Richard Hammond, Top Gear, is almost dead

Update (2006-10-05): Bristol and doctors predict Richard Hammond will be "back to his old self" within six months. Top Gear has now resumed filming.

Update (2006-09-26): Top Gear Richard Hammond not dead, but suffered a significant brain injury

Those of you lucky enough to have BBC World probably have watched the excellent show: Top Gear. It is no longer available BBC World in North America so I'm guessing some other channel has the rights.

Anyway, I just read that Richard Hammond, the young (36) Top Gear presenter, was critically injurd driving 300 mph (480 kph) in the UK.

First the Crocodile Hunter, now this guy.

********UPDATE 2006-09-21, 18:44 (Halifax Time)*****************

The poor guy is in stable condition, but suffers from brain damage...

A simple Google search informed me that Top Gear on BBC World is preempted in Canada because it plays on BBC Canada on Saturday and Sunday at 19:00.

Top Gear is preempted on BBC World in the USA because an American version (with American presenters) has been produced. The Discover Channel showed at least one episode last winter. But it is not scheduled this Fall.

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