Maketing 2.0

DVD Of People playing cards.
Every once and while, I have to admit I'm clueless and will surely spend the rest of my life poor. "Let's film people playing cards and put it on TV". I would have vetoed that one. "Let's make a "best of", put it on a DVD and sell it for C$33.86". I not only would have vetoed that, I would have fired the person who came up with the idea.
Free High Speed Internet?
By the way, Rogers will give you a $200 shopping channel gift card for subscribing to "Express" 7 mbps Internet ($45/month), no term required. Apart from a $5 activation fee, I've yet to find the small print where Rogers shows you it isn't actually giving you 4 months free Internet (no term required). Granted if you use the $200 gift card on gambling DVDs, I'm pretty sure Ted (Rogers) still wins.
Twice As Fast For the Same Price
In other news, Rogers just doubled my Internet connection. Ultra-light is still $19.95/month for the first 12 months ($24.95 thereafter), but you get 256 kbs instead of 128 kbs. Granted, I would have preferred they halved the cost of my subscription instead. But considering that dial-up (56kbs) is actually more expensive, I'll take it (I might even forgive them for taking away newsgroups a couple of years ago).
tSc Price: $33.86

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