Why Kennedy lost Quebec

1. Asymetrical bilingualism in speech and on his web site.
2. Comprehensive National Learning Strategy
3. Hasn't managed to explain why he left provincial politics so soon after finally after getting into government.
4. Three more suitable candidates.

Anything that gives the impression he wants to encroach provincial powers would be perceived as a very bad thing in Quebec. A national education policy?

Two words that the Toronto Star loves must be avoided at all cost in Quebec: National Standards.


calgarygrit said...

Kennedy's national education strategy came out in September.

Everyone had already made up their mind in Quebec by then.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rae got 2.2% in Nova Scotia, Kennedy 1.8% in Quebec, Dion did horribly for a frontrunner in Ontario and the entire west...

And ignatieff, despite consolidating both the interventionist right wing and quebec nationalist aspects of the party, was unable to crack his much needed 30-35%.

It's about NATIONAL consensus, and if popular vote numbers get released, I think you'll see Gerard came in second to Ignatieff not just in english canada, but in canada as a whole.

If we're freakin serious about winning in Quebec, we'd better not have a candidate that supports the Iraq war, votes for an extended Afghan war, and questions Kyoto.

Miles Lunn said...

Quebec does seem to be picky about intruding in provincial jurisdiction. I think the best thing Kennedy go do is argue much like health care, the federal government will set overall objectives, but the provinces will deal with the day to day management and be given as much freedom as possible provided they don't fall outside the national objectives. Also the option of opting out of federal programs might help ease fears since this would allow the rest of Canada to adopt of a national strategy, but if a few provinces don't want to be part of it they can opt out much as Quebec does with pension plans and policing.

Altavistagoogle said...

Nice spin Calgarygrit. However, Kennedy's been talking about nationanl education standards since day one of his compaign.

Good points Anonymous II.

Miles, opting out should be a last result. The feds shouldn't be in the provinces' jurisdiction in the first place. Otherwise, what is the point of having provinces. Kennedy gives the impression he should have sayed at the provincial level.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your post.

Kennedy didn't lose Quebec. He never had it in the first place to lose.

Kennedy is bilingual and he is improving his French.

His Learning Strategy has nothing to do with his DSM vote as noted by another post. Furthermore, there is NOTHING in his strategy that is negative for Quebec. He is quoted as saying he would not enforce anything on any province. As a former provincial education minister, Mr. Kennedy knows the education file and prov/fed jurisdictions better than any of the other candidates.
He wants to assist the provinces, end of story.

He has some great ideas:

Kennedy's Canadian Learning Plan proposes aggressive targets for improvement:

- A comprehensive early learning program with 300,000 early childhood education new spaces and higher quality by 2010, rising to 500,000 in 2015 - The OECD has found a shortage of available regulated child-care spaces in Canada. There are spaces available for fewer than 20 per cent of children aged six years and younger with working parents. In the U.K., 60 per cent of children find regulated child care; in Belgium, 63 per cent; in France, 69 per cent; in Denmark, 78 per cent.
- Triple the rate of progress for aboriginal people to be on track to the same outcomes as other Canadians within 10 years, working with aboriginal communities and organizations, provincial governments and learning institutions
- Resources for grants, research and provincial transfers to eliminate the gap with the United States in support for universities and colleges in return for Pan-Canadian standards linked to international standards for our colleges, universities and apprenticeship programs
- Provide Canadians with access and quality assurances for post-secondary education - embodied in a new post-secondary education act
- Increase the numbers of masters and doctoral graduates by 10% per year for next five years

As for your point about him leaving provincial politics, what are you talking about? He was a politician for 10 years. The Liberal Party desperately needs fresh blood and the timing was perfect for Kennedy to enter the race.

If you try to exclude Kennedy for doing poorly in Quebec, then you have to exclude Dion and Rae for bombing in Ontario.

Altavistagoogle said...

Thanks for your post Anonymous III. Kennedy didn't loose Quebec as one looses mittens, he lost it as one looses an election (or a hockey game), i.e., he didn't win.

He didn't loose like Dion or Rae in Ontario, he lost badly. To use a cribbage analogy, he was skunked.

All the things you mentioned in your comment could be considered provincial jurisdictions. I realise that post-secondary education is a grey area, but many, especially in Quebec, consider that issue strictly a provincial one.

The NDP has never gotten traction in Quebec simply because Quebeckers do not want the federal government meddling in Quebec's business (which includes most social programs).

Canada is a federation, any politician who wants to be successful in Quebec must show that they understand that.

Anonymous said...

I think you are trying to bring Kennedy down for whatever reason, it is odd. He has great ideas and he knows better than anyone where prov/fed jurisdictions lie. Actually, if you look at many of his policies they are in synch with Quebecers (according to polls), especially his detailed stance on Afghanistan.

No one can say he didn't lose in Quebec. That is a fact. But you cannot call Dion's 10% in Ontario good enough either.

This is a far more serious problem as Liberals have to dominate Ontario to win an election, not Quebec. It would be nice if we could be dominant in Quebec, but that is not going to happen any time in the near future.

Altavistagoogle said...

Anonymous IV, you should consider joining the Federal NDP, they are more in line with your thinking.

Anonymous said...

I've been a Liberal for 22 years. Your posting is offensive.


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