It is OK to Kill Puppies for Fun: Barbara Amiel

The latest MacLeans post by Barbara Amiel makes Werner Patels sound coherent. Is MacLeans _paying_ her for this nonsense?
According to Amiel, if rich people hunt for fun, then clearly poor urbanites should be able to organise dog fights. Never mind that in the example she brings up, the dog fight organiser is a multi-millionaire and that the vast majority of hunters are not rich.
Here is a moral cheat sheet Barbara:
Hunting baby seals is OK. Staging baby seal fights, not so much. The size of your bank account is irrelevant.
In other Macleans news, Paul Wells is clearly suffering from culture shock and it isn't translating into good posts (by his standards, by this blog's they would be OK, but I'm an amateur, or am I).

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