I Just Gave 100 Dollars to the NDP

I just made a $400 donation to the NDP. Mostly, it is because I'm strongly against Canada's war in Afghanistan that both the Conservatives and Liberals support. I want democracy in Afghanistan. But I also want it in Monaco, Cuba and Lichtenstein. And they are closer...

My $400 donation will only cost me $100 thanks to the 75% tax credit. Even better, I used the money generated from the advertising on this blog!

-Give Now Or For Ever Hold Your Peace
-Donate To NDP and Bloc or Harper Will Be In Power For Ever
-Look at the Results Map
-How Many Canadian Soldiers Do You Want to Die in Afghanistan?
-Layton Wins Debates (Source: NDP ad)
-Conservatives Or NDP = Same Result?
-Top 10 Reasons Not to Vote Conservative
-The Urbane Prefer the NDP
-It Takes Money, not Blogs, to Win an Election
-Is the NDP Anti American?
-Quebec TV Show Laghs at Jack Layton's French

In the Graveyard of Empires: America's War in AfghanistanWaiting for the Taliban: A Journey Through Northern AfghanistanThe Only Thing Worth Dying ForIn AfghanistanThe Taliban and the Crisis of AfghanistanThe World According to Al QaedaToughing It Out in AfghanistanLove and War in AfghanistanFriendly Fire: The Untold Story of the U.S. Bombing that Killed Four Canadian Soldiers in AfghanistanKandahar Tour: The Turning Point In Canada's Afghan MissionThe Trap (An International Thriller)


MSCONFIG Will Speed Up Your Computer


Your computer is getting slower and slower? MSCONFIG will allow you to control the software that starts up with the computer. With Vista or Windows 7, simply type msconfig in the Windows search tool (above the "start" button). Then press the startup tap. Here you will find a list of all the programs that startup with the computer. You don't need any, but the choice is yours.

If you still have Windows XP, it is time to change computers. However, MSCONFIG will still work (type msconfig.exe under "run")

Control and scroll wheel.

Text on the screen is too small? Simply press CTRL and + (or the scroll wheel on your mouse). With a Mac, press the Apple button and + (or the scroll wheel/swipe on the mouse). F11 is also great to maximise the page (with Chrome, you can also press the wrench, then the full screen icon; with IE9, the gear, then file/Full screen).

What I Have Been Watching

Internet TV is great, except it does require a bit of work as sometimes it feels like there are 2 billion channels and nothing worth watching.

So to help you out, here are some of the shows I've been watching that I recommend for when you need your TV fix.

The links below are valid in Canada, in other countries, use your favourite search engine.

-Frontline (PBS)
-Jersey Shore, Season 2 (MTV)
-Everest (Netflix)
-Top Gear (Neflix)
-The Simpsons (iTunes)
-Desperate Housewives (the entire season is online!) (CTV)
-The Amazing Race (CTV)
-30 Rock (CITY)
-The Office (Global TV)
-Découverte (Radio-Canada)
-Infoman (Radio-Canada)
-Caméra Café (TVA, requires Vidéotron subscription)

Give Now Or For Ever Hold Your Peace

If you don't like sending your hard earned dollars to Afghanistan in the form of bullets and subsidized Tim Hortons coffee, this is the time to give to your favourite federal party, as you will get up to 75% of your money back in April.

The $1100 federal donation limit is great until you meet the people who donate. Not particularly impressed with any of the parties? Apathetic? You realise that local politics affects you more? You are one of the people that needs to give. Otherwise, the pro-military will have too much influence and Canada will continue to send your money, and Canada's teenagers, to foreign wars.

Peace and common sense are counting on you.

21 billion dollars is spent each and every year on Canada's military. No country wants to invade Canada. Not one. If we pick a serious fight with someone down the road, I'm pretty sure we'll find someone to sell/rent us some arms. If you are against a big, bloated federal government, donate to a party like the NDP that favours a smaller military.

Canada has 32 million people and spends $21 billion dollars a year on the military (13th highest!). China has 1300 million people and spends $70 billion. Think about it.


Pirate Stories are Popular on the Coasts (Ottawa Citizen iPad app)

What I have already learned from the "popular around me" feature in
the new Ottawa Citizen iPad app:

-CSIS employees aren't allowed to surf the web on their iPad at workDecision Points.
-Nobody cares about road rage outside the Windsor-Quebec axis.
-People in Atlantic Canada, Vancouver one person in Peru love a good
pirate story.

I'm guessing very few people use the new iPad app and the Ottawa
Citizen isn't a national newspaper, still, some interesting things can
be learned when you link data to geography.

By the way, I've been using the app for a couple of hours and so far I
love it! The Gazette has a new one as well, so I assume this is a
corporate wide launch. Advertisers should note the NY Times app is no
longer on my iPad.

Via iPad


Moderation Town: Trailer Park Boys for the Internet

Not all of us in the Maritimes are trailer park dwelling pot heads. Some of us have jobs. Brain dead stupid jobs, mind you, but jobs. Moderation Town is relatively entertaining and eerily close to my day to day existence here in Moncton. Give it at least 10 minutes before you give up on it. But maybe you prefer American TV.

Fewer Doctors, More eBooks

Imagine how many eBooks the New Brunswick government could buy with
the salary of just one doctor. :)

Celsius 211, e-books Arrive at the New Brunswick Library

411 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at witch books burn
according to Ray Bradburry's Fahrenheit 411. Yet, here in New
Brunswick, although the provincially run library system is presumably
buying fewer inflammable books, the money isn't being diverted away to
mind controlling television (there is no equivalent to TV Ontario or
Télé-Quebec out here, although cable subscribers have access to both).

No, money is being diverted to ebooks that, ironically for Ray
Bradbury fans, can be read on a wall (aka gigantic TV connected to a

Despite being behind the innovation curb, Ottawa and Calgary, for
example, have had e-libraries for a while, I'm not sure the library is
quite ready for the masses. There are plenty of compatibility issues
and selection is quite limited, especially in French (a third of New
Brunswick's 750,000 people are French speaking).

But for Anglos that are computer savvy, even in this paper producing
province, the NB e-library makes a lot of sense. This is still, after
all, a rural province where 1 in 2 live in a rural area, far from any
library with much selection. As any citizen in New Brunswick can
request that a physical, burnable book, be shipped to their local
branch (from an other branch), there should be some fuel savings (take
that Alberta).

(Screen capture of my first e-Library book)

Metropolis on iPad, Body Under Ground

In 1995, I used to take the subway from my mountain top highrise all
the way to downtown Montreal just to sip good coffee and browse fancy

Now I just browse them on my fancy iPad... while drinking instant
coffee and without leaving my Moncton basement apartment.

The 2010 version of me wins, right? :)

Is it OK to Rough Up An Immigrant for a Good Car Chase Scene?

Yes, obviously a good car chase trumps the time of a few immigrants.
That being said, I used to live in Montreal where period films were
often filmed. Many of these films I knew I wouldn't be interested in.
So I can relate to LGirl's annoyance.

Still, when you live in a city, you should realise that it is a shared
space. Waiting a few minutes won't kill you. Movies require city
permits to mitigate annoyance, but democratically elected city
councils know there will be some.

You be the judge. I think the officer was trying to save LGirl* from
the impending car chase scene, not hurt her. Obey the rules and nobody
gets hurt.


We put up with New Yorkers because they live in a great city. But take
the New Yorker out of New York, and all you are left with is a New
Yorker. :)

They wouldn't have filmed so many Police Academies without the rule
obeying citizens of Mississauga/Toronto. Just saying.

*A few years ago, LGirl immigrated from New York City to Mississauga.

Via iPad

Wikileaks Vs. Père Noël (humour)

Faudrait quand même pas que 4chan s'en prenne au Père Noël !

Great Water Commercial With Jennifer Connelly

The New Brunswick government just randomly reduced transfers to cities by 1%, as if Walkerton was a distant memory.

Acadie Nouvelle

Version PDF du journal francophone du Nouveau Brunswick: L'Acadie Nouvelle. Si ne ça marche pas pour vous, consultez d'anciens numéros via le site de la bibliothèque ou visitez Capacadie pour vous abonner.


Canada Does not Need Immigrants

This post is in direct response to WMTC 's post:

"Canada cannot survive without immigrants. The country's non-immigrant population growth is less than zero."

What is wrong with Canada having less people? Very few people immigrate here in the Maritimes, and people aren't exactly dying in the streets. Homes are more affordable, commutes are relatively short and you don't have to hold your nose on public transportation. In short, it is better here. Better. Not worse. Better.

Canada's population has skyrocketted over the last century. Yet what do we have to show for it? Technical innovations means we need fewer people to exploit our natural resources, not more. If potential citizens can't pass the citizenship test, buh bye. Better yet, they should pass the test before they immigrate to Canada.

Fact: Immigrants depress wages.
Fact: Immigrants use up valuable land.
Fact: Lower population is good for the environment.

I'm all for win-win immigration. But what I see is win-loose. Bring back the immigrant head tax!

Canadian Hulu (cable free since November 20)

Did you know the Grey Cup was streemed live on both tsn.ca and rds.ca this year? Cool eh.

I'm a TV addict, yet going Internet only (no cable TV or antenna), has been quite easy

Here are some of the shows that I watch online:
(Get back here quickly with j.mp/aaatv or bit.ly/aaatv )
Outsourced and The Office on Globaltv.com , 30 Rock , Modern Family and Community on video.citytv.com or City TV iPad app , Big Bang Theory , Two and a half men , Sh*t My Dad Says, Desperate Housewives and The Amazing Race (shows.ctv.ca),  Weeds on showcase.ca, South Park ,  The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Conan  on comedynetwork.ca, The Simpsons on iTunes, The Passionate Eye and Hockey Night in Canada on CBC.ca, Découverte on tou.tv, Season 2 of Jersey Shore on MTV.ca and, NBC Nightly News on msnbc.msn.com and , if you have access to a Vidéotron's online password: TVA's Caméra Café.

Turns out Caméra Café, like Big Brother, Survivor, The Apprentice and Next Top Model, is one of those international franchise shows. I wonder witch version contains n*dity. :)

Sadly, Infoman and Tout le monde en parles are not legally streamed on the Internet... yet.

My previous online TV musings:

Recommended podcasts (Youtube links):

-Twit (especially Tech News Today when Becky Worley in on) ;
-CommandN (Amber is good, the guy, not so much)

-The Guardian's Media Talk (I don't know why talk about media in a country I don't live in is so compelling, but it is)
-Iceberg Radio (Adult Alternative) 


Day Two of No Cable TV: Not so good.

I lost $25 earlier today because I couldn't watch the Calgary-Regina Canadian Football League game and I lost my Atlantic Lottery bet. If I had watched, they could have won (that is how it works :) ).

Sunday was day two of my life without TV (I still have the Internet).  It was not a good day. Turns out when the NFL is on, people in Moncton like to watch it instead of the CFL. So watching at work or the local pub was not an option. I didn't "need" to see the game. But since I had money on it...

Sunday is also the day when many of my favourite shows are on: The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives and Weeds. I've also been following Bordwalk Empire on HBO (not a favourite, but I had a 60 minute hole in my evening as a result). With the exception of Bordwalk Empire, all of my Sunday shows will be available on the Internet early this week. But they are not available Sunday.

I spent 1 hour trying to find something worthy of my attention on Netflix. Caught the last episode of the last season of the British sitcom Coupling. British sitcoms are sometimes great. But now I've seen all the Couplings, Yes Ministers and Faulty Towers.

Suffering from sports withdrawal, I almost got suckered into subscribing to the $21 a month NHL Gamecentre because it is now available on my PlaySation. Since many games can be streamed live on the CBC site, I'm really not sure it is worth it, at least for me; it had been ages since I watched an entire hockey or football game. But it turns out I like the option to watch a game. I couldn't watch a CFL playoff game today. That is sad.

When you don't have TV, the Diggnation podcast passes for Sunday entertainment. By the way Kevin, smoke is a carcinogen, regardless of source.


Day One Of No Cable TV

See Day Minus One:

Well, yesterday I didn't return my cable PVR as planned. Regardless,
today my cable TV was canceled. I'm currently watching the
Canadiens-Leafs game, live, via the Internet. Yes, CBC.ca streams many
of their games live. So I was able to view the Pat Burns tribute. Now,
the quality isn't HD (but it is wide screen), and it is in English
(RDS is the rights holder in French, and, they have a vested interest
in you not cancelling your cable/satellite/IPTV.).

Yesterday, I figured out that you can share a The Movie Network
subscription (one party enjoys it on TV, the other on the Internet).
My sister will share her TMN subscription with me (for $8/month).
Sweet. I can go without Bordwalk Empire, but I was looking forwards to
Big Love in January.

So far, so good.

Via iPad


I Cut the Cord, Confessions of a TV Addict in Canada

Day minus one: Today I got my unlimited BellAliant Internet hooked up. It works (only available in Atlantic Canada). Tomorrow I will return my beloved cable TV digital video recorder (and my cable modem). Thursday is my favourite TV night and since there is absolutely nothing worth watching on TV Friday and Saturday, I figure tomorrow is a good day to start.

Good news, I just read on the Marketing Magazine web site (ironically owned by Rogers), that cineplex.com now has digital movies available for rent to Canadians. Airport is only a $3 rental (in standard definition) away. 

I already have an $8 a month Netflix.ca subscription, but it is nice to have movie options (in addition to iTunes and the PlayStation store). 

Argh! Although the Formula One season just ended, Nascar ends Sunday! But there is a TV at work (and at the bar next door) so I should be OK. 

Strategy for Sunday: New Simpsons episodes are available for $3.50 on iTunes (totally worth it). Weeds is available on the Showcase.ca website. Desperate Housewives (that I'm much less desperate to see) is available on ctv.ca  . I'm not going to be able to see the new Boardwalk Empire, but it will be online eventually (it is not exactly must see TV). I can also browse thru The Amazing Race if I get board next week thanks once again to the CTV web site.

I hope they don't cut Andy Roony's pay as I'm not going to be able to watch 60 minutes.

I'll make it, I think.


Australian Accent

This 19 year old's video has garnered 300,000 views on Youtube. It has also generate 4,500 comments. My favourite being: "I hate not having an accent :( I'm American and I wish I had an accent sooo bad". I have no doubt that person is serious. The irony of wanting something you already have. :)

I'm a bit of an accent buff. Working in the inbound call centre industry, you come across all sorts. I love how this girl has a posh (aka, sophisticated, educated, from a good family) accent, but then you quickly realise you have no idea what she is saying...


Prediction: Windows 7 Phone = Tech Support Jobs in Moncton

3 minutes to load an application, according Engadget. If the Windows 7 phones aren't a giant flop, they will generate plenty of tech support calls. Moncton, as the tech support capital of North America*, is well positioned to reap the benefits.

*Sitel (Bell), Rogers, Sykes (BellAliant) and many others.


MacLean's is Most Corrupt Magazine in Canada

Many Canadian magazines are corrupt. After all, even in digital form, most receive a subsidy from the Canadian government. But, although I have no evidence to prove it, MacLean's is the most corrupt. And since Ted Rogers died, it has only gotten worse.

You see, MacLean's is in serious trouble. They could lose the magazine subsidy as soon as the Conservatives get a majority. Perhaps worse, they are bleeding readers. From 508,000 subscribers a few years ago, they now only have 377,000. And that is across all of Canada. The readership here in New Brunswick, for example, is negligible (so regional companies like Irving don't advertise in it). 

As Saturday Night Magazine and the National Post have shown, Canadian national news is difficult. 25% of the people born in Canada don't speak English as a first language (most are known as francophones), a bunch of immigrants (250,000 per year) can barely speak English, never mind read it. Worse, with the Internet, we have many alternatives for Canadian news. And indeed, even my elderly mother wonders why she is paying for the paper version of the magazine when many Macleans articles are online.

Solution: Troll bait. Troll bait works. Even people who disagree with you will read you. Then they will come back to read the letters to the editor (or to comment online). But it only works for a while, then people get bored and move on. But MacLean's is still in the faze where it works: store sales are up!

So how is that corruption? Well, MacLean's is no longer balanced. The underlying theme is government is bad, Sarah Palin is good. But Andrew Coyne isn't trying to appease his elderly readership or the Ted Rogers billionaire kids, he is trying to make sure his magazine keeps his government subsidy. Now THAT is corruption.

Example of MacLean's intellectual corruption:


Netflix Says Yes Minister and Hej Lesbiska

The entire series of Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister is available on-demand for your viewing pleasure via Internet streaming on your Mac, PC, PS3, Nintendo Wii, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and on many Internet enabled Blu-Ray players and HD TVs. Wow.

A waste of technology? Perhaps. Still, if you like politics (or had the misfortune of working in government) you will love these two series. The Yes Minister sitcom may have started on the BBC 30 years ago, but it remains true today. Don't let the laugh track fool you, this is could be a documentary.

Oh, Netflix also throws in a bunch of other TV series and movies. First month free, then C$8/month. Plus tax?

I also recommend Frozen River (a sad but gripping story about survival and greed set in the Ontario-Quebec-NY State border area) and Slum Dog Millionaire (ditto, but less sad and set in India). Both are currently available for streaming on Netflix.ca

Netflix Canada has been criticised for the lack of fresh content. That is certainly legitimate. However, if you don't mind movies that are at least a year old, then the recommendation engine will come up with some gems. Although after liking a couple of lesbian movies, it thinks I might be gay (I'm not sure why they put "Gay" and "Lesbian" in the same category). I just like to watch naked women kiss, honest! :)

Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister were filmed in standard definition (not 35 mm like movies), so are only available in standard definition. However, many movies, even older ones, are viewable in HD (but you can opt out). Unless you are with a no cap Internet provider like BellAliant, viewing enough HD content could quickly eat up your monthly bandwidth allowance. Something to consider. However, most people are nowhere near their monthly allowance and, in terms of the number of GBs, streaming uses less than torrents because there is no upload (plus, you know, it is legal).

So far, the technology has worked great. There doesn't seem to be any peek periods where everything slows down, there are no annoying commercials like on RogersOnDemand and there is no need for multiple downloads or tedious moving of content from one device to the other (although, be sure to understand your monthly mobile bandwidth allowance before streaming HD movies on the 3G networks of your iPhone or iPad). On a computer or PS3, you can easily skip ahead, not fast forward, to the interesting parts thanks to 15 second interval screen caps. On an iPad or iPhone, you can just as easily skip ahead, but you don't have the benefit of screen caps (those foreign lesbians sure do talk a lot).

Is Netflix the future? Well, not for prime time TV. Even with large Netflix data centres and fibred Internet backbones, few ISPs could handle large jumps of HD streaming during the evenings. But if you are a shift worker with the misfortune of being awake during the infomertial hours or, gasp, being at work on dead Saturday nights, then this is perfect. I also look forwards to the death of daytime television, but maybe that is just me.



Not buying this house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina was probably a good idea thanks to Hurricane Earl. By the way, 70% chance of tropical force winds hitting Moncton! (National Hurricane Centre)

Agrandir le plan


Blogger Kills Cyclist

A blogger in Ottawa has just posted an opinion piece saying that the City of Ottawa's bike path detour (or maybe it is the NCC's) is bad and his is better. As an argument for his position, he mentions the tragic cyclist death that recently occurred.

However, according to investigators, the cyclist was not travelling on the detour, but speeding north on Boyce (and not obeying the stop sign). Now, obviously, the investigators could be wrong (the cyclist is dead and the driver obviously didn't see him). The cyclist could have been travelling West on Walter (no stop sign to obey) on the official detour and the inexperienced driver could have cut him off by turning right (north on to Boyce from Walter).
But if the investigators are correct, and the 53 year old cyclist was travelling north on Boyce, he was presumably trying to reach the unofficial pathway detour that runs parallel to the pathway under construction. The blogger mentioned that he shared ("several weeks ago") his unofficial detour with others. It is possible, although unlikely, that the cyclist saw the blogger's unofficial detour, and decided to use it (and not obey the stop sign on the way there). 

If the investigators were correct, and the cyclist was heading North, than this is what he was cycling towards: a playground

Agrandir le plan Notice how narrow the path is. That is the unofficial detour that the blogger was recommending. Sure, there are no SUVs on that path, but there might be children walking!

Please blog responsibly. You never know who could die if you aren't careful.


Skip Channels On Rogers Digital Cable

In these dog days of Summer, you may start to glance at TV shows on
some of the more obscure channels on your cable box. Or at least you
try to, until you realise you'd have to pay extra. And you are not
about to pay extra to watch TV in the Summer.

The solution with the Motorola digital cable box Rogers has in NB and
NFL is to skip channels (this may be possible in Ontario on the
Scientific Atlanta boxes, but I don't know how). The process is quite
simple, but somewhat time consuming.

1. Write down the channels you don't get (start at 01 and press
channel up). Take your time as some of the channels may take a few
seconds to appear while showing the 1-888 number. I ended up writing
some of them on my notepad on my iPhone, which is why I have the list
below (basic digital in Moncton, but with TMN and an HD TV).

2. Press settings, press it again, select My Preferences, scroll down
to Skip Channels, press select on each channel you don't want. You can
exit at any time by pressing "exit" (return by pressing settings

3. Once you are done and have pressed "exit", press "guide", then the
yellow "A". Select, Custom, Hide, Hide Skipped Channels, B Use Always.
And voilà!

4. An other way to do it would be to press the favourite button
(bellow the blue B) on each channel you are remotely expecting to ever
watch, then guide, the yellow A, then Custom, Display, List Favourite
Channels, select B Use Always.

5.Then you might want to sort them alphabetically (Guide, A, Sort ABC)

6. If you have been overzealous in your TV channel skipping, just
press Guide, List All.

7. If you have your A button set to custom hide skipped channels, the
B Theme button becomes quite useful. For example, If you select
news/public affairs, it won't try to get you to watch CNN or Fox News
(If you skipped them), but instead will recommend specific shows on
CPAC, PBS and NBC, channels you already pay for.

Some of the channels I skipped (I have basic digital cable in
Moncton). Some others were obvious and I didn't write down.

287 292 293 297 298 299 307 308 310 315 324 325 326 330 331 332 334
335 336 337 338 339 340 342 343 344 345 361 to 384 386 397 408 415 416
417 418 420 421 427 428 429 430 to 499 511 512 513 536

Note that you can skip the music, radio and On Demand channels, as
they are easily accessible (Settings, right arrow).

(Via iPhone)


Kobo eReaders Now $128!

Is 2010 the year of the ebook? Yes. For those of you too cheap for an iPad, an who insist a perfectly good 3.5 inch, genuinely pocket size, iPhone or iPod touch is too small, than the Kobo may be for you. If you weren't keeping score, June early adopters forked over $149 for the privilege of reading books on Kobo's non-wireless ereader. However, Amazon just launched a US$139 (plus $10 for delivery to Canada) Wifi only Kindle (shipping in September if you order today).

Reasons not to buy an eReader:

1. You work for Canada Post.
2. Your province only gives a sales tax rebate for the paper version of books (I'm talking to you New Brunswick)
3. You library is backwards and doesn't loan electronic library books (Ottawa and Calgary, amongst others, do, but they ARE NOT compatible with the Kindle).
4. If it weren't for book stores, you'd never get out of the house.
5. You have a crush on the cashier at your local bookstore.

Kobo is owned in part by the"good people" at Chapters-Indigo.

More from me on the Kobo.

PS. If you get a Kobo, get the black one. Oh, and can we close the libraries yet?

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eReading: anytime. anyplace.
Get the Kobo eReader this weekend -
now $128!
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Designed by booklovers for booklovers, the Kobo eReader includes:
  • E Ink technology and adjustable font sizes - makes reading easy on the eyes
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iTunes Canada avec films du Quebec!

La donation sur iTunes
Fini la discrimination chez Apple et iTunes, nous les Canadiens pouvons maintenant louer des films dans notre langue (le français; lien iTunes). Il y a même quelques films québécois dont La donation (lien iTunes)!

Mise-à-jour 23:45: Il semblerait que les gens chez iTunes sont fières de leur coup. Apple iTunes folks are googling themselves today. on Twitpic


Rural Areas Smell and Are Noisy

Some of you travelling this Summer will be keeping an eye out for an affordable retirement home in a picturesque setting. But don't be fooled: rural areas can be as pleasant as an industrial park.

As polluting industries slowly leave our cities, Canadians need to be reminded that we are still a rich country because of our natural resources. Or more precisely, because we exploit our natural resources. We don't hunt seals for sport, we hunt seals so we can buy stuff.

We also have pig farms, windmills, uranium mines, coal mines, clear cut wood lots and all sorts of noisy, smelly endeavours out in the country side.

And that is a good thing.


American 4G, Not So Much

You know what bugs me, false advertising. The grass isn't always greener folks. Look at what Sprint promises for it's "4G" Wimax network: an average speed of 3 to 6 Mbps.

I get 2.5 Mbps on my 3G iPhone, in my basement apartment. And look what this person get's with Rogers (presumably in Toronto) with the iPhone 4: 6 Mbps. Rogers call it's network 3.5G.

Rogers 3G network is looking pretty good with the iPhone 4. E... on Twitpic


Podcast Wars

You have heard of Late Night wars, but have you heard of podcast wars?

Leo Laporte (Letterman/Conan) of TWIT versus Mike Arrington (Leno) of TechCrunch TV.

To continue with the analogy, This Week In is the late night equivalent of ABC's show now that Sarah Silverman is not dating the host.


3.19 dollars pour un mois du journal Acadie Nouvelle!

Les gens de l'Acadie Nouvelle m'irritent profondément. Ils offrent un rabais de $3.19 aux quatre semaines pour la version pdf du journal. $3.19 pour un mois de papier livré aux quatre coins de la province? Pire, la version html est incomplète. Pourtant, Internet permet au journal d'avoir des annonces locaux. Est-ce qu'un restaurent de Caraquette veut payer pour attirer des clients de Moncton? Non. Pourtant, dans l'édition papier ou pdf, les lecteurs de toute la province vont voir l'annonce. Dans l'édition html, il est facile de servir des annonces selon le code postal ou l'adresse IP . 

Profitez des avantages de Internet. Si non, les lecteurs de Moncton vont allez voir ailleurs


Canadian Census and Language

Here are some clarifications concerning language and the census:

1. The short form ONLY asks what was the first language learned and still understood (aka, mother tongue) of individuals in the household. The short form DOES NOT ask what language you speak at home, what language you read at home, what language you watch TV at home, etc... Only 49.8% of the 2.476 million people in the City of Toronto had English as a mother tongue in 2006 (including 4095 people who wrote-in a French-English combo under "other"). That is similar to the 48.3% in the City of Vancouver and the 49.6% who had French as a mother tongue on the Island of Montreal (including the 15,000 English-French write-in combos).

2. The questions on the now optional long form are not known yet. Here is the questionnaire for the then mandatory 2006 census long form (given to 20% of general households and 100% of aboriginal reservation households). Questions 13, 14, 15, 16 and 48 relate to language. (I don't like question 13 and 14 (knowledge of second language) because they are incredibly subjective).

3. The 2011 census (mandatory short form) questions are known (scroll to the bottom for Census of population).

If you are looking for census information on Canadian's religion, it is only taken every 10 years. You can find the 2001 info here from the mandatory form sent to 20% of Canadian households (There were more Catholics (1.53M) than Protestants (1.22M) in the Toronto Census Metropolitan area (4.65M) in 2001!). Will the religion question be part of the 2011 optional survey (aka long form)? Maybe Harper and Day don't want the reminder that Evangelicals are only 0.2% of the Canadian population (that dinosaur thing is hard to swallow).
Update: (a few minutes later). There seems to be some confusion about evangelicals. Is it a Church, a type of Church? 0.2% applies specifically to the Evangelical Missionary Church. Harper belongs to an even more obscure Church that would be covered under "Protestants not covered elsewhere" (1.9%). People call him evangelical (with a small e) because of the type of church he belongs to.


Top 10 Signs You Chose the Wrong Religion

1. Your religion bans pre-marital sex and you are over 30 and single.
2. Your religion bans pork, ham, beacon, beef or lobster but allows cauliflower.
3. Your religion bans gambling and makes no exception for boring sports like soccer.
4. Your religion bans coveting your neighbour's wife even though he is obviously gay. 
5. Your religion promises you 12 virgins in heaven instead of 12 sluts.
6. Your religion encourages you to hijack a plane and then makes you fly coach. 
7. Your religion bans psychiatric medication and you like to jump on furniture on national TV.
8. Your religion makes you worship your ancestors even though they followed Alan Greenspan's economic theories. 
9. Your Church stops a bike path from being built.
10. You were reincarnated as a cockroach


This information must be provided by law (Census of Agriculture)

The CBC and CalgaryGrit bring up a good point, if the census long form was too intrusive for minister Tony Clement, surely the mandatory agriculture census is too.

Here are some of the questions farmers have to answer or else go to jail:

This information is collected under the authority of the Statistics Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. S-19, and must be provided by law.
Step 10, Question 78: TOTAL area of CHRISTMAS TREES grown for sale 
STEP 14,  Indicate all PRACTICES and LAND FEATURES on this operation
STEP 19,  Was MANURE used or produced on this operation in 2010?
STEP 21  Are any MUSHROOMS grown on this operation for sale?
Step 27, 132. In 2010, how many chicks or other poultry were hatched?

Step 34, 197. Is the Internet used for this farm business?


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