Top Gear Richard Hammond not dead, but suffered a significant brain injury

Update (2006-10-05): Bristol and doctors predict Richard Hammond will be "back to his old self" within six months. Top Gear has now resumed filming.
A Saturday, September 23 news report suggests that Top Gear Richard Hammond is not dead and in fact will survive.

30 hours after surviving the "world's fastest ever car crash", Richard Hammond was up and walking! Unfortunately, he has suffered a "significant brain injury". No word yet if there will be any permanent side effects.

Please see my previous post for related links and information about BBC World and Top Gear: Richard Hammond, Top Gear, is almost dead

That post is a major traffic generator to this blog. Note to America, people from around the world like the British presenters of Top Gear. Why replace them with Americans?

I'm sure you join me in wishing good luck and a full recovery to Richard Hammond.

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