Crazy people and blogs

I scared myself today. Siting in my living room in front of my computer while listening to music, I realised I put myself in mortal danger. Not from the heath effects of lack of exercise, although that is a concern, but from corresponding with a crazy blogger with a documented history of violence!

Many of us have been on the lookout for psyco bloggers after it turned out the Dawson College murders were committed by a habitual user. Now there are over 100 million users of MySpace alone, so clearly people don't go crazy _because_ of the Internet.

There are crazy people all over the place. We can usually spot them. Our friends generally don't hang out with them. They usually get kicked out of bars if they become violent or aggressive.

The person I realised today was crazy is currently a member of both Liblogs and Progressive Bloggers. She has also been quoted by the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Radio-Canada Online and many bloggers. She had an air of legitimacy to me. Her profile picture is her high school graduation picture. I assumed she was in her early twenties which went a long way to explain her naivness and general nuttiness.

Who puts, as their profile picture, a picture taken when they were 18 when they are now middle-aged?

Mental illness can affect anybody. Nobody is immune. If you are suffering from mental illness, you probably shouldn't blog. If you are charged with a violent crime, you shouldn't blog till the court proceedings are over.

As I am a member of both Liblogs and Progressive Bloggers, please be advised that I have two links to this person's blog on my main page.

Be aware.

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