I did It! 101.52 dollars for blogging

Total Earnings:
Ironically, now that the American dollar is essentially worthless (well, at par with the Canadian Buck), I'm finally eligible to get some cash from Google for all those adds on my blog (you only get paid when your account tops a hundred). When the cash falls into my bank account next month, I'll finally be able to consider myself a "professional" blogger.
Now, granted, US$101.52 for a years work (or was it two?) isn't much, but how many people get paid for their hobby? Of course, when factoring in electricity and Internet fees, I didn't really earn any money. But I could have had I blogged at the library!
If I could offer some free advice to you budding professional bloggers: build an audience before worrying about generating money from advertising. Advertising is quite time consuming. The companies keep changing the rules. Chapters, for example, has switched advertising partners so often I've completely lost track of who they are with now. Blockbuster is now out of the game and I am supposed to remove the link from my blog. Working for zilch is no fun at all.
Content, content, content. That, in my opinion, is the name of the game. Freshness, sure, controversy, debate and excitement, why not; but content is what will earn you the bucks later on. The post you wrote a year ago that still generates cash, that is the sweetest cash of all.
Long live the Internet. And may today's rants provide me with the occasional Moosehead when I retire in 30 years. :-)
Roger, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

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