense now that I know the higher iPhone price for below $30 per month users.
Price Plan Downgrade Fee
If you have subscribed to an iPhone Voice & Data Package or a Voice Price Plan with a Monthly Service Fee of more than $30, then a Price Plan Downgrade Fee of $50 will be applied to your invoice if, for any reason, you change to a Price Plan with a Monthly Service Fee of $30 or less at any time during the Service Agreement Term.
Still, in my mind that should not apply to people who opt for, and keep, the $30 data plan. Surely, charging $30 for data over three years would allow enough room to subsidise the iPhone and sell it for the advertised $299.
But what do I know, I'm not a greedy billionaire.


One Week Later: iPhone Sold Out Everywhere


My prediction was correct, almost everybody who get's an iPhone will
rave to others, so iPhone demand is actually exponential.

What I didn't predict was the lower price for Apple's stock... :-(

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.


iPhone 3G Sells out in Moncton, Fools Still Buying other Phones

I went to four Rogers stores today in Moncton-Dieppe today right befor closing time. All were sold out of the iPhone 16GB model. But all four had 8GB models available (who is going to commit to $1280 and say and say no to double the data for $100 more?). I was tempted for two seconds by the 8GB model, but in two years, 8GB won't be enough, and I'll be out of luck with a year left on my Rogers contract.
According to the Apple store availability site, most of the Eastern US is out of the 16GB iPhone (to early to check for the West). I feel sorry for HTC Diamond: 4GB, as if!
I was shocked that people at one of the stores were actually buying other cell phones. How poor to you have to be NOT to buy the best cell phone ever? :-)
Anyway, if you do go for an iPhone, keep some money availabl for apps. Some of them are great. I've already spent $60 for aps for my iPod touch. An iPhone without apps is increasingly like a computer without software...

Iphone as a two player gaming platform

Screen cap from Tap Tap.

Microsoft Employees Buy All of the iPhones in Seatle

If you have a few minutes to spare or have ever been subjected to a logisics course, then head on over to http://www.apple.com/retail/iphone/availability.html . Truly fascinating. You can find out how many iPhones every Apple store has left after it shuts for the night. This is perticularly usefull if you are an iPhone fan and a burgler.
There are some important varriables missing, such as the actual number of iPhones available and when the last shipment arrived. Knowledge of the next delivery is also crucial. Who cares if the store is sold out at 9PM if they get 100 more phones at 6AM (unless you are a burgler).
The site does have seperate columns for 8GB, 16GB white and 16GB black. 16GB black is the most often sold out. Middle America (and Texas) are also prone to shortage. This could be attributable to being further away from China. But then there is Seatle, near many ports, completely sold out of iPhones. 8GB, 16GB w 16GB b: Gone. Nada, nothing. Nothing in the entire state of Washington if fact. Now once again, this is meaningless if they get early morning supplies. But it is fun to think about all those Microsoft employees buying iPhones.


Iphone Apps Quick Revue 2

Green checkmark: Get
Red X: Avoid
Others: Neutral

I have no doubt the remote and the NY Times apps will be upgraded to
'Get' as soon as I can get them to work.

Blackberry, you can do better than iPhone, eh!

Look at this screen cap of my blog (taken using the über ossom screen
cap feature of the iPod touch / iPhone 2.0 operating system.).
Blackberry is in second place for Canadians viewing this blog, behind
iPhone! RIM bid a bit more than Apple and you will be number one.
Second place is not good enough.

Quick iPhone app Revue

Green = Get
Red x = Avoid
No circle = whatever

You can't do this on a Blackberry!

Buy iPhone and save a fortune on advertising agencies!

This was done, and sent to this blog, using my iPod touch.

iPhone calculator better than Windows calculator

Sim Stapler app

If you needed a reason to get an iPhone, this is it (actual screen cap
from iPod touch). App is free.


iPod touch: 3rd parties rule!

I did this on my iPod touch.

iPod touch 2.0

I don't have an iPhone to play with as Moncton ran out :-( . I would
have bough one by now but Rogers is run by a bunch of idiots and won't
allow me to buy an iPhone online with the $30 6GB version (online, you
have to opt for one of the over priced combos). Although if I had
bought online, who knows when I would have gotten it. Now I have the
local Rogers dealership on speed dial. "Any iPhones now?" "How about

But I digress, as the point of this post is to write about the iPod
touch/ iPhone 2.0 software.

Buying software on the can is pretty ossom. By the way, many of the
apps look like pure crap. And since when is a 100 year old book
considered an application? Many of the 500 apps are actually books,
including far too many Bibles (but no Koran).

Super Monkey Balls has given me motion sickness. That could literally
be $10 down the drain.

The remote control (free and by Apple) looks cool enough but there are
no instructions and I can't figure out how tu use it. I've got the
code, but where do I put it? Google was no use, nor Apple Support. Help!

My favorite app is the virtual beer by Carlling, excellent. Although
maybe I shouldn't of had so much virtual beer before playing Super
Monkey Balls.

Don't tell anybody but the light saber is the coolest thing ever,
sjoom, sjoom.

I now have a currency conversion app. Not sure why that needed an app
as a web page would have been OK. But free is good in any curency.

Speaking of money, I can now use the $ sign on the French-Canadian
keybord. In 1.4, the $ sign came out as a € ! That was a major pain,
so I'm glad Apple fixed it. Living with that minor bug for 6 months
thought me an important lesson: minor bugs on something you use daily
become major bugs and I don't mind paying for less of them.

I can't afford the best car, but I can afford the best cell phone.

PS, my upgraded iPod touch will soon be for sale.

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.


Rogers Web Site Can Not Meet iPhone Demand

Gee, what a shock, Rogers.com site is unresponsive to iPhone purchase requests.

The Rogers web site, in theory, will allow you to buy an iPhone online. However, since most stores across the country are out of iPhones, people are flocking to rogers.com to purchase the iPhone.

And iTunes is unresponsive to iPod touch 2.0 software upgrade ($10) requests. As the upgrade is necessary to use apps from the apps store, well, it means it is necessary.

(rant begins) I want to spend my money but the world won't let me! (end of rant).

I actually could buy apps from iTunes in advance of actually being able to use them, but that seems silly. I have, however, been downloading the free ones. I want that virtual light saber!

-iPhone 3G Sold Out

Update (2008-07-11, 18:15): Ted Rogers is a greedy evil bastard! You can not get the 6GB iPhone 3G deal on the Internet.

3G Smartphone Data PlanAdd a 3G Smartphone Data Plan to a Rogers Wireless Voice plan.
Monthly Fee
Data Included for E-mail and Internet Use1MB = 1,024KB 1GB = 1,024 MB
Additional Data
50¢ per MB for the first 60MB, 3¢ per MB thereafter
3G Smartphone Data Plan is only available on a 36-month data term. Activations on Blackberry devices apply to Blackberry Internet Service only.
The 3G Smartphone Data plan is available on all 3G Smartphones including:
iPhone™ 3G
Nokia N95
Samsung Jack
Palm Treo
Motorola Q9h
This offer is available by calling 1 888 ROGERS1 or by visiting your nearest Rogers retail location.

iPhone 3G Sold Out

iPhone 3G sold out in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


Update 2008-07-11, 15:27. The iPhone 3G is sold out in Moncton, so I'm going to go on a limb and say the iPhone 3G is sold out in Canada. End of update.

The Japanese are already lining up for Saturday's shipment!

So far so good, freedom 35 here I come. (I have Apple shares).

In the mean time, I've downloaded iTunes 7.7 so I've been browsing the appstore. But not on my Apple touch as the iPod touch 2.0 is not available yet. I've been clicking on "check for updates" like a maniac!

The iPhone 3G only goes on sale in 3.5 hours in Moncton (10AM), and I'm not going to be stuck in line without a copy of Super Monkey Ball.


iPhone Works at 120km/hr, Now I am Car Sick

Possibly the worst review video ever, and garanteed to make you car sick, the Globe and Mail proves that the iPhone isn't just for pedestrians. But for goodness sakes, don't submit anybody to home videos of you using the iPhone on the 401!

The coolest part was punching in Tim Hortens and have 14 show up on the map within like 5 km. Tim Hortons would be quite convenient if you were car sick. Although a McDonald's would work as well.

French Journalist Loves iPhone (Suiss also)

You speak French right? Then head on over to LePoint to read how Olivier Bruzek thinks the iPhone is an indispensable, revolutionary device.

The Suisse Marie-Antoinette Crivelli, of LeMatin, simply thinks the iPhone is the best cell phone... ever!

-Few Cell Phones Sound as Good as the iPhone 3G: Ne...

At Least 80 iPhones Per Store (see video)

According to this video, there will be at least 80 iPhones per AT&T store in the USA. The store in the video is in the South*. So I'm assuming large city stores à la New York City and Chicago will get many more. This kind of jives with the ball park figures I calculated. Note there are at least 80 iPhones is this video. There could be many more.

*I know the accent isn't from a big city. Anybody know exactly where it is from though?


Female Bias at the CBC National Imposes iPhone News Embargo

Obviously, one of the most important stories of the day in Canada is the realignment of Rogers iPhone data pricing. Instead of 300MB, $30 will now get you 6000MB per month. Wow!

The Téléjournal describes the Rogers new 6GB $30 iPhone promotion at 22:05, five minutes into it's news show. The CBC the National with Wendy Mesly, nothing! Not one peep. In fact, all the stories have a distinct female bias. Afghan female athlete in Italy; female model killed in China; leaky windows; The cost of texting; Online scalping!

How are those stories more important than the revolutionnary new data pricing announced by Rogers?

I look forward to Peter's return. And I hope the women working at the CBC get some needed male sensitivity training.

Francais et GPS du iPhone 3G: C'est incroyable!

Pour évaluer le iPhone 3G, Metro France nous présente son court vidéo bien remplis (mais qui omet de parler de Internet, pourtant le point fort du iPhone). On utilise le terme Parisien "bluffant" pour d'écrire le GPS aligné à Google Maps. À ma première écoute, je croyais qu'on voulait dire aproximatif. Mais bluffant semble plutôt être l'équivalent de cool ou incroyable.


Autres opinions:
-La Suisse Marie-Antoinette Crivelli: «J'ai testé l'iPhone 3G, il est phénoménal»Le Matin Online - LePoint , Olivier Bruzek , "appareil révolutionnaire et indispensable".

How to Price iPhone Data

Well, well, well. The people over at ruinediphone.com are still not happy. 6GB is not enough they say. Well, it is enough for me! In fact, when I though about it long and hard, 400MB was plenty as well.

Now I can get 6GB for a few dollars more (depending on the price of Visual Voice Mail.). I'll gladly pay that, sort of an insurance in case I go on a Youtube bindge while stuck in traffic (on the bus).

Although ehmac, ruinediphone et al can certainly take credit for the major price reduction, I think it had more to do with the battery life of the iPhone. Rogers marketing finally realised that people wouldn't be streaming online media 24/7 because of the limited battery life in 3G conditions.

I've advocated Disney World (flat rate) prices in the past. The possibility of using something without additionnal charge is actually worth money. Apple markets "possibility" with absurdly high capacity iPods. The vast, vast majority of people never fill their iPods. Those who do could easily make room. Yet people are willing to pay money for this extra room.

The 3G network is there weather people use it or not. That is the problem. To use an analogy, once the plane if full, the only option is a new plane. A new plane is expensive. You are better off charging thousands of dollars for the last few seats. On the flip side, if there are empty seats, you might as well give them away (or charge $1 like Easyjet or Jetsgo).

But the same plane that is at capacity at rush hour, could be almost empty at lunch time, then full again at 6PM. So you lower the price when demand is lower, increase it when demand is higher. The competion will affect demand, but the main factor is people's schedual.

That is why Rogers and others offer freeish evenings and weekends phone calls. Demand is low. Way below the capacity of the network.

But have you ever tried to make an important phone call only to get the "all circuits are buzy" message? That used to happen to me all the time with Clearnet in Toronto. That is not fun. I would pay more not to have that ever happen to me.

So if the Rogers 3G network is "curently unavailable" because some dumb dumb is streaming music while away from his phone. He should pay to add capacity to the network, not me.

I'm far from convinced the plane is full (especially here in Moncton), but I do know that networks don't grow on trees. Someone has to pay for them.

Visual Voice Mail with Rogers iPhone: 1 million dollars

The folks over at ehmac have decided that visual voice mail should/does costs $8 a month. So I assume Rogers will think it over for a couple of weeks and make it so.

In the mean time, Rogers will anounce that in order to compensate the 5700MB giveaway, the price for visual voice mail (which, by the way, does not exist yet in Canada) will be 1 million dollars per month. People will lauch the rogersruinedvoicevisualvoicemail.ca web site and the site will attract 50,000 signatures.

If all this seems odd to you, it is because you are not Canadian. Do you even like maple syrup?

But seriously, if you are going to go through the trouble of writing and sending out a press release, you could at least amend your web site. More amuzing, the press release was so tied to the free-breakfast-in-selected-cities launch that at least one agent was convinced the too-good-to-be-true 6GB for $30 was only available in the 6 places in Canada with the free coffee at 8AM Friday morning. According the misinformed Rogers employee, the rest of us lemings who live in places like Moncton were not only going to miss out on the free breakfast, but were going to get 300MB for our $30.

Communications; Rogers, try it some time! You have a web site, use it!

-iPhone in Canada: 6GB for 30 dollars

iPhone in Canada: 6GB for 30 dollars


Hard to argue with lower prices.I wish they would have simply removed
the onorous 50 cent per MB overage fee. But I guess this is OK. The
ironony is I'll probably be spending more them what I would have.

By the way, on an iPhone, 6GB is essentially unlimited.

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.

30 Japanese in iPhone Queu

There are 30 Japanese waiting in a line-up for the new iPhone. That is 6 times as many as in New York City.

If iPhone were distributed equally to all 22 Friday-launch-iPhone-countries, Japan, by my math, would get 448,000 iPhones this Friday alone. That seems like a rather large number, but there are 128 million people in Japan...

Anyway, the Japanese uber early adopters, many of whom don't live in Tokyo, are there because other Softbank stores will be selling the iPhone five hours later. If waiting in line 48 hours to get something 5 hours before your countrymen doesn't make sense to you, then it is because you are not Japanese. Do you even like Sushi? I didn't think so.

-Meet Hiroyuki, the guy who will get Asia’s first 3G iPhone

Apple to Sell 3.5 million iPhones Friday... within minutes!

21 Countries will sell the iPhone on Friday. Apparently, Australia will have 80,000.

Australia 21M, 80,000 iPhones
Austria 8M, 30,000 iPhones
Belgium (French) 10M, 38,000 iPhones
Canada (English) 33M, 126,000 iPhones
Denmark 5M, 19,000 iPhones
Finland 5M, 19,000 iPhones
Germany 82M, 312,000 iPhones
Hong Kong 7M, 27,000 iPhones
Ireland 4M, 15,000 iPhones
Italy 60M, 229,000 iPhones
Japan 128M, 448,000 iPhones
Mexico 107M, 408,000 iPhones
Netherlands 16M, 61,000 iPhones
New Zealand 4M, 15,000 iPhones
Norway 5M, 19,000 iPhones
Portugal 11M, 42,000 iPhones
Spain 46M, 175,000 iPhones
Sweden 9M, 34,000 iPhones
Switzerland (French) 8M, 30,000 iPhones
UK 61M, 232,000 iPhones
USA 305M, 1,161,000 iPhones.

Now, obviously, Apple isn't going to ship 408,000 iPhones to Mexico for July 11th. But the numbers for the UK do match up with O2's number of pre-registers.

There are 1800 ATT stores in the USA. So pretending for a moment that the USA's Apple Stores are content with part of the redistributed Mexican iPhones, that would be 645 iPhones per American ATT store on July 11th. That sounds about right. Apple says they will process 100 customers per hour. If that is true for ATT as well, by 2:30PM, ATT stores will be sold out.

The rumored net profit for the iPhone is $200 per unit. So Friday's take would be 700 million dollars. Not to shabby considering the marketing budget was as close to zero as you can get.

But openig weekend numbers, as with movies, are meeningless. Weekend 2 is the one to look for.

Let's see, 95% of iPhone users will tell everybody they know (and some people they don't), that the iPhone is the greatest thing ever. 3.5 x 0.95 iPhone owners X 100 people, ten of whom buy an iPhone = 33.25 million iPhone purchases on July 18th. Hmm.

Iran Tests Missles That Can Not Reach Canada, But Jorden iPhone 3G Stores at Risk

If you are reading this within 2000 km of Iran, it sucks to be you. But Canada does not need the Suez Canal, middle-eastern oil or anything else within the 2000 km radius of Iran. In other words, it is not our problem.

The Iranian president may be a bad blogger (he rarely updates), a puppet of religious leaders and totally anti-Israel, but he is no threat to Canada. More to the point, he is well within the norm of the region in which he lives. Israel, for example, may have nuclear weapons and yet the country denies voting rights to non-Jewish Palestinians. How effed up is that?

Iran and Israel are not Canada's problem.

We should act accordingly.

PS. In addition to iPhone stores in Jorden, Iran could also bomb iPhone stores in India, Egypt, Qatar and (yet to be official) China. The iPhone will not be available in Israel because [insert reason here] ). The good news is the iPhone manufacturing is on the out-of-range-from-Iraninan-missles East side of China. Some Chinese manufacturers may want to add that fact to their business cards.

Few Cell Phones Sound as Good as the iPhone 3G: New York Times

Imagine that, according to the New York Times' David Pogue and Edward Baig of USA Today, the iPhone 3G sounds great. On the down side, there is no hover craft ability. That is a down side: you can not walk on unfrozen water with the iPhone. Sorry.

According to Cnet, there are three hands-on-reviews of the iPhone 3G. Yes, I did say three. I'll hunt later for any non-English/non-American ones.

Anyway, the best written one is by David Pogue of The New York Times. The best video is by Walt Mossberg of All Things Digital (aka Wallstreet Journal) and the best pictures are by Edward Baig of USA Today. If you have Flash, you can see the USA Today iphone pics here.

There are some minor gripes such as 3G dropping in New Yorks' outer suburbs and some skyscrapers blocking GPS in Manhattan (yeah, I live in Moncton, go f*** yourself). The reviewers point out that the App store will be the killer application (killer as is good) and will be available on iPhone 1 and iPod touch. So if if the lineup for the iPhone 3G is more then two hundred deep, go have a beer and come back (much?) later.

On the other hand, you can't really talk to anybody on your iPod touch and you can't talk and surf with the Edge/GPRS only iPhone 1.

Update (2008-07-09):
More reviews:
-Times Online
-Radio Suisse Romande RSR.Ch (in French): The Internet, taking pictures, GPS, email, SMS and contact searching are all faster on an iPhone than on a Nokia N95.
-L'iPhone 3G en fait plus pour moins cher (Metro France). Metro France a nice video for those of you who may be linguistically challenged. The GPS feature alligned to Google Maps: "C'est bluffant". I had to look that up (we don't use that term in Canada), but that Parisian urban slang translates to "amazing".
-Marie-Antoinette Crivelli: «J'ai testé l'iPhone 3G, il est phénoménal»Le Matin Online -
"Best cell phone ever!"
-LePoint's Olivier Bruzek thinks the iPhone is an indispensable, revolutionary device.


Bell and Telus Ruined Cell Phones

Inspired by evil (or perhaps the rest of the world), Bell and Telus will now be charging 15 cents (oh the humanity) per incoming text message.
My dad used to say, "you can never have to many friends". Wrong! I can avoid calls with call display, but how am I supposed to avoid "How U doing" messages from every 18 year old girl who has my number?
So please sign my petition by leaving a comment. I will text the new CEO of Bell with excerpts of your petition 100 times a day as soon as they start charging the 15 cents per text.
If you don't want to sign the petition, then text the new Bell CEO at 514-555-Bell. Thank you.  
The Bell and Telus Ruined Cell Phones Petition:
We the undersigned work hard for our money (or will, once we get a job and leave home) and can not be held responsible for our friends severe lack of judgment. Please, for the love of God, don't make us go to Rogers.

Hugo Dumas, tu m'énerves. Les ignorants et l'iPhone

Hugo Dumas a écris une chronique dans La Presse ce matin, l'iPhone m'iNerve, à propos de son obsession pour l'iPhone. Malheureusement, il y a quelques erreurs.

Erreur 1:
Vous ne pouvez pas acheter un iPhone 3G dans une boutique spécialisée et le brancher chez Telus ou Bell Mobilité, car Rogers en a décroché l'exclusivité canadienne. Il existe par contre un marché des ondes grises, où, en un tournemain, vous pouvez «débarrer» un iPhone acheté aux États-Unis et le connecter à un réseau comme Fido, par exemple.

Désolé Monsieur Dumas, Rogers-Fido à l'exclusivité Canadienne a cause de la technologie GSM qu'elle utilise. Tu débarres ton iPhone, tu n'es pas plus avancé car tu vas devoir utiliser ton iPhone sur Rogers ou Fido (Fido appartient à Rogers), les seuls opérateurs GSM au Canada. Vidéotron revends le service Rogers sous son nom.

Erreur 2:
«early adopters», un terme publicitaire décrivant les consommateurs qui créent les modes et qui ont le plus haut taux d'influence dans les réseaux sociaux.
Non, vraiment pas. Je vous laisse le loisir de chercher une définition plus appropriée.
Erreur 3:
Il n'y a qu'ici où la sortie du iPhone 3G a été égratignée
Désolé, faites un tour sur Google et recherchez iPhone New Zealand. C'est moins évident trouver des articles en anglais en Scandinavie, mais la réaction négative est la même. Même aux États-Unis et au Royaume-Uni on trouve le moyen de chialler malgré les très bas prix.
Erreur 4:
Bell offre l'accès illimité au web pour seulement 10 $ par mois, en plus des frais généraux de parlotte.
"Intenet mobile" illimité pour 10$. "Internet mobile" est une marque de commerce de Bell, donc ça peut vouloir dire n'importe quoi. Voir le communiqué de presse de Bell. Rogers aussi offre l'Internet "illimité" pour 10$. Le probème c'est qu'on doit utiliser le fureteur Rogers pour accéder aux pages en mode WEP, même sur un téléphone 3G comme le N95 de Nokia. J'ai l'impression que c'est ce que Bell va offrir aussi avec le Samsung Instinct. En passant, si vous avez quelques minutes et Internet haute vitesse (et avez un fureteur avec Flash), dirigez vous ici pour le magnifique site multimédia de Sprint pour le Samsung Instinct (en anglais, son requis).

O2 sold 46 million iPhones per hour!

13,000 orders per second is the number being bounced around British
media outlets as O2's explanation for the company's inability to meet
online demand.

That seems a tad high to me.

The question that irks me, however, is why did they shut it down? Why
didn't they just continu taking orders with a disclaimor saying it
will take while to get the phone?

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.


O2 sells out of iPhones despite website crash - Telegraph


How can O2 sell out of a product that isn't even available? The
company should have put a disclaimor "iPhones ordered will be
delivered as soon as the diverted Canadian iPhones get here".

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.

Prediction: More iPhones will be sold this week in the UK than in the last year!

O2 sold a couple of hundred thousand iPhones last year. Many weren't
even activated on the O2 network.

Both the O2 and carphonewharehouse sites have stopped working as a
probable result of iPhone orders.

Based on my knoweledge of servers, this means thousands of customers
are attempting to buy, sight unscene, the iPhone 3G every hour.

Simple math says that by the end of the week, O2 will have a couple
hundred thousand iPhone orders on the books...

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.

O2's iPhone pre-order site crashes due to 'high levels' of demand - Telegraph


How many customers does it take to crash an online store? Hundreds?

How much money has O2 spent advertising the iPhone 3G? 0 pounds.
Apple? With the exception of Google key word advertising (I figure
Altavistagoogle raked in US$20 in June thanks to Apple), nothing. No
print, no TV, no radio. Apple has gone Hershey* with the iPhone.

Anyway, freedom 35 here I come! Yes, I own Apple shares and yes I'm
tired of filling margin calls...

*Hershey never advertised his chocolate and relied on merchandising
and word of mouth.

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First iPhone 3G Sold


Lining up is so American. Britain's O2 had the good idea to sell
iPhones in advance. Lucky customers will get theirs by courier Friday,
others may have to wait a couple of days/weeks/months.

Rogers should be doing this too.

Ironically, for some odd reason, the O2 online iPhone purchase web
site is aparently incompatible with the iPhone and Ipod touch. So
Brits have to use a computer to buy the iphone...

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Apple 2.0 Who would wait a week in line for an iPhone 3G? «


5 people with university degrees (according to CNN) who want to change
the world by buying an iPhone .

The changing the world part would be organic farming. But to be
honest, I think these five globetrotters just really want iPhones...

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Line-up started for iPhone

Some people love the Big Apple, some people love the iPhone. Why not join both hobbies together and spend a week on the side walks of New York City waiting for the Apple iPhone 3G (that was a rhetorical question).
Send your browser here to watch the iPhone incompatible video of a guy eating an Apple, on the streets of the Big Apple, explain why he wants to wait for an Apple iPhone. To be fair, he also likes beer (Guiness, as in Guiness Book of World Records). He also wants you to sign a petition. This would be the first petition that everybody in the world signs.
Watch the video, you will feel good.
By the way, the iPhone will be on sale starting July 11 local (where you are) time.
You know those Woodstock videos that symbolise the late 60 early 70 hippy movement? I fear this guy will be in videos symbolising the late 00s early 10s.
I'm not sure what the 60s equivalent of this is though:
RuinedIphone.com | Screwing Canadian iPhone customers since 2008
Petition against the data plans offered for the iPhone in Canada by Rogers Communications


Samsung Instinct: Bell Bait and Switch?

The press release says "The Samsung Instinct will also be available with a wide range of voice and data plans, including the $10 Unlimited Mobile Browser add-on data plan that allows unlimited Internet access."

The Unlimited Mobile Browser plan is $7, not ten. And from my understanding, you have to use Bell's mobile browser. Therefore, for $10 a month (or $7?), you won't be able to use the full HTML browser on the Samsung Instinct that gives you the "full" Internet experience. This is the same rubish as Rogers with the Nokia N95.

Would you get a 3G Nokia N95 and surf WAP enabled pages at 2.5G speeds? No. Dito for the Samsung Instinct. Perhaps that is why the press release refers to "a wide range of voice and data plans". Otherwise, the wording would have been "a wide range of voice plans with Internet at $10", or something like that.

-Touch a Smartphone this Summer: ;
-Samsung Instinct Cell Phone reviews - CNET Reviews

UPDATE 2008-07-09, 19:33: According to minute 6:00 this poorly made video, the Samsung Instinct Defaults to WAP!

Switzerland has cheaper iPhone plans than Canada!

Honey, we're moving to Switzerland!
Switzerland has cheaper iPhones than Canada! Switzerland! You know how expensive Switzerland is? Very. To add insult to injury, they have somehow managed to keep their Franc at par with Canada's dollar so comparisons are way to easy.
All the Swiss price plans include 1GB of data. The cheapest plan is 44 Swiss Francs (C or US$44). The 16GB iPhone is only 249 (compared to 299 in the USA and Canada).
Those prices are via Mac4Ever (in French) based on an Orange press release. The prices aren't on the Orange web site yet.

Touch a Smartphone this Summer: iPhone 3G (Rogers), HTC Diamond Touch (Telus) or Samsung Instinct (Bell)

The best touch smartphone this Summer will be the iPhone 3G. However, to use the phones, Rogers plans on charging an arm and a leg whereas both Bell and Telus will apparently offer unlimited Internet for $30 or less. And a phone is only good if you can use it, network coverage varies.
-Bell will offer the Samsung Instinct.
-Telus will offer the HTC Diamond
-Rogers/Fido will offer the iPhone 3G
Only Rogers has a confirmed launch data and confirmed usage pricing. Bell currently charges and arm and a leg for data/Internet. So does Telus. In fact, Telus is clearly insane, on your computer,  Telus will charge you $40 for 8MB or $65 for a 1000MB!
Even if you are a multi-millionaire, no point in getting an iPhone if you live out in the boonies or say, Saint-John, New Brunswick (sorry Irvings). However, Telus and Bell (Aliant) offer their fastest service (EVDO-RevA) in Saint-John.
-Rogers HSDPA coverage
You know the saying, if you have to ask... But really, can you afford NOT to have access to the Internet all over the place?
Cost to use the Internet on your laptop:
-Rogers (I think, although that might be the pricing for phones only)
Compare phones.
Insert links to reviews here.
-Telus HTC Touch Diamond price plan (currently does not exist)
-Bell Samsung Instinct price plan (currently does not exist)
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iPhone 3G, 31% better than the best thing ever


The best thing ever was the iPhone. According to the above link, the
iPhone 3G is 31% better.

But should you get one? If you are rich, obviously. The answer get's
tricky if you aren't.

The iPhone has significantly brought down Internet (aka data) usage
fees -although that isn't true if you are a fan of WEP (mobile
Internet). However, you probably aren't paying anything to have the
Internet on your phone. So you either will have to make sure you
profit from everywhere Internet or not spend the money somewhere else.

Factor about $30 more, per month, for this life changing feature that
you wan't, but probably don't need (yet).

Do you need the Internet? Then why not have it on your phone?

The Samsung Instict is a pretty good phone as long as you don't
compare it to the new iPhone 3G.

With Bell's unlimited Internet for $10 on the August 8th Instict, you
could get one and buy an iPod touch every year with the data plan
savings compared to Rogers and the iPhone.

However, that $10 per month unlimited Internet probably has fine print
that makes the deal less appealing...

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Free Wifi at Tim Hortens

In Canada, free wifi (with the iPhone) sudently makes Second Cup
affordable and Tim Hortens, at 50 cents per MB via Rogers 3g, expensive.

Tim Hortens doesn't have newspapers either. If you leave yours behind,
they will promptly throw it out. So maybe serving the literate isn't
part of their business model. But with McDonald's serving good coffee,
they need to think of something.

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Don't Trust Your Insticts, iPhone Wins


The Boston Globe and the Washington post have really negative revues
of the Samsong Instict. That is too bad as it is a CDMA phone and
therefor compatible with Telus and Bell.

I was hopping the phone might keep iPhone smoking Rogers honest.

Thank goodness for payphones.

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Optus fails to deliver on Australian iPhone plans


There are 3 iPhone carriers in Australia. The first to unveil full
pricing details has silmilar pricing to Rogers. Keep in mind that in
Australia, incoming calls are paid by the person making the call.

So much for the miracle of competition. Wouldn't it be funny if China
had the best price plans?

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If You Had An iPhone, You Could Be Outside Right Now

If you had an iPhone:
-You could be sipping coffee at at Second Cup while blogging about human rights violations in China (and not pay a penny for data use). The iPhone advertising on your blog might even pay for that coffee. It is even cooler if you blog about the poor working conditions of the Chinese workers who made your $200 iPhone.
-You could be at the beach (in Toronto or Oshawa) listening to streaming music, with regular interruptions to check your stocks.
-You could show off the pictures of your fake dog when you meet a hot dog owner at the park. "My ex got custody of my dog" (show picture of hot person with pet). If you just came up with this pick-up line, thanks to the iPhone, you can surf the Internet to collect the necessary "evidence".
-You could interpret tattoos (write down the Chinese symbol on your iPhone and have it translated via Google Translate). This is particularly useful if the tattoo is on your lover's back and you have time to kill). Or, if you are a women, you can use it 5 minutes later when your lover is sound asleep.
-You could start a conversation with anybody about how using the iPhone is so expensive and how Rogers is evil and it is all the fault of, your choice, lack of competition or lack of regulation. Or be a true Liberal and blame the lack of competition AND the lack of regulations.
-You could start a conversation saying how much you love your iPhone and how you are so happy about your Apple investment. You wiil come off as a snob, but who cares, at this point you are rich.
-You could google trouble shooting steps when your PC stops working properly.
-You could shop on ebay while waiting in line at the Dollar store.
-You could write/blog about your latest global warming solution while taking the bus.
-You could listen to your legally purchased music. Heck, with an iPhone, you can buy music while waiting for the elevator (if you have wifi access).
-You could watch TV from back home.
-You could appear knowledgeable at public meetings.
-You could buy, install and use the latest software while waiting in line at the grocery store!
-You could be trendy.
-You could tease Blackberry Bold owners.
-You could semi-knowledgeably argue about Israel even if you live in Jordan or Egypt.
-You could look for work in Australia while stuck in a snow storm.
-You could quote from the Bible (or look up obscure passages).
-You could bribe you way out of a bind.
-You could watch Rambo (or 2000 other titles) at your mother in-laws (on her TV, with the appropriate accessory, sold separately) for $4.99.
-You could remember Father's Day.
-Thanks to visual voice mail, you could skip voice mails from your Mom (I don't have a link for that one, I love hearing from my Mom).
-You could come up with some great arguments at your next town council .
If you had an iPhone, you could:
-Insult 7 million people on your way to work.
-Research local business opportunities on business trips,
-Stay in touch with the latest Clinton gaff.
-Make more informed shopping decisions.
-Research investments while waiting for the bus.
-Easily write Québécois without searching for the accent aigu (é).
-Rewrite the constitution while in the taxi on the way to your next first ministers conference.
-Serch for a better leader during a Jack Layton speach.
-Save a fortune on marketing consultants.
-Change the world while in bed.
-Walk out of Future Shop empty handed (but with a full wallet).
-Be happy you don't live in Ontario.
-Pass the time while in transit at Pearson International Airport in Toronto.
-Google alteranatives to swimming accross the border.
-Watch and then pass along great Youtube videos.
-Search for something to watch during commercials.
-Remind yourself why you are not buying a Toyota.
-Keep up to date with high art.
-Scare you flight mates.
-Campaign for John McCain.
-Avoid alerting your boss to your treasonous behaviour

iPhone Pricing: I'm moving to Holland

The Netherlands have legal weed AND cheap iPhones (if you're surprise by the weird spelling on the T-mobile site, it is because it is in Dutch. Click here for an explanation in English).
Some people were angry that the iPhone is cheaper in the USA. But so what, everything is cheaper in the USA, that is why they are so fat! But you don't think of Amsterdam as an affordable place. That is why when you go, you choose a crappy hotel/youth hostel and get stoned out of your mind (and then go to the art museum). And the locals don't have SUVs, they have bicycles. Crappy bicycles!
How can T-Mobil afford to put all those 3G antennas all over the place with the sky high price of Dutch real estate and offer the iPhone for so little? (Yes I realise Holland has a high population density, but so does Canada in the Rogers 3G coverage area).
Before you go totally ballistic, however, keep in mind that incoming calls in Holland are "free" (they are paid by the person making the call, not the cell phone holder). And the T-Mobile "Unlimited" is 2GB, (the French call their unlimited 500MB). If you go over your minutes, you will also pay more per minute in Holland (40 cents instead of 35 to 15 in Canada with Rogers).
Then again, I can't move to Holland as I don't have a European Union passport and I can't get one because my Canada ancestors go back to many generations. So really, comparing cell phone prices from one country to the other is pointless.
However, it is much easier to compare data prices between countries than between Bell, Rogers and Telus. Good luck with that!.
Just to be clear, Canada no longer has the cheapest iPhone in the world.

Electronista | iPhone most sought-out smartphone in Japan


When I watched the new, verry dry, iPhone 3g vidéo on the Apple site
(also available on Youtube), I had the sudden desire to learn Japanese
in order to take advantage of the Asian handwritten script software
included with the iPhone 2.0 software (available soon).

I guess Japan took notice too. 57% of the iPod crazy nation's 127
million residents are interested in one!

With oil costs thru the roof, maybe Apple should forget about the US,
save a fortune on shipping and sell China made iPhones to the 70
million Japaneese interested in the iPhone before it is even available
and before a single iPhone commercial has aired!

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