995 Reasons Not to Vote for Gerard Kennedy (1-3)

Reason 1: Not fluent enough in French.

Gerard Kennedy's French has been described as "approximate", "crumbling under pressure", "insufficient", "not there yet", "better than Harper's five years ago", "inadequate" and just plain "horrible" (that last one was mine).

As a result, his handlers refuse to let him go on Quebec's hugely popular talk show Tout le monde en parle.

He met his francophone spouse in 1981, 25 years ago! A couple of months of speaking French at home are not going to make up for lost time.

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Reason 2: No university degree
The Last PM without degree was Robert Borden (1911-1920) . And Borden was a self educated lawyer who passed the bar. The fact is, in Canada we like our leaders to have university credentials. If they weren't important, Kennedy wouldn't have mentioned attending TWO universities on his web site (his bio is a very good example of misleading advertising). Kennedy in fact spent one year at Trent and dropped out (flunked out?) of the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

People say he left university to work at the food bank. Well that doesn't appear to be true. He may indeed have been volunteering at the food bank, but even his web site bio mentions him being a "historical researcher". Presumably, he did that after leaving university. What we know for sure is that he became "Executive Director" in 1983, over two years after the creation of the food bank in 1981.

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Reason 3: Lack of Respect for Jurisdictions
It is hard to criticise Gerard Kennedy's performance as Education Minister because the bar was set so low by the Harris Progressive Conservatives. Power sharing between the province and the school boards has not been resolved. His greatest achievement is apparently meddling in the collective agreement negotiations between the unions and the school boards.

Nationally, he is clearly a centralist. He wants a "third way" for relationships between the provinces and the federal government. He clearly wants to use (abuse) the federal government's power to spend. This is illustrated with his plan on having national standards for education.

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Stay tuned for reasons 4 through 995.


Anonymous said...

You really need to ease up on this Kennedy stuff. It's not necessary.

Altavistagoogle said...

But I still have 992 more reasons to write about.

As long as Kennedy is in the race, it is necessary.

Altavistagoogle said...

According to Sitemetre, someone from the Privy Council just stoped by!

Out Click: Liberal Confusion.


Eric said...

992 more reasons? Gawd...

You really don't like Kennedy much do you?

Not that I disagree or anything, I'm just saying, you really have it in for him.

Anonymous said...

Kennedy is not damaging the race, he belongs in it. All that we can take from your rants is that you think all the other candidates are equal.


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