Two Million People

Two Million People
That is, very roughly, the number of people that would have been born in Canada had the Supreme court of Canada not made abortion legal 20 years ago (January 28th, 1978). Obviously, not all those aborted foetuses would have survived childbirth or childhood. However, some of those born would have given birth by now...
I have seen two sources suggest there are currently about 100,000 abortions in Canada every year. There are only 325,000 Canadian births each year in Canada (to be confirmed).
Was I the only one paying attention in sex ed? Use condom, avoid pregnancy. Clearly, we need to work on reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies. Do enough women know about the morning after pill?
If you do the math, a staggering percentage of Canadian men and women have been involved in unwanted pregnancies (often the man's fault). I can think of a dozen off hand. Are people who can't figure out contraception ready for parenthood? No. 


SUZANNE said...

About half the women who go for abortions were using contraception. Contraception fails. That's why there's abortion. We should simply accept that sex leads to babies and live accordingly.

Altavistagoogle said...

Suzanne, what on earth is your source for this statistic?


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