Off With Her Head: 53% of Canadians want to drop the Queen

The Angus Reid survey of Canadians didn't refer specifically to the guillotine, but the result would be the same: no more queen for Canada.
From the Canadian Press:

The survey by Angus Reid Strategies found that 53 percent wanted Canada to drop the monarchy.

Support for severing ties was highest among men, and among French speakers, while women, and those earning more than C$50,000 (24,677 pounds) a year, were most likely to support the current system, the survey of 1,032 adults found.

"These are the lowest results for the monarchy that I've ever seen," said Tom Freda, national director of Citizens for a Canadian Republic, noting that support was similarly low shortly after the death of Princess Diana.

In Quebec, the result is 74% ! Get rid of the undecided, and the results are even more striking, only 35% of Canadians would oppose getting rid of the Canadian monark (only 13% in Quebec)!
What is really striking (and perhaps explains why politicians stay a mile a way from this subject) is that only 2% of people 55 years and over where undecided about breaking ties. 55% of our "elderly" support dropping Lizy and Charlie, only 43% oppose.
Smart poor people are more likely to support droping her majesty, rich ediots want to keep her.
Your britishness is more likely to make you favour the Queen, with regions with regions with large aboriginal or French populations supporting the political equivalent to the guillotine.
Let's do this!
Detailed PDF (Acrobat) file of the questions and result.


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