Rona Ambrose Chief of Staff Obssesed with Gay Sex

Rick Mercer is at it again on his blog. His latest post, The Right Guy For the Job, is not about Gerard Kennedy (sorry) . Rick Mercer (who is gay, not that there is anything wrong with that) takes issue with Focus on the Family:

My problem with Focus on the Family isn't that they are a Christian organization, far from it. My problem is they seem obsessed with sex and that disturbs me. I'm a prude when it comes to these things. Focus on the Family are the people that think SpongeBob SquarePants is gay. That's just plain crazy talk. What kind of people sit around and think about the sexual orientation of cartoon characters? And really, to suggest that SpongeBob is gay is just silly. Bi curious perhaps but a hundred percent homo? I don't believe it .

Rick's post goes a long way to explaining why my post Rona Ambrose: first lesbian Environment Minister , that I wrote back in March as a joke, is a major landing strip for visitors to my blog from sources as varied as the New Westminster police department and Hydro-Quebec.

As far as I know, Rona Ambrose has never slept with a women. But I'm glad her new chief of staff has all the training to tell us if she does.

Just search "Lesbian" on their movie web site! This was one of the results (I kid you not, no editing):

Bend It Like Beckham:
Elsewhere, teen girls are shown changing clothes in a locker room (glimpses of their bras and panties). Various women wear revealing outfits. Jules' mom nags her about having small breasts and zero sex appeal, pressuring her to wear a "pump-action" bra which inflates to enhance bust size. Mom also grabs her daughter's breasts and shoves them upwards to show them off. Likewise, members of Jess' extended family laugh about her "mosquito bite" breasts. Shirtless guys rub their own "manly" chests while laughing about Jules' inability to properly "chest" a soccer ball. Giggly teen girls ogle the bare-chested guys. Jules makes a hand motion that symbolizes masturbation (the British vulgarity "w-nker" is also thrown around). Jess' sister is seen making out (heavily) with a guy in a parked car. Sexual innuendo includes references to "big engines." Jokes are made about premarital sex being "the best bit." When Jess and Jules' soccer team travels to Germany for a game, they go clubbing afterwards (dancing is sensual and costumes spare). A couple is seen making out in a bathroom. "Shag" is used to denote sexual acts. Outtakes seen during closing credits include images of the girls on the soccer team lifting their shirts to show off their sports bras and guys rubbing other guys' chests in mock displays of affection. (All this over the music of a song titled "Hot, Hot, Hot").

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