Canada Should Join Japan

Canada should join/merge with Japan. That would prove to French speaking Quebeckers that we English speaking Canadians can live in a country as part of a religious, cultural and linguistic minority.
In addition, if Quebeckers still wanted to leave the new and improved Japanada (final name of the country to be determined by a referendum), then we could accuse them of being racist.
Here are my arguments for joining Japan.
1. The Japanese love Ann of Green Gables.
2. Canadians love the Nintento Wii
3. Canada had oil, Japan needs it.
4. Canadians wouldn't have to pay duty on the already expensive Play Station 3.
That's all I got.
If for some reason you don't like Japan, we could join Brazil (perpetual Summer!), or Russia (they have oil, just like we do!) or France (mmm, I wonder what non-pasteurized Cheese Whiz tastes like).
My argument here is that Canada was on a role expansion wise, why stop at Newfoundland?  And why worry so much about Quebec? If bigger is better, then there are plenty of countries that Canada could join or absorb...

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the rev. said...

There has been talk on several occasion in the House of Commons of annexing the Turks and Caicos islands in the Caribbean. I'm all for it! Joining Japan, not so much. And that's from a guy who has lived in Tokyo for the last ten years. You think Canada's government is screwed up? Japan makes our Parliament and court system look like well-oiled precision democracy and justice machines.


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