Gerard Kennedy Calls Quebec a Nation

"Ce n'es pas une question seulement pour la nation ici au Québec, c'est une qustion pour le reste du Canada". (Gerard Kennedy, Montreal, October 21 leadership debate, 3:10PM Montreal time)

Translation: It isn't only a question only for here in the Quebec nation, it is a question for the rest of Canada.

The question is liberal unity and participation. I think, because to be honest he lost me. I have his speech digitally recorded and I've listened to it 3 times. But I still can't figure it out. Gerard Kennedy's empty platitudes become incomprehensible in French.

But he did call Quebec a Nation. That I understood loud and clear.


Anonymous said...

Oh Yawn. Gerard Kennedy has already previously stated before that he does not have a problem with Quebec being called a Nation.

So, how is lame duck Ignatieff doing?

Liberal Pebbles said...

Is not the translation "It isn't a question only for the nation here in Quebec, it is a for the rest of Canada"

Your attempts to mangle words through translation reflect the name of your blog - altavista google, since it seems your results are worse than a machine translation.

He could be referencing the Canadian nation in Quebec.

Altavistagoogle said...

Liberal Pebbles,
I checked my translation and stand by it. Your's on the other hand...

He was talking about member participation and dropped the N bomb when told his time was up.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should watch the news and note Bob Rae calling Quebec a nation and wait... didn't Iggy do the same?!


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