Oh, the irony: Adscam and Rae Blogger

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The following is from the Google Cache of dissension-delivered.blogspot.com. The author, "Skip", was outed today by the Globe and Mail.

[link added by me]

Michael Ignatieff's Calamity of Errors...
"Oops, I did it again." A fellow blogger once used this famous Brittany Spears line to describe Ignatieff's communications strategy. I am increasingly in agreement. I mean, this guy can't seem to help himself - not even with all eight of his communications assistants working their buns off.

Which brings me to the latest reason for discussing Mr. Ignatieff's ability (or lack thereof) to communicate with the media.

When the Globe and Mail somehow links your blog to Adscam, I'd guess you have a "communication" problem. Skip's solution was to delete his blog. Even more ironic, both the Globe and Mail and "Skip" (author of dissension-delivered.blogspot.com.) quoted Shoshana Berman!

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