Reasons 6 to 9 of 995 Not to Vote for Gerard Kennedy

Reason 6: Gerard Kennedy betrayed the Liberals. John Nunziata voted against the budget and was rightfully kicked out of the Liberal caucus. In the 1997 elections he ran as an independent. Gerard Kennedy supported him and actively campaigned against the Liberals.

Gerard Kennedy Campaigned Against the Federal Liberals ;

Reason 7: Speaking style in English. He talks but doesn't actually say anything. He uses expressions like "New liberalism" and the "first international country". Expressions that are completely empty of meaning. I think it is a symptom of his lack of education.

Kennedy Loses Debate;

Reason 8: His supporters aren't that bright. The Toronto Star calls Gerard Kennedy supporters "cult like". Every time I criticise Gerard Kennedy I get insults left in the comments. Not intelligent rebuttals, insults. No to mention the pro-Kennedy comment spam. I'm starting to wonder if some of these people are paid to do it. Astrosurfing, if you will.

Gerard Kennedy is Advertising on Blogs! ;
Gerard Kennedy Cult Members Confront Reality .

Reason 9: Gerard Kennedy has been avoiding the francophone media. I'm not asking Gerard Kennedy to jump naked into the Saint Lawrence with Infoman, but I think he should do more than one interview. One interview! That is the number of interviews Gerard Kennedy has done in French in the entire campaign. Prove me wrong. Find a French language interview other than his appearance on RDI last week.

Gerard Kennedy Avoiding Francophone Media ;
Gerard Kennedy on RDI: Horrible French. .

Other Reasons:
995 Reasons Not to Vote for Gerard Kennedy (1-3) ;
Reason 4 of 995 not to vote for Gerard Kennedy: He is a chicken ;
Gerard Kennedy Committed War Crimes (Reason 5 of 995 not to vote GK) .

Pro-Kennedy French Blogs: None!

Francophone Blog negative about Gerard Kennedy (the only one I could find):
-Ce je-ne-sais-quoi qui m'empêche de leur faire confiance! :
Si mes amis se demandaient encore pourquoi certains fédéralistes québécois avaient de la difficulté à exprimer haut et fort leur appui au parti de Laurier, le candidat à la chefferie, Gerard Kennedy, vient de nous en faire la démonstration.


SouthernOntarioan said...

I tend to think CalgaryGrit is a generally smart person. I may not agree with him about Kennedy, but he's not that bad.

Altavistagoogle said...

Agreed. I wasn't aiming at Calgary Grit. He's the exception that proves the rule.


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