Trudeau Will Never Be Elected, Ever

Trudeau proclaimed to a bunch of teachers in New Brunswick that "Quebec will never seperate, ever." Then he suggests that having a French language education system in Quebec is a waist of money and "affixing labels".

Good grief. The state of French is New Brunswick is bad enough the way it is, not sure how sending French kids in Southern New Brunswick to English schools is going to improve it.

Back to separation. Justin Trudeau says Quebec will never separate because "Separatism is a mythology that has been created." According to the Toronto Star , he "compared Quebec separatists to school children, accusing them of "whining and complaining to get more attention." (Hat Tip to Impolitical )

Countries that had smaller populations than Quebec currently has when they seperated:

-New Zealand
-Every country in Spanish Speeking South America, south of Mexico.
-Many, but not all, of the countries in Africa.
-Boznia Herzegovina
-East Timor
-Papua New Guinea

And, not that long ago, thanks to the end of the Roman Empire:

And many, many others...

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Stephen said...

If I were a betting man, I would money on Trudeau getting elected.


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