Banned from Liblogs for living in Toronto.

Frankly, I could accept that as a legitimate reason for being banned from from Liblogs. But what really irritates me is that I don't live in Toronto. I live in Edmundston, New Brunswick. Sean Liddle of Belleville, Ontario, (aka Gorthos or Gortrix) posted that, based on my IP adress, I was in Toronto. UFO enthusiast Sean Liddle then complained to Jason Cherniack, Liblogs Administrator, about an e-mail I sent him. Cherniack must thinks he is also the e-mail police as he then "banned me" from Liblogs.   
From: "Jason Cherniak"
Subject: RE: You blog
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 17:01:05 -0500
(...) You also lie about your location.  You are out.
He actually only removed my blog from the blog agragator. If my blog has been "banned", shouldn't it also be removed from the Liblogs list?
Altavistagoogle, The Canadian Republic.


Democracy said...

It is funny that in a Liberal blog there is no democracy. Liblogs is owned and operated by Jason C. Remember he is the president of Liblogs and there are no other board members!!!!

We should have a democractically run liberal blog aggerator!

eugene plawiuk said...

I agree with deomcarcy remember that a free press belongs to those that own one. Thus it goes with blogaggregators.

KC said...

I am relieved that you have been turfed. You contributed nothing of value to the discussion.

SUZANNE said...

What a load of BS. Why would they go through the trouble of turfing you for THAT??? That's absolutely ridiculous. There could be any number of reasons why your IP shows up as "Toronto".

I'm just sorry that you don't get to show up on the aggregator. I click on your articles (relatively) often enough.

Maybe you could start your own Liberal list?

Saskboy said...

While I don't often agree with your posts, it's not right for Jason to boot you unless he's willing to post the official reason somewhere, and the Libloggers agree with the reasoning.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Jason is a small-minded fellow who probably wouldn't know how to check out the facts if he had to. :-)


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