Breaking Bad Season 4 is now on Netflix

Perhaps not the best time of year to be watching TV on the Internet, but it if rains...

Netflix NOW on Netflix!
Because you enjoyed Breaking Bad in the past, we thought you'd like to know that we just added all episodes of Breaking Bad: Season 4 to watch instantly. Enjoy!
–Your friends at Netflix
Breaking Bad Season 4
Breaking Bad  Season 4
2011     13 Episodes     Available in HD
Resurfacing after a searing third season that put them at odds with their ruthless boss, Gus, Walt and Jesse regroup in the meth lab to face the consequences of their collective actions.


Canada-Guyana for $408!

$411 from Halifax ($408 from Toronto) to Guayana, return, in December (all taxes included) (on the Google site, click on the calender button for the cool graphic). No visa required.

Getting there from Halifax for $411 is a 23 hour journey, but only 13 on the way back. Delta does fly to JFK New York from Halifax, but for $411, they insist you transit via Toronto to JFK, using Westjet.

But South America for $411 !

A $45 visa is required to visit adjacent Suriname. It is $125 for Brazil. You will need a Yellow Fever certification to cross a border in that region. There are no direct roads to Venezuela. Guyana has a high crime rate, directed at tourists!

The airport departure tax is G$4000! Although, thankfully, that is only about 20 bucks, Canadian.

Guyana is always sunny and warm (and humid), but December is the beginning of the rainy season (heavy afternoon rain showers). There have never been any hurricanes hitting Guyana.

If you do it right, you could visit 4 countries (5 if you go to Venezuela via Brazil) with 4 different languages (English, Dutch, French, Portuguese) and 4 different currencies. More impressive, every border is a ferry crossing!


NY Times China Via Google Translate

When reading the NY Times via Twitter and Google search becomes too
much of a hassle, you can now read the Chinese version. And if you
don't speak Mandarin, you can use Google Translate.

By the way, wouldn't it make more sense for Bloomingdales to advertise
in the airline in-flight magazines. What is the percentage of New York
Times readers that actually visit New York? Probably high now that I
think about it.


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